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3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA to live in

3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with LA. It’s a great place and the city most people think of when they are picturing the west coast. It just might not be the coolest in general or even the coolest on this coast. Where is the coolest and best west coast city to know and live in? Other than LA of course. We have below our 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA that should be on your radar.

Although, there are plenty of places and with the west coast being the region that it is, the options for somewhere cooler might feel endless

If you know exactly what cool means to you, your list for cooler cities might look a little different, but for those unsure of what this might mean to them, here are a few options to find the right place for you.

3 Best West Coast Cities Way Cooler Than LA

Portland, OR

Not only is Portland cool, but it’s also weird. Just take a look around downtown or wait to see that message itself on a bumper sticker. However you find it, it won’t take long for you to see signage declaring “Keep Portland Weird” plastered somewhere. When they say they want to keep things weird, they mean it, and what’s cooler than being yourself, even if that means you’re a little weird.

Once you take a quick peek at Portland houses for sale, or maybe the local cafes and restaurants, you’ll see the unique personality this city has become known for. If a hipster style and a little weirdness are for you, Portland might be your perfect brand of cool.

Seattle, WA

Go ahead and poll some friends and family asking them what’s cool to them. You might not find these answers from everyone, but some are bound to answer by saying either coffee or tech, maybe they’ll even say both. If either or both of those are what can make a place cool, it’s going to be hard to beat what Seattle has to offer.

Take a city that’s built on tech and coffee and mix it together with weather that’s typically never too cold or too hot and you’ve sure got yourself a top contender for one of the coolest cities on the west coast. It is one of the best places to live on the west coast for young adults. So, if you need an option of the 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA, go for Seatle.

Anchorage, AK

Another of the 3 best west coast cities to raise a family is in Anchorage. When picturing the west coast of the United States, you might immediately think that Alaska doesn’t count, but that’s not really fair to our 49th state is it? It’s absolutely in the west after all and might be perfect if weird, to you, isn’t what makes somewhere cool and you think coffee or tech don’t move the cool dial either.

National and State Parks might be what makes somewhere cool to you, and if that’s the case it’d be hard to beat anywhere in Alaska. Right outside the city, you’ll be able to get to know Chugach State Park and the sun might not set depending on the time of year you’re in, so you’ll really have all the time you need to get acquainted.

On top of the wilderness, you’ll be able to experience, you’ll be able to take in plenty of culture throughout places like the Anchorage Museum.

In conclusion, LA like other west coast cities is great. However, if you’re seeking west coast cities that are way cooler. You need to explore any of these 3 best west coast cities way cooler than LA you can live in. These cities are the best west coast cities to visit. Also, if you’re planning to move to any of these cities, read my post on why you need to move to a new city at least once in your lifetime.

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