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5 Mistakes to avoid when packing for travel

The part of traveling that I don’t look forward to is packing my things. It is too stressful to deal with for me. Also, I get too stressed packing, so, it is inevitable for me not to forget some basic things I need. Sometimes, I find myself packing things that I don’t need or stuffing my bag with too many things. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or not, I guess you can relate. So as a fashion blogger, here are 5 mistakes to avoid when packing for your travel. So, one mistake to avoid when packing you’re is to avoid last-minute stuffing of your travel bag. This is to enable you to pack all you need for the last details.

Pack Versatile Fashion pieces

Whether your trip is short or long, you need versatile outfits. This will save you a lot of space and makes it easier to plan for your outfit your stay. Avoid packing denim made of thick material or other heavy outfits, this will automatically add to the weight of your bag. Pack stylish light denim pants that you easily style with several tops. Other versatile outfits you need for travel are tank tops, bralette, shorts, neutral color Tee shirts (white, black, beige), co-ord outfits, loungewear like tracksuits, etc. You can shop this two-piece knitwear from My graceful place at an affordable price. It is a versatile outfit to own. You can wear it as a set or separately with another outfit. You will get 20% off extra if you shop with my coupon code: Trendsenstylez20.

Packing the wrong shoes

Sometimes, you may have your vacation or travel days all planned out. Maybe the aim of your travel is for a relative’s wedding. Of course, you would have packed your wedding guest outfit, shoes, jewelry, makeup box for the glam, etc. But after the wedding, what next? You may want to take in the environment and find that you don’t have shoes for a stroll. In other to avoid this, pack shoes that have multiple uses. So, you don’t find yourself packing shoes you may end not using. The good you get to lose extra weight from shoes. I’ll suggest you pack casual slip-on shoes, a pair of sandals, Flat shoes, and pumps. With these pairs of shoes, you will have shoes for every occasion on your next travel. I am loving this black mule from All she needs. It is can be worn for a casual stroll or to get together.

Missing out Loungewear /Nightwear

Most travelers miss out on packing nightwear in their luggage. In most cases, you end wearing your regular outfit to bed at night. If you’re lucky to pack tee shirts, it can also be used as makeshift sleepwear. So, while packing, remember to pack sleepwear into your bag. You can opt for silk nightgown, pajamas, dressing robe, etc. And of course, pack a bonnet for your hair. We sometimes miss this too. It helps to keep your curls intact so, you just have to style for any outing. You don’t want to go about searching for a salon due to messy hair after a good night’s rest.

Not packing for the weather

Another mistake travelers make is packing only clothes for their current weather conditions. We all know that there are varied weather conditions being experienced in different parts of the world. I have left Lagos feeling hot on my last trip to touch down in Ondo which was quite humid. You bet I wasn’t ready for the change in weather within the same country. So, if you’re packing, pick clothes that are suitable for all weather. Pack light clothes like a tank top, chiffon as well as cardigan or outfit you can layer for cold. Thank me later because you will be ready to face whatever weather in your environment. You can shop this knit cardigan from My graceful place at an affordable price. It is a versatile outfit to own. You will get 20% off extra if you shop with my coupon code: Trendsenstylez20.

Rolling clothes in Luggage

I must confess that I suck at packing. I just throw all my stuff in the bag which makes it fill up space quickly. So, I end up carrying two bags instead of one. That is if my clothes and other items were well arranged, I don’t really need two bags. To manage space, a friend suggested rolling my clothes into my bag. This works to manage space but the end results are wrinkled clothes. So, I have to iron such clothes before wearing them. To avoid this, it is better to fold your clothes neatly. This will keep it ready for use. So you won’t have to curse under your breath because you hate ironing clothes.

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19 thoughts on “5 Mistakes to avoid when packing for travel”

  1. Not packing for the weather wherever I’m going is a mistake I always make. These are some really nice tips! I also always forget my bathing suit if im not going to the beach (but do have a pool in my hotel).

  2. I always roll my clothes when packing. I try to keep them straight while rolling them, if that makes sense. They are not to wrinkled honestly. Although, I am very low maintenance. These are all great things to keep in mind while packing!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post! These are all brilliant tips, I usually take a couple of pairs of shoes on holiday with me but I make sure I can wear them with every outfit. Also packing lighter items is such a good idea because then you won’t need to worry about the weight restrictions and you can fit more in!

  4. Perfect tips! I’ve recently started traveling more than I have in my entire life. My husband swears by a less is more mindset, so packing can be a bit stressful. I will remember to roll my clothes neatly to save space. There’s nothing worse than having to iron your clothes!!

  5. Great post! And useful because I have missed these things initially when I just began travelling more frequently! Not keeping a pair of dressy shoes or forgetting to pack nightwear have not been fun, lol.

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