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Travel clothes for women


We all love to look good when hanging out with friends or having a date with boo. This also applies to what we wear for travel or our travel clothes. I love to travel as much as I get the chance to. When picking travel clothes for women, it is all about style, comfort, and lightness.

So, in this post, I will be sharing my 12 best travel clothes for women in 2021. Some of these travel outfits you may already own in your closet. However, you can shop for some of these must-have travel clothes to make you look stylish while on vacation. I will share great travel clothes options of airport outfits, beach vacation clothes as well as basic loungewear.

Matching sets

One of the 12 best travel clothes for women I would recommend are matching sets. Matching sets are very easy to style. It is also a versatile piece of travel outfit you need right now.

You can wear your two-piece sets together or with other outfits. I love matching sets because you can wear them in different ways. So, if you need an easy outfit that is versatile for travel, a matching set is a great option.

I love matching skirt sets a lot. Also, for a summer vacation, I would recommend you shop for matching sets with floral prints. This sets the holiday mood. Zaful has some of the best yet affordable matching set options you can buy. Click here to shop a matching skirt set from Zaful.

You can get huge discounts shopping online using the Honey Chrome extension. Easy to set up and use.

Vacation clothes for women

Basic t-shirts

Another travel outfit you need is a basic t-shirt. A basic t-shirt is easy to style. You can wear your basic t-shirt with a pair of shorts or pants. Also, you can wear basic t-shirts as loungewear at your hotel or stay and for a casual outing exploring a new city.

There are several options of basic t-shirt you can shop for. You can opt for a graphic, statement, or plain white t-shirt. Also, you can shop for an oversize basic t-shirt as simple nightwear on your vacation. Everything5pounds offers some great options of basic t-shirt you can shop for. You can also get a pack of 3 basic tops from Everything5pounds for just 5 pounds. Click here to shop a 3-set basic t-shirt for just 5 pounds.

P.S. All items on Everything5pounds sell out fast. So, I would recommend you shop for what you need as you find it on their website. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the UK.

What is the most comfortable clothes for travel?


Rompers are another stylish travel clothes you need to pack. They are also a versatile piece you need. For travel, I would recommend packing clothes you can style and get as much use of. I love to travel light. So, I always pack clothes that are versatile like rompers.

There are so many ways you can wear your romper. You can dress it down with sandals or espadrilles for out shopping in the local market. Also, you can dress it up with heels for a beach vacation party. Rompers are one of my best beach vacation clothes for travel. You can also click here to read my post on other clothes you can wear to the beach.

Chicme fashion brand is my go-to plug for stylish rompers. You can also get a great style of jumpsuits from this brand. Click here to shop Rompers from Chicme.

Travel clothes for women

Travel dress

One practical travel clothes for women to pack is a travel dress or simply put a dress. If you need clothes that you can easily wear for travel, opt for a dress.

You can wear a dress to go eat in a restaurant, to stroll or to the beach. For a summer vacation, I would recommend a white dress or a floral dress. You can opt for a maxi dress or a mini dress. However, I love a maxi dress for travel. You can wear a maxi dress as beachwear or casual wear. Plus, they are great for Instagram shots.

You can shop for Maxi dress options from Chicme. Click here to shop stylish maxi dresses from Chicme.

best women's travel clothes

Bikini sets

My travel journey is incomplete without a trip to the beach. So, a bikini set is a must beach vacation outfit to pack. You need a bikini set for a stroll on the beach or to swim in the pool.

Zaful is one of the best places to buy bikini sets that are good and cheap too. You can a stylish bikini set for as low as $9.99.

You can choose to wear your bikini sets alone on the beach. Also, you can style your bikini sets with button-up shirts or bikini coverups too. So, for your next trip, add bikini sets to the list of vacation clothes for women you need. Click here for the latest swimsuits for women to shop for your next trip.

What to wear to the beach

Lounge wear sets

There are days on vacation when all you want to do is the lounge. Sometimes, you may have to stay in for some days to lose the jet lag. So, you need a good set of loungewear clothes for women.

