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How to wear Body suits: 4 ways to style a body suit

When the body suit trend started popping up everywhere, i never thought of it as an active wear. (….it only brings to mind a one-piece swim wear or beach outfit). This trend is a new wave in the fashion industry as it is both offline and online stores. Body suits is a simple outfit that you switch up to give you an effortless chic look. It is an outfit that is perfect for every occasion whether for a casual outing or as corporate outfit. Body suit is one of those outfit that you can do a lot with in terms of styling. It is a necessary wardrobe essential for a discerning fashionista. Here 4 simple ways to style up to Body suit for every occasion.

Style up your bodysuit on Denim Pants

For a casual, well relaxed or vacay mood, body suits goes well on Pant/ denim pants. Whether you are going for a chic style in skinny denim pants or for a girly vibe in boyfriend jeans, it is achievable paired up with body suits.


Bell sleeve Body suits on denim

Style Body suit as work wear

Body suit can also to switched up within seconds to a work wear outfit. As a regular “9-5ver” putting together your work outfit seems tiring. (….more tiring for me….i am lazy about planning my outfit for the week.). On those days where you are at a loss of what to wear to work, style up your body suit with pan suit/ skirt suits. This is by wearing it as an inner wear or camisole- i.e if its a sleeveless. Body suits styled in suits makes you feel chic and ready to seize the day.

How to wear body suit
Body suit on wide leg pant suits ;Source:

Body suit on Skirts

Body suits are also perfect with skirts. For a refreshingly girly and stylish look, rock your body suits either with a pencil skirt/ pleated skirt. It is perfect for a casual outing with friends or family.

4 ways to wear a body suit
Body suit on Denim mini skirt; Source:

Body suits with layered with kimono

Another wardrobe essential is kimono. Body suits can be layered with kimono to up your style to chic fashionista. A print kimono, a neutral body suit and denim pants styled with strappy heels is perfect for a casual outing.

How to style body suit with Kimono
Body suit styled with Kimono; Source:Pininterest

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