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30 Best Travel Tips If Traveling For The First Time


Travelling has always been a dream for me. So, being able to travel is a dream come true. I have so many travel tips from traveling a lot. These unique travels are perfect for you to avoid making some costly mistakes I made. Also, travel tips come in handy during these Covid times and will sustain you post Covid. Here are my top 30 best travel tips if you’re traveling for the first time. Also, if you’re a frequent traveler, you can gain one or two knowledge too.

Make a travel packing list

One of my best tips for packing is to make a list of what you need. You never know what you may leave out while packing. Sometimes I forget to pack enough underwear or as basic as a toothbrush.

Make a list of what you need to pack for your travel. Check my post on travel essentials to pack for women.

Have copies your important documents

Another of my 30 best travel tips which is the most important thing to do before traveling is making copies of your documents. Have copies of some of your important documents like the Yellow fever vaccine card, Covid Vaccine card, International passport, Visa page, and flight tickets.

So many things can go while traveling. This is not to scare you though. However, you can lose your baggage in transit, etc. So, it is better to be proactive than sorry. You never know.


Have a plan for your trip

A major part of the 30 best travel tips is to plan your trip. This has always come in handy for me whenever i need to travel. I always plan my trip ahead. Make a list of places you need to see on your travel. Also, share these places according to proximity and your time of stay.

Say, you plan to explore 6 places and your stay is for 3days. Planning your trip will help decide how many places you can actually explore or activities you can do for your stay.

Save Cost Via Group Tours

Solo travelling can super interesting if go tours with a group. Plus it saves you cost when you go with a group. I love going on tours on my trips to reduce cost and make new friends.

You never know, you meet your better half or a travel buddie on group tours. Getyourguide offers tours to a lot of countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. You can also book a staycation tours for yourself in your home country.

They offer an array of activities like Sightseeing, boat cruise, visit to Safaris, water sport activities and other fun outdoors activities. Click here to book Getyourguide tours on your next vacation.

Book your flight early

One of the best ways to save big on flight fares is to book early. Also, you can use search engines like Aviasales to search for the cheapest flight tickets available.

I love to use search engines like this to get the best flight ticket deals out there. You use this search engine for booking the cheapest flight tickets both locally and internationally.

So, if you’re planning a trip soonest, click here to book the cheapest flight tickets for your next trip.

Be flexible

Another of the 30 best travel tips for beginners is to be flexible with your plans. Just like everything in life, shit happens. A friend once fell ill as soon she touched down on her trips. All her plans had to wait till she got better.

So, I would recommend that in your plans, be flexible. Create flexible a plan that you can adjust depending on circumstances.

Pre-download travel apps

Travel apps are super useful for travelers. They come in very handy on my trips. On my visit to the francophone country, the Republic of Benin, I used google translate for ease of communication.

Click here to read my post on the ultimate guide to Cotonou, all you need to know. Aside from the little words of french I learned in high school, I can’t speak french. So, you need travel apps like google translate if you’re traveling to a place that is not your mother’s tongue. Also, click here to learn more about other travel apps you need for your next trip.

Plan for Long layovers

Another of the 30 best travel tips that comes in handy is to opt for Layovers. Layovers are typical for long-haul flights. How can you pass time on long layovers? There are a few fun things to do on long layovers.

  • Read a book
  • Listen to podcast
  • Listen to Audio books
  • Go sight seeing at the airport
  • Go shopping at Duty free shops at the airport
  • Binge watch youtube videos or Netflix
  • Make new friend and chat away

Your beauty products

Yes, you heard right, you need your beauty products on your travel. After my most recent trip, I came back with very dull skin. This is because I didn’t pack my beauty products.

Another of the 30 best travel tips you need to know is to pack your beauty product. Have travel size beauty products handy on your travel. You need this to keep your glow up all through your trip. Everything5pounds recently launched their skincare products and I am in love with them. Plus some of these products are priced from 2.5pounds to 5 pounds.

They offer a variation from day cream to night cream and foot cream. Click here to shop Everything5pounds beauty products.

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Make friends with the locals

One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is to make friends with the locals. It is easy to get lost or cheated in a new environment. However, making friends with the locals will make your trip super easy.

Most locals are super friendly and helpful to foreigners in their country. So, to make your trip easy and fun make friends with the locals.

Ask the locals for recommendations

This tip is super useful for your travel. No one knows the new environment more than the locals. So, ask for recommendations on where to see, and the foods to try out. You will find their help super useful to you on your travel.

Opt for local foods

After seeking advice on what’s to eat and try out. Go ahead and try out these foreign foods. You never know which food may become your favorite dish. Be open-minded and be willing to try out new foods and things.

Document your itinery with your local bank

Most travelers miss out on this part before traveling. My day job is banking. So, you can imagine how many people come complaining about their credit or debit cards not working abroad. Another of the 30 best travel tips is to ensure you document your travel with your banks.

Always ensure you document your travel with your bank to prevent your cards from being blocked. A friend could not eat at her hotel just because she forgot to open the card for use abroad. It can be so frustrating.

Take Enough cash

I know the world is going cashless. However, most of the basic things you need require cash payment. Ensure you take enough cash with you on your travel.

Ensure to exchange some of your local currencies before embarking on your trip. It is cheaper to exchange currencies back home than overseas.

