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2021 digital planner

Have you ever felt like you have so much to do yet achieve nothing? This sometimes happens to me. I always feel like I have so much to do but have no idea how to do them. This in turn gives me anxiety and stress. You can read my post on 5 easy ways to relieve stress. However, writing down these goals into smaller daily task takes gets you closer to your goals. Back in high school, I have this habit of writing my to do list in jotters. However, getting into professional life, I stopped using planners. I use scrap sheets to take notes which get lost sometimes. Now I am back to using a planner and my productivity is off the roof. So, here I will share why need a digital planner to boost your productivity.

You will complete your task faster

Like I said earlier, I always loose the small paper that I scribble my to do list. With a digital planner, I able to break down my task to daily goals. So, it makes it easier to complete my work.

I used to feel like I needed more time from the normal 12hours of the day. However, with a digital planner, I am able to work through my task with extra time to spare for other things.

So, a digital planner help to fix in your daily task. Also it helps you track and check off task that are completed. The key is to prepare your to do list a day before or weekly as you may.

You also have to allot time for impromptu task. Like responding to an email that came in within the day.

Digital planner makes you arrange and prioritize your task. So, you know the task that are urgent and the not so urgent task. It helps you allocate time and run the task with ease.

Digital planners help you stay organized

Another reason you need a digital planner is to stay organized. Like I stated earlier, with a digital planner, you able to prioritize your task. Also, it helps you stay productive during the day.

Without a plan for the day, it is easy to get distracted. There are so many distractions nowadays. Sometimes, I spend about 1hour scrolling from instagram, Twitter, facebook etc. This makes me abandon my main task of the day before I have no plan for the day.

So, with a digital planner, you stay organized and productive. Even if you get distracted (it happens), you have your planner to refer to the task of the day.

To relieve stress

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with so much to do. This in turn may lead to high stress levels for you. Sometimes I feel afraid that I may forget an important task. Truthfully, I have missed deadlines just because I forgot to deal the task.

So, the fear of forgetting an important task will cause you to stress. Using a digital planner makes you feel at ease. This is because you can easily refer to your journal to check your task.

I use satin journal planner to record my daily task using the monthly goal setting and tracker. So, you can plan your task for the whole and track your progress. Although there may be impromptu changes that you do within the month. However, the digital planner will make you feel at ease with the task broken down into daily achievable task.

Also, satin journal has a section where you can create your vision board. A vision board is super useful to plan the goal of the year. I love the create vision boards early in the year to kick my year. However, I still include more goals to my vision board as it becomes clearer to me. So, you need a digital planner to create your yearly vision board.

A vision board my contains goals like having 100+ blog post, visiting 3 international destinations or exploring more places in your local. This vision board makes it easy for you to research and plan yours with ease. With a digital planner, you are well prepared to achieve your goals. So, you can have a stress free year with all your goals handy in your digital planner. You can also read 5 easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

Improved lifestyle

Digital planners have so many benefits to us. One of such is an improved lifestyle. Satin journal digital planners have a habit trackers. This can be used to track any habit you want. Like money spending habit or daily routine that are more productive.

I am an ardent fashion shopper. Retail therapy is one of the ways that I reduce my stress levels. So, if I need a mood boost, I am online adding items to my cart. This is a really bad habit I am working on to curtails. My bank balance suffers most.

So, to track my money spending habits, I use satin journal habit trackers. This gives you an insight about yourself. You are able to see habits that are bad for you to let go off. Also, you get to adopt habits that are beneficial to your productivity. Asides the habit trackers, you get to monitor your progress on your task. So, you are able to see areas hat needs improvement to help you achieve your goals. You can shop satin journal digital planner for $7.99. To save 20% off your order, use code TRENDSENSTYLEZ.

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Why you need a digital planner to boost productivity?

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