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32 Best Gift Ideas for women in 2021

Every Lady deserves a gift to treat them as they are dear to us. Our super moms, annoying sisters, and female colleague all deserve a gift for just being there in our lives. So, If you are looking for an affordable gift idea for her or just a stocking stuffer idea, read on. Here is a round-up list of the 32 best gift ideas for women in 2021. These gifts are perfect for Valentine’s day, her special day, or her birthday. Also, these gifts are under the 10k budget from the ongoing Black Friday sales in stores. This will make you wow your ladies as well as save on Xmas gift shopping. The prices of items are now rising, shop now for a gift from black Friday deals before Xmas when the prices double.

List of 32 gift ideas for her

In this list of 32 gift ideas, there is something for every type of woman. The professionals, the stylish, the nurturer, young ladies as well as older ladies, etc. This gift guide is items from Jumia, all she needs and my store-Adire clothing. All she needs sells stylish outfits and accessories. They are also doing a huge clearance sale on fashionable items. Also, this gift idea product is under 10k, so, you don’t need to break the bank to shop them.

Make up bag

Some ladies like me don’t have to make up bags for our make up a product. I barely makeup but the little make up I own lipstick, powder, gloss, eye shadow are scattered all over my room. If you have a lady in your life that fits the above description, a makeup bag is the perfect gift. It will help them organize their make up into one place. So as a husband, you won’t find yourself sitting on your wife’s makeup palette. Lol. You can shop a makeup bag for as a gift for Xmas from jumia black Friday sales.

Ankara Bag set

A lady cannot own too many hand bags. If you have a style queen for a sister, colleague or a friend, gift her an ankara bag set. This ankara bag set is top of my xmas wish list. It comprise a handbag and shoe set. Any lady will love this as an xmas present. So, if youae looking for what to give that diva of a sister or daughter, shop this ankara bag and shoe set on jumia from the black Friday sales.

lip balm

It’s already dry out here as the harmattan is here. The air is so dry that your skin suffers as well as your lips. If proper care is not given to our lips, it may break. So, for the ladies in your life, a lip balm is a good gift for Xmas. Lip balm is essential for the season and it is a handy companion. You get a lip balm for the car, nightstand, purse, and even office if you may for them.

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Wallet for Cards

Sometimes after joining the long queue at the Atm, you may not be able to find your card quickly. The card gets swallowed up among other things in your handbag. This can be quite unsettling especially when you’re next to withdraw. Every one of them will give you a look – like aunty what is happening. If you’ve ever been in this situation, i guess you can relate. So, a wallet to hold cards whether debit cards, credit cards, business cards, etc. This is a perfect gift to buy for your ladies to help keep their cards organized in their bags. You can shop for a card wallet on jumia black Friday sales.

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A little black dress

A little black dress is a fashionable wardrobe essential to own. It is easy to throw on. Also, it can be worn for casual outings, for days when you have parte after parte. Another gift idea for those ladies in your life is a little black dress. You can shop this stylish black mini dress from All she needs. Also, you enjoy a good discount from this brand ongoing clearance sale before the black Friday is over.


If you have that lady in your life that loves to keep fit or break a sweat. You need to worry yourself on what to get them. A pair of joggers is a perfect gift for Xmas for her. This goes to show that you’ve them and support their goals. (Joggers isn’t on my xmas wish list. I am already petite guys. So, jogging or breaking a sweat is off limit for me. Lol).

A pair of slides

Slides are a lady’s companion. For professionals who love to rock heels, it is a must-have. Slides enable us, ladies, to switch looks from work to casual mode. You can gift your friend, sister or colleague a nice pair of slides. It will go a long way as a way to relax their feet any time they need to wear heels. Also, it is perfect for a casual outing with friends or to the beach for holidays.

A pair of sneakers

You can also gift your ladies a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are super comfy for anyone. Also, for our women who love to work out, a gift of a pair of sneakers is also appropriate. Every lady can’t get enough sneakers. You can go for a pair of chunky heel sneakers for a trendy outlook.

A pair of stilettos

There is nothing more pleasant than a lady in heels. It gives them to lift, class and looks chic. Every lady would love a pair of stilettos. Especially professional ladies in the corporate world or boss ladies. A pair of heels speaks charisma and poise. Hence, give a gift of a pair of stiletto heels to any lady in your life this Xmas season.

Flat work shoes

One challenge I have with wearing flat work shoes in Lagos is that too much usage wears it off. It’s worse in the raining season. I had lost my shoes in the rain that I had to walk barefoot home. Luckily I was close to my home already. A working professional needs as much flat workwear as they can get. So, you can give a pair of flatwork shoes as a gift this Xmas


I am one of the many women who don’t have a sleep in wear. I sleep in oversize tees or my casual outfit most times. Am I the only one or are there others like me who can relate? Pyjamas is at the top of my xmas wishlist. It may be the same for other ladies in your life. So, give them a set of pyjamas for xmas this season. Help a sister save her casual outfit for the purpose that it is made.

Ankara travel bag

Some of us have ladies that are close to us who are always jet set. Today they are in Dubai, tomorrow in Ontario. Give them a gift of a small Ankara travel bag. This bag is stylish, and light for travel. For a short stay trip, this will come in handy for them. Instead of having to drag around big luggage for a few days trip.

