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Top 5 Visa free countries for Nigerians.

Visa free countries makes it easier for travelers to see the world. It removes that extra process in planning a trip to another country. (i.e. the Visa processing stage and also the heart ache from a “Declined” entry). It also reduce the cost of travel incurred from visa processing. As Nigerian, It is sometimes difficult to get visa to other countries. This may be due to several reasons that are beyond our control. Hence, it is better to seek for places to Visa free so as to avoid the hassle that comes with it. So, here are the top 5 visa free countries for Nigerians you need to know.

Here are 5 African countries you can visit proudly as a Nigerian without any stress or Visa requirement. Most of these countries are part of ECOWAS community which Nigeria belongs to. Some of these countries requires a valid international passport or an ECOWAS card or just a yellow card.

How many countries can Nigerians visit Visa free?

As Nigerian, you can visit as many as 54 destinations visa free. However, some countries give visa on arrival or visa after a fixed period of time. Here are the top 5 African countries you can visit visa free as a Nigerian.

Benin Republic, Cotonou

Benin republic is one of our neighboring country in Nigeria. It shares boundary with kwara state, Ogun state and Lagos state. It is one the most beautiful countries in Africa you visit. With your valid international passport and your yellow card, you can explore Cotonou. It has a lot of amazing vacation spot to blow your mind away. From an array of beaches to choose from, lovely resorts and rich culture, it is perfect get away spot.


Maldives is another island that offers visa free entry. It is visa free for 30 days for Nigerian International passport holders. Nigerians who visit Mauritius are to visit the embassy to apply for Visa which is Valid for 30 days. It is a perfect luxury vacation spot for lovers of island and beaches. There are array of water sports you can indulge in on this island.


Mauritius is another hot vacation spot that you can visit visa free as a Nigerian. Nigerians are given 14 days Visa free on Arrival to Mauritius. It is perfect get way spot for those craving the beauty of its assorted beaches. There is also an array of tourist attractions available at Mauritius. With your 14 days access, you can start thinking all the places you want to explore in Mauritius. For a vacation, two weeks is enough to see the tourist spot in Mauritius with little stress from Visa application.

Enjoy a view of the turquoise sea in Mauritius; Source: Travelstart blog


Seychelles vacation spot is dreamiest exotic beach island in Africa. It has lovely beach view, with exotics palms and offers sea foods to tourist. Nigerians are offer free visa valid for 30 days to soak in the beauty of this vacation spot. It also offers visitors opportunity to partake in an array of beach sport.


Ghana is another Visa free destination to visit as a Nigerian. This country has some similarities with Nigeria with its rich culture and some unique foods like Jollof rice. It is often said that the battle of “Jollof rice” between this Nigeria & Ghana is inconclusive. Hence, in other to be part of future judges, a visit to Ghana will expose you to all their rich foods, jollof inclusive. Asides, the foods, there an array of tourist site you can see in Ghana.

These 5 Visa free vacation spot eliminates the stress and fee from visa processing. Also you don’t need to travel far for vacation as these places are in Africa. If you’re looking to visit any of these African destination, go ahead and book the cheapest flight deals for your trip.

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Benin Republic hotel Eldorado Beach resort: Source-

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