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Top 5 Best 2019 fashion trends you need Right now

Every year brings its own fresh new looks and fashion style. Last year fashion trends were a mix of retro look or fresh new ideas. From the waist bag, off shoulder dresses, sporty track suits etc which are trend from 2018, this year promises better. Most of this trends from 2018 i could die for while some are a no-no for me. Though, there are array of trends popping in this year. Here are my top 5 best 2019 fashion trends you should consider adding to your closet.

My favorite 2019 fashion trends that i am loving right now are; Co-ord set, Wide hats, Fashion “Camo”, contrast denim, and Neon. Some these fashion trends are timeless pieces like the “camo”, and Denim with a little twist. While others are fresh new looks that are refreshingly to style. With new fashion trends, you can never be caught up in fix or clueless on what to wear. I will also share a link to online stores where you can shop these trends.

Two Piece Co-ord Set

One stylish outfit that you can add to your closet is the co-ord set. Co-ord two piece is a fashion trend that is relatively not new to the fashion scene. Co-ord in fashion means two set of matching pieces. This fashion trends is back in 2019. A co-ord set can either be a two piece skirt and top or pants and top. The interesting thing about a two piece co-ord set is that it can be styled in different ways. A co-ord set is easy throw wear together or paired with another fashion piece. e.g. a co-ord top also goes well with a denim pant. (It is my top favorite fashion trend because it goes well with other fashion pieces….economical fashion or maybe it is my ijebu-like nature in play)

Top 5 best 2019 fashion trends
Shop this two piece co-ord set from shopallsheneeds.

Neon Color Outfit/accessories

Neon color trends is another of my favorite 2019 fashion trends. It is also a trends from 2018 that has come to stay. Neon Colors are for individual who love bold colors. This color makes you stand out in the crowd. (one can create a presence as well as turn heads in Neon shade). Bright block colors are easier to rock and can be used for contrast in your styling. Neon colors are flattering hues that you cannot take your eyes off. It goes well with other block colors but to reduce its bright effect, pair it with neutrals.

Source: Pin interest, Shop for Neon outfits via Dhl e-shop

Large Hat

Wide hat is another 2019 fashion trends that i really love. Maybe because of I stay in the tropics like Nigeria and the relief of protection from its hot sun rays. (some days are better because of the rains that cools off the weather. Other days the sun is so hot that you could fry egg under it, almost like an oven. ). There are assortment of fashion hats but Large hats are a re-invented trend. It is both a shield and classy fashion item to add to your wardrobe collection. Large hats are good for all occasions whether with your beach outfit or date outfit. For me the larger the hat, the better.

Source: Instagram

Pairing two shades of denim

Denim is another of my favorite piece of fashion outfit. It is a timeless piece and a ladies wardrobe essential. Rocking two shades of denim color gives is trendy way of wearing the wardrobe essential. A denim Navy blue Denim pants with sky blue denim Jacket is a simple way of rocking this trend. You can shop for a durable and stylish denim pieces using Dhl e-shop app. Denim is an outfit that is forever for slay for all occasions.

Source: Instagram; Shop for denim at Dhl e-shop for African shoppers


Camouflage is a clothing that is for the military. This “Camo” is one of my favorite fashion trends from 2019 that i really love. It is a look that is not new in the fashion scene. Camouflage gives you a chic feel when styled. This trends is a timeless fashion style that can be worn as a casual outfit.

When seeking for what to wear, these 5 fashion trends from 2019 are a go to. They are both stylish and trendy. In other to make this looks readily available, you can shop for it via my blog. They are very affordable. This will help you up your fashion game for 2019.

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