Loungewear is one of the best travel clothes for women to pack for their vacation. Any basic outfit can serve you well for lounging. However, you can choose to lounge in style.

A loungewear set is a great option for a Lazy day on your travel. I love a good lounge crop top and jogger set for my travel outfit. This you can wear as together or style with other outfits you packed. You can wear a loungewear set for casual outings, as a great option of what to wear to the airport or for running errands.

Chicme is my go-to brand to shop for stylish loungewear sets. Shop for chic loungewear sets from Chicme. For an extra 15% off your order on all categories, use Chicme fashion discount: ANCM15.

what to wear to airport

Beach Coverups

A Beach coverup is a beach accessory you need right now. This is perfect for those of us who love to have more coverage in bikini sets. Also, you can wear beach coverups to add more style to your bikini sets.

However, if you do well in your bikini sets, beach coverups are optional for you. I love the added style that beach coverups add to your swimwear. You can shop for stylish beach coverups from Zaful. There offer is an assortment of stylish options you’d love.

What to wear to the beach as bikini alternatives

Loose fitting pants

One thing that I look for in my travel clothes is comfort. So, I shop for more comfy and breezy clothes for my travel. Loose-fitting or wide-leg pants are must-have travel clothes for women in 2021. This is super stylish and comfortable.

Wide-leg pants are also versatile too. You can style it for hiking, as beachwear, or for shopping at a local market. Also, you can wear your wide-leg pants with bodysuits, tank tops, or a basic t-shirt.

All you need to do is to pay attention to proportions. If your basic t-shirt is boxy, you can tie it into a knot to make it fitted with your wide-leg pants. You can also click here to read my post on style hacks you need to know.

12 Best Travel clothes for women

Denim pants

When packing for travel, you need to pack practical outfits too. One of such practical travel outfits you need in 2021 is a pair of denim pants. Denim pants are versatile clothes for women to own.

There are several ways you can style denim pants for use. Also, I love denim pants as you can wear them on repeat with a little wash. For a 2-day trip, I can pack just a pair of denim pants, and I am good.


Another of the 12 best travel clothes for women you need is a pair of leggings. Leggings are the comfiest travel outfits you need right now. Also, it is a versatile outfit for women.

You can wear leggings as loungewear, run errands, do morning exercise, or casual outings. If you have hiking planned for your trip, you need a pair of leggings too. You can wear leggings with a basic t-shirt, blouses, tank tops or crop tops, etc. So, if you need versatile travel clothes for women, shop for some leggings.

Everything 5 pounds UK is one of the best places to shop for a great pair of leggings. Click here to shop for a pair of leggings.

Travel clothes for plus size women


I love flat shoes for travel. I can’t imagine packing for my trip without a pair of sneakers. Accessories like sneakers make dressing up so easy. You can wear a pair of sneakers everywhere.

You can wear sneakers as part of your workout outfit or for sightseeing on your travel. I love to wear sneakers with dresses on my travel. This trend is evergreen for me. Everything5pounds offers great sneakers for as low as 5 pounds. Plus you get to enjoy free shipping if you’re in the UK. Click here to shop a pair of Dad sneakers for your travel.

Travel accessories for women

Travel sandals/ Espadrilles

Another accessory you need for travel is a pair of sandals or espadrilles. These pairs of shoes are very comfortable and versatile. I love a pair of espadrilles as summer must-have shoes. You can wear it to the beach or for just sightseeing.

Don’t forget to pack a pair of slides for lounging too. Other accessories you need for travel is tote bags & shoulder bags. Personally, I love to travel with tote bags. This is because they are practical bags that can carry a lot of stuff for you. It is one of my best that goes well with my 12 best travel clothes for women.

A tote bag is perfect for shopping. So, if you love to pick up stuff for your family and friends, you would love tote bags. This bag makes shopping so easy. You can shop for medium size tote bags for travel. A great place to shop for tote bags for travel is Everything5pounds. I love their great option and details on the bags.

12 best travel clothes for women perfect for vacation