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Whispering Palms Badagry|| 8 exciting things to do

Whispering palms Badagry

Badagry is of the most historic places to visit in Lagos. My only issue with this place is the bad road network. Also, it takes forever to get to Badagry. However, I have always wanted to visit Whispering palms Badagry. This place is my top bucket list destination to see in Lagos. So, I feel so good checking it out from my list.

In this post, I will share all you need to know about whispering palms Badagry and fun things to do. Also, if you need other places to see in Badagry, read my post on Suntan Beach Badagry, Lagos.

Whispering palms Badagry

Whispering Palms is located at Ajido road, Aradagun Bus stop, Off Badagry Expressway. It is not so difficult to get to whispering palms.

How to get to whispering palms?

Like I stated above, it is one of the easiest resort centers to locate. From Mile 2, take a bus going to Badagry, stop at Aradagun bus stop. Then take a cab at the filling station at Aradagun bus stop to Iworo road, Ajido. At Ajido bus stop, take a bike to whispering palms resort for just 100naira.

Whispering palms Badagry Lagos

How much does it cost to stay at Whispering palms resort?

Whispering palms is quite affordable to access. You can choose to stay at the villas at the resort or go in for the fun activities. The gate fee for entry is 1500naira per adult, 1000naira per child. This is quite affordable for the fun activities lined up at the resort.

The lodges at whispering palms for as low as 20000naira per night. However, there are several hotels around whispering palms Badagry you could choose from to stay. Most of these hotels are quite affordable too. Since Badagry is quite far, I opted to stay in a hotel near whispering palms which cost about 12,000naira per night, Rolling King’s hotel.

This hotel is Rolling kings hotel which I highly recommend. The first hotel which I booked from Hotels. ng was a hard miss, Sycomore Hotels. I was super disappointed by their services. Nothing was really working. The pool is non-functional ( This was their selling point as it ranked at the top search for hotels with pools in Badagry).

Is there a pool at whispering palms? Yes, there is an in-house pool. So, you can have access to swim as much as you want at this pool whether as a lodger or visitor.

whispering palm Badagry villas

Fun things to do

So, there are so many fun activities you can engage in at whispering palms. I love this resort. This is a perfect place for a honeymoon in Nigeria on a budget. Honeymoon here will so chilled and fun too. You can read my post 7 best places for a honeymoon in Nigeria. These places are budget-friendly and fun too.

In this post, I will be talking about the paid and free activities you can do at Whispering Palms Iworo. Below are free and fun things you can do;

  1. Play table tennis: I really suck at this. Although, as a kid, I love to play table tennis. Now I am so not into any form of sports now
  2. Dart: This is super fun and interesting. We met a staff who was willing to explain this game to me.
  3. Snookers: My boo was so into playing this game. Well I just choose to stay on my lane. I have no idea how to play it
  4. Swim at the pool: Free to access for everyone
  5. Mini golf
  6. Volley ball & Basket ball.
whispering palms Badagry gate fee

Other things you can do at whispering palms include pre-wedding shoots, wedding parties, birthday dates, picnics with family and friends.

Now let’s talk about the paid activities to do at whispering palms. Your tickets give you access to at least two activities. Each of these activities costs 500naira per person.

  1. Bicycle ride: It is a couple bicycle. You can only ride as two or more of this bicycle. Not sure only person can ride this. This is because we had to peddal together for a smooth and fun ride. However, only one person has full control of the steering wheel.
  2. Paddle boat ride: This would have been fun though. I watched some guys ride this boat. Also, this more like Kayaking on a lake. If you love kayaka, you’d love this ride too. The only issue is that you need atleast 4 persons to paddle the boat. So, I couldn’t ride because we were just two.

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