Trendy Spring/ Summer Look for Men’s wear off the runway at Paris fashion week.

At the Paris fashion week for men’s wear, the runway show case collections that will define the new trend for Summer wears for the stylish man. Major designers to take cue from are Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga,  as well as Dior hommes. Their Ready to wear collection off the runway features models in well tailored designs with neutrals like black, grey colors,white as well as brights colors like oranges, blue, & red 

Balengia introduced the “Cool dad” style to his design as models strutted with kids on the runway. The designs features a unique three tone pants, plastic bag jackets, sweat shirt in bright spring colors.

Dior hommes features designs that signifies youthful elegance, Style, and energy as the sensational feel of a male leg on shorts. The collection features black suit, gray suit made with silk, trench coats, shorts, and jackets.

Louis Vuitton collections were inspired from Island Culture with an Hawaiian Print message and a collaboration with Drake. Models Strutted the runways in colorful prints, Leather jackets ,Leather pants, jumpsuits, trench coats, and Jackets in beige, blues hues, and Signature Denim hat with Drake x Louis Vuitton new single “Signs” playing at the background. His colorful print designs are perfect for an Hawaiian  island getaway.

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