Write down your hotel address

One of the biggest mistakes I made on my trip was not writing down my hotel address. My sim card was not working in that country. Plus I was unable to get free WIFI.

So, I would recommend you write your hotel address on a notepad before travel. You can use a pocket notepad or a journal. This will make it easy for you to locate your hotel address in case your mobile device goes off, etc.

Go with extra debit or credit cards

Cash is super important for travel. So, is a credit or debit card. Take one or two credit or debit cards with you on your travel. You may need it on your travel.

Learn a few foreign words

There is nothing more interesting than to hear a foreigner speaking your language. Many locals feel so happy when you can speak a few words in their language. They find you relatable and may assist you in any they can.

So, I would recommend you learn a few foreign words on your travel. These will come in handy in communication. Words like food, car, airtime, restroom, internet, or market in a foreign language will come in handy on your trip.

30 Best Travel tips: Book your hotel early

Another tip you need to know for travel is to book your hotel early. Last-minute hotel booking is always more expensive.

So, if you are sure of your travel dates, book your hotel rooms early. Also, opt for hotel deals that allow free cancellation or payment at the hotel. In this way, you can easily cancel or pay at the hotel.

Also, you can click here to book your hotels using the hotellook website. You can search for hotel deals by location. They will offer you different hotel options from the cheapest to luxury hotels.

Opt for Hotel alternatives

Another of the 30 best travel tips I would recommend if you need to save on accommodation is to opt for hotel alternatives. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, go for these hotel alternatives.

  • Hostels
  • Lodge in church or mosque
  • Guest house
  • Shared apartment
  • Couch surfing for free
  • House sitting or pet sitting
  • Home exchange ( that is if you own your house)

Cook your own meals

Airbnb and guest houses make it easy for you to cook your meals. You can cook your meals to save on food costs. Also, it is quite safe to eat in as compared to eating out. You get to be sure of how the meal was made and its hygiene.

Get Travel insurance

A unique travel tip you need on your travel is to get travel insurance. Many of us skip travel insurance because of the extra fees. However, travel insurance saves you a lot of extra spending in case of health issues for example.

If you fall sick or get in an accident and you’ve got insurance, they will cover your hospital bills. So, you get treated at no charge to you.

Get your vaccinations

Since the outbreak of COVID, there have been so many controversies around getting vaccinated. However, I would recommend that you get all your vaccines. That does make you immune from diseases. However, its impact will be minimal.

Pack extra batteries for your gadget

As a travel vlogger and blogger, I always need my mobile phones charged and ready to shoot. I use my mobile phone for now for all my content creation. So, I always go with a fully charged power bank.

If you use a camera, go with extra charged batteries for your camera. Pack your gadget and make sure they are complete. I traveled with my laptop and left the charger back home. I could not work on my trip because of this. So, ensure you pack your gadget well for your trip.

Plan your outfits

Another travel tip to know is to plan your outfit. Planning what you would wear will help you in packing. On my recent trip, I had to shop for clothes impromptu.

So, to avoid, lay out your outfits for the number of days you’re staying. Also, pack an extra outfit just in case.

Pack extra underwear

I have also had to shop for underwear impromptu on one of my trips. This is because I didn’t pack enough. Also, as a lady, you need to pack extra underwear and plan for your monthly cycle too.

Pack a night wear

I always pack a pair of sleepwear on my trips. So, I always wear the clothes in which traveled or go out. This can be so uncomfortable.

So, to avoid sleeping in your going outwear, pack nightwear or two for your trip.

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Pack a loungewear

Another of the 30 best travel tips you need to know is to pack a loungewear outfit. There are days on your that all you want to do is stay in and rest. Also, you want to let the Jetlag wear off.

You need loungewear to stay and just chill. As you plan an outfit to travel, add loungewear too. Everything 5 pounds has some affordable options for just 5 pounds. Click here to shop a loungewear set.

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Pack Swimwear outfits

Swimwear sets are a travel essential you need to pack. I always love to bathe in the pool at my hotel or just stroll at the beach in my swimwear.

Pack a swimwear set just in case you need to get in the pool or swim at the beach.


Add Cover up to your travel packing list

Some of us like to be super modest in our bikinis. So you need a beach cover-up or sarong for a more modest look.

I love beach coverups made of crochet. They are super stylish and chic. Also, it makes your bikini pictures elevated.

Pack light if possible

The reason you need to plan your outfit is to allow you to pack just what you need. Sometimes we pack a lot of clothes we don’t wear on our trips. Plus you get worn out easily or have to extra at the airport for your heavy baggage.

So as much as possible pack light for your trips. I prefer to travel with backpacks instead of duffels or carry-on bags. It is easier for me to move around with this.

Pack a pair of good shoes

Another of the 30 best travel tips is to pack a good pair of shoes. Ensure the shoes you pack are in good condition. Also, pack shoes that are easy to work in too.

Double-check your shoes so they don’t give in on your trip. Pack a pair of heels for lunch dates or nights out, a pair of sneakers for running around, and sandals for the beach or casual outing.

Go sight seeing

One of the things I love doing in a new town is to take a walk around. This helps me to take in all the unique things in my environment. Also, you get to see some of the cities hotspots while you sightseeing.

This is my top best of the 30 Best travel tips that I would recommend you do the first or second day.

So, I hope you enjoy reading this post and find my top 30 best travel tips useful to you on your next trip. Don’t forget to share this content and comment on other travel tips that worked for you.

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