A jewelry box

My jewelry are practically lying around the house. Although, I keep them in a small raffia basket. Also, some of the the the ladies have our jewelry everywhere and we lose some of them in the process. So if you have such ladies, buy them a jewelry box for Xmas. You will be doing them a good favor. Jewelry box keeps the your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets safe and clean for longer use.

Hair scrunchies

After making my hair at the saloon, the stylist packs it up with a rubber band. This has some disadvantages. It breaks your hair and can be quite a mess too. Also, the rubber band could give in at any point in time. (This can be quite embarrassing though). It’s Xmas season and every lady will most likely make a new hairstyle for the season. So, a gift of a hair scrunchie is perfect for the season. It will help hold their hair up in a need pile and it also chic.

Hair dryer

Have you ever been soaked in the rain that your weave also take in a lot of water? This has devastating effects. It is worse when the hair is not properly dried up after the incident. This can cause your hair to give off a foul smell. The rains may be over because of it is harmattan season. But it is still a good gift to give any lady for Xmas.


Jewelry give every outfit a lift. It makes you expensive and classy. Also, the festivity comes with parties. So, you can give any lady a gift of a necklace, earrings or bracelets for Xmas. If you can get monogram necklaces that have their names on it. In this way, you personalize the gift.

A Customized mug

Every professional love their morning coffee to kick starts their day. A mug is a very useful work companion for a lady boss or working woman. A gift of a mug is a good way to show that you support them as they slay their goals. So, give that lady boss or career woman a gift of the mug for Xmas. To take it up a notch, go for a customized mug.


It’s getting cooler as we draw near to xmas. This is the time to layer up to keep warm. Although in Lagos, it is very hot during the day and chill at night. A sweater gift for xmas is perfect. It will help them keep warm. Especially if they work in an office that is always chilled. It will help them keep warm. They will greatly appreciate it and thank you for the good gesture. No one wants to freeze to death. Lol.

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You can also give a gift of a scarf to any lady for Xmas. A thick scarf will come in handy to ward off the cold. Moreover, since the cold at this part of the world is not so cold like our western counterpart( at least no part of Nigeria experience -zero degree even the north). So, you can give a gift of a scarf to any lady for Xmas this season.


Blazer is a wardrobe for every lady. You can give a blazer as xmas present to any lady for Xmas. It is an all-time versatile piece of fashion item. It can be transitioned from a work outfit to a casual outfit.

Water Bottle

Every working professional or entrepreneur needs a water bottle. There are times in my office that our disposable cup gets exhausted. So, only individuals with their own bottles. If you’re very thirsty and can’t have access, you will know the value of a bottle. You can gift any lady a gift of water bottle for Xmas.

Organic skin care set

Ladies these days are more careful about what touches their skin. There is a shift from inorganic products to organic products for the skin. You can gift any lady a set of organic skincare sets; body washes, moisturizers, cream, etc. If you are at a loss of what organic skin product to buy, go for a correcting moisturizer. Every lady wants a clearer skin not really to bleach of the layers. So, a good correcting moisturizer will help clear the spot on their skin.

Fitness band

The lifestyle of the millennial is such that little attention is paid to our health. A gift of a fitness band will enable you to monitor your health. It is a good gift for ladies both actively working as well as older ladies. Give a gift of a fitness band for Xmas to help the ladies in your life keep fit.


Its harmattan already. The weather is such that the only season in Lagos seems to be hot!!!. A gift of sunshade for xmas will be perfect. Especially for ladies who love to ride on bikes to their destinations. This will serve dual purpose for them. It will protect their eyes from the sun rays as well as from dust.


A gift of perfume is a good Xmas gift for any lady. You know we need that compliment, “you smell nice”. So, make our ladies smell nice for Xmas this season.

Wrist watch

Another good Xmas gift you can give a lady this Xmas is a wrist watch. A good wristwatch elevates our outfit. It makes one look expensive.

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A waist Belt

You can give a lady a gift of a belt for Xmas. Although, ladies rarely belt, unlike men. But, it is a good gift item for a lady. This is because most ladies wear belts with workwear as well as their casual pants.

Hand cream

The air is dry due to the harmattan season so, our palms are also dry. It is quite bad when you wash your hands during the day. It becomes whitish. So, a gift of hand cream will be perfect for Xmas. It is useful to keep their hands soft and moisturized all day.

Customized throw pillows

Throw pillows are good for interior decorations of our home especially couch. This is both for home and office decorations. You can give a gift of a customized throw pillows to any lady for xmas. You can customize their name or picture on the throw pillows.

Adire fabrics

Some of us ladies prefer to sew our own Xmas clothing. Even as a kid, I love the idea of Xmas clothes. So, you can gift a lady with adire textile for the holidays. This fabric is now back in trend this year. You can shop for various adire prints from my own store. You look for my store on Instagram: @adireclothings and on Facebook @adireclothings. I also have discounts for the black Friday sales. So, you send a direct message to order. It is also available for delivery anywhere both in Nigeria and abroad.

Kimono shirt

Kimono’s are also an essential lady wardrobe piece. It is also a versatile fashion item you can get good use from. If you’re looking to wow your stylish friend, gift a trendy kimono shirt.

Scented candles

Scented candles produce nice fragrance that fill the air in the room. A scented candle is also a good xmas gift for a lady. It can be use during a dinner with family, friends or secluded dinner with your spouse.

For those of us who don’t like being materialistic. You can also check places to visit on budget with a lady for xmas.

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