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Leisure essentials: things you need for a day’s vacation

Everyone has a need to unwind from their normal day to day activities whether as a 9-5ver, a bad-ass entrepreneur or a stay at home mum away from the routine task of home making.Vacationing doesn’t have to wait till that time of the year that 9-5ver’s look forward to for their yearly annual leave or span for a long period of time. Planning a get away or vacation doesn’t have to be very expensive or luxurious. it could be a simple visit to the park or a day out with buddies at the beach or baecation to romantic resort with bae without having to break the bank.
Here are a list of must-have for a day out that you can do without so you can have a blast while vacationing.

A pair of sunglasses..

Whether you’re Lounging at a cool resort or walking at the bank of a sandy beach for your outing, a pair of sun glasses is a necessity. Although sun glasses are also worn as a added accessories to style outfits, it is beneficial for protecting the eyes from the heat of the sun. Hence, you can slay in glasses while protecting your self from the rays of the sun.

Camera or Fully Charged phone camera.

If love to keep memories of places you visit or things or even scenery that catch your attention like the lovely landscape of a park, turquoises water of the beach or pictures of you having fun, you need then a camera is not out place. Camera capture good quality picture but if don’t have one, a good phone with high quality camera will do. The emphasis is on fully charged phone or go along with a power bank as you would not want your battery going off while your’re trying to capture a beautiful moment while having fun.

A shoulder bag…


The whole idea of a day out is to be as light as possible. if you’re like me who like to have all my stuff in my bag which is as big that of a nursing mother containing things i might not even use for days, a throw on shoulder bag should replace your regular big hand bag. it is very comfy, light and you should put only the things you need for a day out.

Light dress/Bikini/Boho’s/hats..

Remember that phrase, “Light and breezy”, it should also apply to your day out. Shed all those work clothes and go for something more casual. A bohemian dress, linen shirt dresses, shorts or oversize shirts, beach hats etc are examples of outfit to put you in a “vacay” mood. A sexy bikini will also come in handy if your’re taking dip in water at the beach or at pool. Swimming is not just a sport as it is therapeutic and relaxing.


Flats/ Sneakers/ Sandals.

If your’re one who slays to the office with hot heels, i guess you can relate when i say flats for the win over heels for your day out. Flats makes you achieve that comfy look for your vacay mood. You can go for flat shoes, sneakers, flat sandals or the likes to give that comfy feels all day.

The list of must-have for your day out is not restricted to these items that i touched on the post but remember it should be day for relaxing, unwinding, making good memories and having lot and lots of fun whether alone, with bae, girl squad , hommies or buddies.

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