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10 Best Safari Clothes For Women comfortable and stylish

As an adventure lover, there are no limits to what you do when it comes to fun. Safaris in Africa are one of the best things to do on your visit. Here are my top pick best safari clothes for women. These options are perfect the environment, protective, stylish and of course comfortable.

Whenever I suggest the idea of exploring the safari, I get doubtful looks from people. Many people do not realize that embarking on a safari trip is usually more fun than you would expect.

I’m not here to give you reasons why you should embark on a safari trip. However, I’ll tell you that you’re missing out on a lot if you haven’t explored a safari yet. Want to plan trip as a solo traveler or group traveler or yet to decide, check out my post on how to plan your trip effortlessly.

Today, I’m here for women who understand the concept of a safari adventure, and for those who might be planning one soon. Amongst the numerous things to think of and consider for a safari trip is clothing.

Best Safari Clothes

What do you wear when exploring the safari?

Below, I’ll be sharing some outfit ideas for my women who plan to embark on a safari adventure. These are my go to best Safari clothes for women. I will be linking some of my favorites from Banana Republic you’d love.

1. Cargo Pants

I’d always opt for cargo pants when going on a safari trip. Why? The numerous pockets are super appealing as it lets me easily pack the essentials I would need. How can you style cargo? Cargo pants are quite easy to style, click here to learn more on how to wear cargo pants.

I always keep in mind that a safari adventure isn’t the time to pack numerous bags. So, I’m thankful to have this clothing option that comes with pockets for me to carry my essentials.

Now, you may be wondering what essentials one might need for a safari trip. As for me, I always have my insect repellent. In as much as I’m looking to have a swell time, I also ensure not to lag on skin care. Thus, I can’t let insects have the best of me. I always have my camera and compass. Yes, a girl gotta take pictures and also ensure not to get lots.

It also comes in handy that cargo pants are comfortable and breathable.

Best Safari Clothes

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2. Long-Sleeved Tops/Blouses

It is best to keep in mind that a safari experience is way different from hanging out on a beach. When it comes to a safari, you are interacting with nature. Thus, the atmosphere might not be so friendly.

However, you wouldn’t have much worries when you wear a long-sleeved top. It helps to protect your skin from the scorching sun and also from insects.

Yes, you might want to complain about what happens when it gets hot. It is why I’d advise that you wear neutral-colored long-sleeved shirts. It helps to ensure that the top is breathable and you’re comfortable.

Best Safari Clothes brands

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3. Lightweight Jacket

As a rule of thumb, I always ensure that I pack a jacket whenever I’m going on a trip. However, when I’m planning to explore a safari, I’m extra conscious to ensure that the jacket is lightweight.

Understandably, the weather can be unpredictable, and there are times when it gets chilly. In such cases, you would need a jacket. Lightweight jackets in this case provide warmth and also ensure that you are not uncomfortable. It comes as a bridge that gives warmth and also lets air get in.

As a plus, you do not feel the weight or heaviness as it is a lightweight jacket.

4. Scarves

I know that accessories are not ideally what will be on the top of your mind when it comes to a safari trip. After all, you’re gunning to be as comfortable as possible and you do not want any extra weight. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be shabby.

It is why I advise that you go for a minimalist look with your accessories, and it is where a scarf comes to play! You can simply add it to your outfit to make it pop.

I love to have my scarf with me as it also protects me from the sun and dust. So, while I use it as an accessory, it also plays a role in protecting me. Asides, scarves being useful for safari trips, there are several fun ways to wear scarves for summer you need to try out ASAP.

5. Midi Dresses

There is always the fear of getting attacked by insects when exploring a safari. It is why people always want to wear things that cover all parts of the body. But, you also have to ensure that you’re not uncomfortable in the process.

So, one of the best safari clothes for women would be a midi dress. Not just any midi dress, but a lightweight midi dress. This way, you’re bringing out your feminine looks and still protecting your body while having a swell time.

I love safari midi dresses as they also allow for easy movement which makes them the best for the job.

Safari Clothes for women

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6. Socks

I don’t know about you, but it isn’t a complete safari travel box for me if I don’t pack enough socks. How else would I protect my legs?

Typically, everyone complains about insects when exploring a safari. It is why I always have my socks, irrespective of what I’m wearing. The socks would protect my feet and ensure that my experience isn’t uncomfortable.

Also, the socks serve as a cushion to my feet when I embark on long walks or hikes. It protects me from injuries and gives support to the feet. It is an important piece of clothing to pack for a safari trip.

7. Sunglasses

Although it doesn’t necessarily fall under clothing, you need to pack sunglasses when going on a safari trip. One reason why some people think a safari trip isn’t fun is because they think it comes with lots of challenges.

For example, the sun gets really hot sometimes and you’re also exposed to insects. When all these happen, the experience turns sour.

It is why you need to have sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. It also eliminates the chances of having a headache due to the sun, especially when you pair it with a hat. So, this is your cue to get your sunglasses. If in the market for sunglasses, check out these best sunglasses to buy in 2023 that are budget friendly.

8. Wide-Leg Pants

A safari trip isn’t the time to rock your skinny jeans or other fancy tight pants you may have. In fact, there is no reason to pack jeans when you’re going for a safari adventure.

I earlier mentioned that there is a need for cargo pants. If you do not have or cannot get cargo pants, you should go for other wide-leg pant options. It is to ensure that you’re comfortable while moving around. It also ensures that you get the needed air you desire to ensure that you do not get easily fatigued during the experience. Wearing the right bottoms would make or mar your experience.

Cute Safari clothes for women

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9. Utility Vest

I’d like to say that utility vests are the cargo pants equivalent when it comes to tops. Your safari experience isn’t complete without these vests as they add a touch to the adventure. Just like cargo pants, utility vests come with lots of pockets, ensuring that your essentials are within reach. They are also lightweight and you wouldn’t feel a thing when wearing them

10. Durable Footwear

The right footwear is also important for a unique and memorable safari adventure. I’m not here to state the shoes you should get or pack, but you should durable footwear. It is to ensure that your shoes do not wear out during your hikes or walks.

It also provides ankle support and protects your feet from uneven terrain, thorns, and insects. A pair of boots is one best safari must have accessories. You need boots to cover you from mosquitoes and other things while in the wild.

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Feel free to comment on Safari clothes that you love. These best safari clothes for women is my go to. Ciao

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