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Lagos to Ibadan train: All you need to know the latest train stations

Lagos state has always had trains working from Lagos to Ibadan. However, I never wanted to take a ride though those trains. The trains is always so full to the highest capacity. So, for me taking trains was off my list of means of transportation. You can now travel via the Lagos to Ibadan train to Ibadan or its other stop over stations. The trains are so beautiful and better. Of Course, I had to try it out. Plus I have never taken train anywhere before. I took a train recently from Lagos to Abeokuta. This train is the same that goes from Lagos to Ibadan with a short stop at Abeokuta. So, that Abeokuta passengers can alight. Here is all you need to know before you take the Lagos to Ibadan train.

Lagos to Ibadan train Location & schedule

Now that you know that we have better trains that goes from Lagos to Ibadan. The next question is where can you board Lagos to Ibadan. The train station for boarding is located at Alagomeji Bus stop, Yaba. Just at the BRT bus stop at Alagomeji. All you have to do is to walk into the train station to purchase your tickets.

How to purchase Lagos to Ibadan tickets?

Since the train station is quite new, you can’t purchase your tickets online. Although, this will be good for those of us that like to do everything online. Also, you cannot pre-book your train tickets. Lagos to Ibadan train tickets is only available for sale on your travel day. The tickets are only valid for one trip.

You can purchase your tickets at the train station for how many people you want. So, this train is perfect for a group or family travel to and fro Ibadan.

LAgos to Ibadan train

Lagos to Ibadan Train schedule

The train schedule is readily available at the ticketing booth. The train travels to Ibadan both weekdays and weekends. On weekends, you are to purchase your Lagos to Ibadan train tickets at 2pm. The train will set off at 4pm daily to Ibadan.

There is only one stop at Abeokuta. This is at Laderin train station. My trip was from Lagos to Abeokuta. Although, the train ride was smooth and very convenient. The train is always very cold from the Air conditioner. So, you will enjoy a chilled ride to your destination.

On weekends, the train sets off early. So, you need to be at the train station at 7am to purchase your tickets. The train leaves at 8am to Ibadan on Saturdays.

The check in was very smooth. I almost entered the wrong class. There are 3 types of class available for boarding: Standard, First class and Business class. The standard class I took was so relaxing and beautiful. There a TV for you watch while you are on your trip. The Business class has a work table for you to work comfortable. While the extra perks for First class is the large spaces for use.

Lagos to Ibadan train tickets prices

Standard class: 2500 naira

Business Class: 5000 naira

First class: 6000 naira

Lagos to Abeokuta train ticket prices

Standard Class: 2000 naira

First Class: 4500 naira

Business Class: 3500 naira

Tips to know before boarding Lagos to Ibadan train.

The train is quite new. So, the Air conditioner is working fine. So, to keep you warm, wear a cardigan or go with a blanket. Luckily for me, I sat by the window. So, all I had to do was to pull the curtains to allow in some of the heat of the sun.

You need to go with your food to board the train. The train doesn’t serve foods to the passengers irrespective of the class you board. I was so hungry on my trip because I didn’t eat breakfast. So, I would recommend you get what you want to eat for your trip. And if its the weekdays, you can eat before going to the train station.

Ensure you go with a means of Identification. This was requested at the ticketing booth before you can buy your train ticket. I would have missed my train if I didn’t pack my work ID card in my handbag. You can also watch my vlog below on other packing tips for road trip.

And of course, you need a nose mask. You cannot have access to the ticketing booth without a nose mask. However, if you do forget your nose mask, you can easily purchase one at the train station. You can read my post on Erin Ijesha waterfalls. So, if you need place to visit close to Ibadan, opt for Erin Ijesha waterfalls, Osun state.

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