One trendy wardrobe essential a lady must-have is a shirt dress. Aside from the fact that shirt dresses are easy to throw on, it is also a versatile piece of a fashion outfit. Shirt dress also comes in different forms; in a tee or button-down floral or solid colors etc. For me, i love the button-down shirt dresses more. Maybe because they are more versatile to play dress-up with. Also, you can leave like two or three buttons undone to give a sexy feel. i.e girl you can serve some cleavage better yet if you’ve got big boobs. (It could be because you can create a refreshing new style every time. i.e. a shirtdress will make you get the value for your penny spent on it). Here are 4 style tips on how to wear a shirt dress for different looks.

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As earlier stated shirt dress are a timeless, versatile , comfy and easy to throw on piece of outfit you should own. It is one such outfit that will enable you create a refreshing new look each time it is worn. You know that feeling when you wear an outfit to two different occasions and you look the same. It’s worst if you see that big mouthed friends of your’s on both occasion’s- she says babe, this dress is the same as the one I saw you on last time right!!. i.e. especially outfits that you cannot really do much with. With a shirt dress, you look create a new looks each time. (for a serial repeater of outfit, it is blessing from heaven).

Shirt Dress with Fishnet/hose

Most Shirt dresses come in mini or midi lengths. Styling your shirt dress with leggings or preferably a fishnet hose is a good way of giving it a fresh look. It will accentuate your shape as well as show off your legs. (for me a fish net hose is better for “hotness”. ). For a date night with bae or a girl’s night out, you can rock this style.

Shirt dress cinched at the waist

To highlight your shape and flatter your figure, cinching your shirt dress with belt is a must do. By cinching at the waist, it is perfect way to rocking a breezing shirt dress. Then you can finish off this style with a pair of pumps or strap sandal heels or a for a relaxed look a pair of sandals.

Shirt dress with Skirt

Trying out different styles always bring out a look you never could have thought off. So it is with wearing a shirt dress with a skirt. This look is chic with a button down shirt dress. You can achieve this look by tucking the shirt dress into a skirt and leaving like two buttons from the top undone. A pleated skirt or A-cut skirt as well as a high waist body-con skirt will pull off this style. With a pair of pump heels, you can rock it for work as well as casual outings.

Shirt dress with denim

Denims are a staple versatile wardrobe essential. This piece of item I really love because it work with almost anything in my closet. Shirt dress also goes well with denim either pants or shorts. For a casual outing or vacationing, style your shirt dress tucked in denim shorts and a beach hats. Also with a pair of denim pants, tuck a side of the shirt dress for stylish look.

Shirt dresses are perfect for transforming into different looks. So, it is a staple for every lady. My own set of shirt dress is a piece from Marian clothing brand called “Morayo”. I styled this shirt dress in different ways as seen in this post. It cost #5,000 naira to snatch up this dress @marianclothing on instagram. With shirt dress, you can create lovely looks and get value for your penny spent.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions shared in this post are solely mine.

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