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Most Instagrammable Places to Visit On a Budget

Romanticizing world travel has almost become too easy. If you’re anything like us your feed is likely filled with dreamy travel photos, TikToks and full-length videos. However, as a student, new grad or anyone who is budget-conscious it can be challenging to make this dream a reality. While there are budget travel tips that many writers swear by. Also there are side hustles that can help you earn quick, yet one thing is certain. Picking the right destination(s) is essential to achieving that dreamy Instagram feed at an affordable cost. To get you started, we put together a list of the most Instagrammable places to visit on a budget.


First on our list of destinations is the country of Georgia. Georgia is a country located between Europe and Asia. This means you can get both the unique architecture common to Europe and the history of Asia. With such diversity, your Instagram feed will have posts that will capture the attention of your followers. As a lesser-known travel destination, there will also be fewer tourists in the background of your photos.

To get the dream-like feed, some recommendations to visit include:

  • The Katshki column (a limestone monolith with a church perched on top)
  • Orbeliani Baths in Tbilisi (known for its blue-tiled exterior and relaxing sulphur baths)
  • The Clock Tower in Tbilisi’s center
  • Uplistsikhe and  Vardzia (cities in stone)
  • Narikala Fortress (historic fort)

If these reasons weren’t convincing enough, travel in this location is also affordable, with an estimated 4.90 – 6.60 USD per meal and 9 – 12 USD for accommodations.


Also known as one of the best places to travel cheap as a student, Vietnam offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. One of the best places to visit for scenic photos is the Mae Hong Son Loop which is a circular route that begins (and ends) in the city of Chiang Mai. This journey is best seen and most affordable by bike and offers some of the best mountain views in the country.

Some other Instagrammable locations in Vietnam include:

  • Muong Hoa Valley (valley of rice fields and waterfalls)
  • Sand dunes, Mui Ne (large expanses of red and white sand)
  • Ma Pi Leng Pass (a stretch of road with rock formations)

There are also tons of aesthetic restaurants in Ho Chi Minh that also offer great photo ops!

The estimated cost of visiting is 40 USD per day (based on an approximate 9.50 USD on food, 6.75 USD on transportation and 20 USD on accommodations). Although these numbers are not exact they can be a great place reference point to start creating your travel budget.

To make your travel in Vietnam easy, take this simple quiz by takemetour to find the best tour service tailored for you.

Sri Lanka

Next on our list of most Instagrammable places to visit on a budget is the island country of Sri Lanka. Most well-known for its cinnamon and being the pearl of the Indian ocean, the country also offers beautiful scenic spots including:

  • Temples of the Tooth Relic
  • Nice arch bridge (a stone bridge with nine arches in the midst of lush greenery)
  • Kandy Market (and any other local market)
  • Knuckles mountain range (mountains that look like a clenched fist)

From its scenic shots to unique temples, your Instagram and bank account will thank you with an estimated spend of 36 USD a day.

Havana, Cuba


Made famous by one of my favourite travel bloggers, @doyoutravel is Cuba. This Caribbean country offers unique charm with its vintage vehicles and pastel-coloured buildings. For travellers looking for an aesthetic feed, with vintage flair, some of the best spots to check out include:

  • Any of the streets in Old Havana (for the pastel-coloured buildings)
  • Hamel Alley (colourful lane with local art)
  • Valle de Vinales (a remote agricultural town with views of plantations and cliffs overlooking green valleys
  • Havana rooftop views

To visit Cuba, travellers are suggested to plan for a spend of 40 to 60 USD per day for a budget trip or 70 to USD for a slightly more upscale experience.

Lovely View of Goreme , Turkey


One of my dream destinations to photograph is Turkey, which is fortunate since it is also one of the most affordable. The country is known for its warm Mediterranean climate which makes visiting the sandy beaches and Aegean coastline that much more enjoyable. To create your dream Turkey Instagram feed, some of the most notable photo spots include:

  • The hot air balloons that fill the skies of Cappadocia (you can view these from any rooftop in the city)
  • Pamukkale, Denizli (a town is known for its thermal pools lining the hillside)
  • Galata Tower, Istanbul (for unique architecture)
  • The Blue Mosque (also located in Istanbul)

Turkey’s estimated spend is only 22 USD per day (broken down into 4 USD on meals, 2 USD on transportation and the remainder on accommodations).

For more information about travelling in style (and style in general), we encourage you to check out the rest of the Trendsenstylez blog.

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