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Lekki leisure beach Lagos: 5 fun things to do and know

Top 10 best places to visit in Lekki- Beach

There are so many fun things to do in Lagos, Nigeria. One of such fun things to do is visit the beach. Lagos is close to the Atlantic ocean. So, it has many beaches spread across different areas except the mainland. I have seen several fun beaches in Lagos. Click here to check out other budget-friendly beaches in Lagos.

I am still exploring more beaches in Lagos state. So, I recently visited the Lekki Leisure beach Lagos. This beach is an affordable luxury beach with so many fun things to do. I enjoyed a walk on the sea bed as it has unique oyster shells and sea spiders. Actually, I love the beach spiders as they adapt to the environment. They have the color of the sand so it is not easy to spot them. So, here is all you need to know on your visit to Lekki Leisure beach Lagos.

Lekki leisure beach Lagos Location

Lekki leisure beach Lagos is located at lekki phase 1, adekunle Animashaun drive. How to get there is quite easy. Take a bus from Obalende or CMS, and stop at the 2nd roundabout Lekki phase 1. You can take the bus from the bus stop close to the pinnacle filling station to Lekki Leisure Lake. It is quite known by the drivers or bike men.

What is the gate fee for entry into Lekki Leisure beach? The gate fee for Lekki leisure beach Lagos is now 2000naira per adult and 1000 naira per child. The hike may be due to recent times. Also, you need your nose mask for entry into the beach.

At the ticketing booth, you are given a yellow tag before you’re given access. The security personnel will search you before entering. I love this beach a lot. My only issue with this beach is that you’re not allowed to bring in your own food.

Since this is not my first time going to a Lagos beach, I assumed that I can take my own food along. I bought some items at the Lagbus terminal at Oshodi. However, the security personnel asked us to leave it behind at their post. The only way I can take my own food in is to pay for the corkage fee. This cost about 10000naira. (why will I pay 10K for snacks that are worth just 2K plus).

I later found out that car owners are allowed to bring their own food. So, if you have your car, you can easily take your food in with ease. The sad part is that the food at Lekki Leisure Lake is not cheap at all.

The cheapest food is a suya meal or peppered gizzard is about 2,500naira. Here is my vlog of Lekki Leisure lake, I shared the menu and other costs of food.

Lekki leisure beach Lagos

Fun things to do at Lekki Leisure Lake

Just like any other beach in Lagos, there are so many fun things to do. However, I love this beach as they provided so many fun facilities for use.

  1. Horse riding: You can engage in horse riding activity at Lekki leisure. I love horse riding at the beach. It is so much fan. However, you need to pay a fee for a horse ride. This service is run by horse vendors on the beach. They reach out to people at the beach to enjoy a horse ride. You can also do a photo shoot with the horses. So, if you need a birthday shoot idea, take great pictures with horses at the beach.
  2. Family picnic: You can have family time at Lekki Leisure lake. This beach is open from Monday to Sunday. So, as a working parent, you can still visit this beach over the weekend with your family. Also, Lekki Leisure lake has children’s play facilities like a bouncing castle to keep them engaged. So, if you need to enjoy a couple’s time with the kids, opt for Lekki leisure lake.
  3. Enjoy beach sports: You can also enjoy some beach sports at Lekki beach. You can engage in Volleyball, beach soccer, or tug of war. I had fun playing volleyball at this beach. Although I suck at it. You have access to the pitch and the balls are already available for use.
  4. Swim at the beach: If you love to have a dip in the water, go swimming at the beach. You have free access to swim at the beach. However, if you don’t know how to swim, you can still enjoy the water close to its bank. The waves of this beach are huge that it gets so close to individuals sitting close to the water.
Lekki Leisure lake bouncing castle

Facilities at Lekki Leisure beach

I love Lekki leisure beach Lagos as almost all the facilities are free to use. You only have to pay for your gate fee and food. Also, you need to pay a fee for the horse riding and quad bike ride. These facilities are run by individual vendors.

However, you have free access to the sports activities as stated above. Also, you can use any lounge chair or beach benches of your choice. So, if you need an affordable luxury beach, I would recommend Lekki leisure lake.

This makes it easier to have a family picnic with ease. So, instead of paying for beach benches or bringing your picnic needs, these are available for use there. I have visited another affordable luxury beach and this is not so. One such affordable luxury beach is Landmark beach Lagos. At this beach, you pay for everything up to the chairs, food, etc. And just like Lekki leisure lake, you can’t bring in your own food. You can read my post on Landmark beach and all you need to know.

So, if you need a luxury beach to visit in Lagos on a budget, opt for Lekki Leisure Lake. You’ll love it there. Please feel free to leave a comment. Also, you can suggest other beaches in Lagos you want me to visit.

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