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How to set up your home photography studio on a budget

Quality pictures is one of the major part of content creation. So, as a content creator or brand, you need to take good pictures to catch your audience. The main challenge I have taking my pictures is not having a good studio at home. Also, I rarely have anyone to take my pictures for me. Other times, I am unable to go to instagrammable places to take good outdoor pictures. This can be expensive as some brand either charge you take pictures or insistent you buy from them. So, I opted to set up my photography studio at home. This has made it easy for my content creation on the blog, social media and my YouTube channel; Maggie’s memoir. Kindly follow me on my channel, subscribe and join the family. (thanks in advance). Below are the things you need to set it up to create great content for your brand.

Mobile phone

There is hardly anyone without a mobile device these days. So, one of the first thing you need is a mobile phone with good camera quality. The camera quality of your mobile device will determine the quality of the pictures.

I have once used an android mobile phone with bad camera quality. All the pictures always come out blurry or not great. (both indoor and outdoor shots). I also opted to edit the pictures to make them better. However, the quality remained the same notwithstanding.***sighs**.

So, to set your home studio, get a mobile phone that take quality shots. You can opt for an iPhone or Android with great pixel. For my pictures, I use Samsong A50, 2020 model. I love the outcome of my shots and videos on this mobile phone device.

Getting a mobile device with good camera quality may expensive. However, you can buy mobile phones now and pay in instalment monthly. (I use pointek)

Natural Light

Natural light is one of the cheapest ways to get lightening for your photograph. For a great picture, you need light. However, getting a studio light and its other accessories is not cheap. So, for you home studio, opt for natural light. You don’t have to pay for it you know.

The room you want to use for studio must have access to natural light that seeps in. So, you need a room with that at least two windows to allow light in. To take advantage of natural light, I take my pictures around noon to 4pm. If I miss this time, I put off taking pictures till the next day.

However, if you can afford it, you can opt for a ring light. You can choose the large ring light used by make up artist or mobile ring light. There are so many affordable option you can choose from at Jumia. You can shop a mobile phone ring light from jumia for as low as 2500 naira.

Wall paper/ Background paper

The background of your pictures adds to the quality of it. You don’t want to take pictures at home with messy background. I hate the color of my room wall painting. The color makes most of my at home pictures turn out bad. So, I opted to cover up a section with stylish background paper.

Since then, my content creation is going perfect. So, for a good picture or video, get a wallpaper for your room. Another affordable way is to simply paint your home studio room wall white. White makes every picture pop.

You can also opt for a vinyl white background paper or water proof background paper. This you can use for product photography or use a background stand to hold it for portrait pictures.

You can get photography background paper from Amazon, Ali-express or Jumia. I’ll link below affordable background paper you can shop for your home studio.

Home studio wall paper

Mobile phone Tripod

One of the challenges I faced as a content creator is taking pictures. I rarely have anyone to take pictures of me. However, to solve this problem, I opted for a mobile phone tripod stand.

I use to think that only camera’s need a tripod stand. However, there are portable tripod stands you can use for your mobile phone device. If you’re you own photographer, opt for Tripods with Bluetooth remote control. This makes it easy for to take shot using remote instead of using your phone timer.

You can get tripod stands that are tall enough or short for desk. Mobile phone stands are affordable. You can get a tripod for as low as $5 (1,900 naira). I will also link mobile tripod options below.

Shop it Below

Photography Props

Another things you need for your home studio to start running is having photography props. Photo props add some style and creativity to your pictures. At home, you can add plants to your flat lays or to your wall background.

Also, you can opt for simple props like vintage games (board games), cards, crafty hand bags (like rattan bags or statement bags) or hats. You can literally anything as prop for your photography even books. Get creative and have taking great pictures from the comfort of your home with props.

You can shop for photography props from Lekki arts and craft market. Also, you can for props for your local market or online at Ali-express or Amazon.

In content creation, having a home studio or taking great pictures is just one step. Another thing you need a good editing app. One of the greatest struggles for creators who are not professional photographers is editing.

For my edit for videos or pictures, I use inshot, or Adobe light room. Sometimes, I do find it hard to get great edit with these apps. This is because I am just getting to know how to work them. So, I use presets to make it easier for me.

If you are like me and you need other options for editing, use photo presets. I would recommend using Nicky presets (@nickypresets on instagram). Her preset has made it easy for me to edit my pictures for my social media and the blog.

How to set up your home studio
Shop for your Home studio Below
  1. Product photography background paper ( 1652 naira) : 5x10FT Solid Color Cotton Photography Backdrop
  2. Mobile Tripod (3,990 naira): Phone Adjustable Tripod Stand Holder Clip Set – Black
  3. Photography Props (7,000 naira): Raffia Blessings Basket Bag
  4. Ring light + Tripod stand (12,500 naira): Ring Light With Tripod Stand Circle Light

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