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How to dress and look expensive on a budget


Have you ever wondered how celebrities/bloggers look expensive? Naturally, your best guess is that they are all wearing big name brands like Prada, Gucci, etc. This is very true in most cases. And of course, wearing big designers means a huge spend from your bank balances. Just like a popular saying “money no be a problem“, you can own the world. However, looking expensive doesn’t have to based on your net worth or be too pricey. So, I am sharing 6 simple ways on how to dress and look expensive on a budget.

Wear monochrome neutrals

A very simple way to look expensive is by wearing neutral colors as monochrome. Neutral colors like white, grey or power black shows class and makes you look expensive. It makes you look all put together and neat. Most wealthy individuals and even celebrities are mostly seen in monochrome neutrals. This look spells class and expensive!!!. So, for you to look like money, rock monochrome neutrals. Go for either an all black or white monochrome outfit. To pull off this look, you don’t have to shop for a ‘gucci” but shop affordable stores like shein or Jumia. You can also take advantage of the black Friday sales ongoing to add nice neutrals to your closet. You mustn’t shop co-ord matching sets. To pull a monochrome neutral look, you can wear a white tee shirt, white blazer on white pants styled with a pair of heels.

Appear neat always

Most people appear like they left their house in rush. Although, we all know we are in a jet age and speed is of essence. You don’t want to look like a mess. (e.g. My home can be a huge mess due to some personal stuff for some time. But I ensure that I don’t go out looking like my messed up house. ). Another simple way on how to dress and look expensive on a budget is by paying attention to your look. For starters, a well polished nails, neat hair, well fitting outfits etc. Also, a well a ironed outfit gives a neat outlook. So, ensuring you appear neat and cultured at all times will make look expensive. This will cost nothing to achieve and you don’t need a whole wardrobe overhaul to achieve this. All it will take is your time to look and appear neat and put together always.

Add some jewelries to your closet

Another simple way to dress and look expensive on a budget is by shopping affordable jewelry for your closet. Before now, my only jewelry that I complete my look with are earrings. I can count the number of jewelry items I had. This is no different for most ladies out there too. Some of us have just this special hand down jewelry from mum or grandma. We only put it on special occasions or on a special date night. But investing in good jewelry pieces like necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc are simple ways to make you look expensive. Jewelry elevates your looks making you all put together at all times. Although, it can be quite dicey getting good affordable jewelry for your closet. This is because some may wash off easily but they are still a staple piece to own. You can shop affordable jewelries from All she needs store both online and offline(Lekki)

Shop thrift outfit to look expensive on a budget

Back in Uni days, babes thrive in nice thrift outfits. Some of us know the days we need to wake up to catch our customer opening bail so we don’t miss our on good stuff. Also, thrifts (Okirika or consignment items) are of different grades, this I found out quite early in Uni days. Another simple way to dress and look expensive on a budget is to shop A-grade thrift fashion outfits. There are many fashionable thrift outfit that will make you expensive without breaking the bank. You can shop for trendy thrift outfits from yaba market, Balogun market, @thriftstoreng and @shopnandra on Instagram.

Mix Thrift with statement outfit

We all own this classic or trendy statement pieces in our closets. Like an iwade two piece set or Nack piece of fashion outfit in our closet. Wearing this statement fashion outfits alone makes you look expensive. On the other hand, you can mix this outfit with thrifts to create another look that makes you look expensive on a budget. This is by mixing outfits from your own closet. Statement pieces makes you look expensive but pairing them with thrift outfit is way to dress it up. So, you will look expensive without being too expensive in terms of total cost of your look.

Add silk outfits to your closet

Silk are a soft piece of clothing items. Silk outfits are mostly associated with class and as such worn amongst the rich. Another way to dress and look expensive on a budget is to invest in good quality and affordable silk outfit. It is both a classy and stylish piece of clothing item to own. You don’t need to go for high end silk outfit to look expensive. But you check affordable stores like shein and Jumia to shop silk outfits for your closet.

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How to dress and look expensive on a budget: 6 simple ways