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Shoe styles


The shoes you choose to wear most often say a lot about your character. They also determine the range of activities you can comfortably participate in. What are the best shoes for women that can serve you all year round?

For the practically-minded, the best choice in footwear comes down to the most versatile, best-looking shoes that can be worn all year. Obviously, your ideal selection depends on where you live. Where Timberland boots, for example, excel in temperate climates, they may not be ideal for extreme heat. Here are a few shoe styles that outdo the rest when it comes to year-round versatility:

Best shoes for women to buy right now

Shoes are one of the most important accessories you need in your closet. It is a major wardrobe must-have for every woman ( add man, of course).

You can dress up or down any outfit in your closet with shoes. For example, you can transition your work outfits from day to date night effortlessly by simply switching shoes. To do this easily, switch your flat work shoes for a pair of strappy heels and you’re good to go.

General Athletic Sneakers

For maximum foot comfort, performance, support, and ease of wear, a good pair of sneakers can’t be beaten. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, sneakers are almost guaranteed to do what you need them to. Increasingly, even office workers are turning to sneakers for their support during long work days.

To choose the sneakers for you, consider the athletic activities you are most likely to engage in. For hiking or basketball, choose a pair with the ample heel support you need. For running, look for lightweight shoes with good heel support. Puma sneakers offer a good selection of different options.

Best shoes for women

Hiking Boots

While hiking boots are usually associated with outdoor adventure, they can equally be used for work, recreation, or casual wear. In certain parts of the country, such as the Pacific Northwest, hiking boots have become a kind of standard, everyday shoe. Although extremely lightweight, durable boots that offer marginal advantages in waterproofing and reliability can cost a fortune, many affordable brands sell quality boots that are nearly comparable in performance. For versatility, Timberland is a safe, respectable option with a solid environmental track record.

Hybrid Boots

If hiking boots aren’t your style, hybrid boots can give you a relaxed or professional appearance without sacrificing outdoor functionality. While many popular hiking brands offer hybrid boots, other companies specialize in hybrid styles. The best boot for you depends on your intended use. If you are simply looking for a pair of shoes that you can walk to the office in, most brands will suit you perfectly well. If you want a single boot to take you from the office to the mountains, look to an experienced outdoor brand for the product you desire.


If you live in a warm climate, sandals can be surprisingly reliable for a wide variety of applications. Since sandals are easy to put on and extremely breathable, they actually offer some advantages over other types of shoes for light hiking and other outdoor activities. Remember, the ancient Romans went to war in their sandals, so you don’t need to worry whether you wear yours for too many purposes. For well-tested comfort, look for a Birkenstock sandals sale.

Whether you are putting together a minimalist wardrobe or simply want to cut down on clutter, purchasing a good pair of shoes for year-round use is an admirable goal. When looking for new shoes, always consider fit, function, and climate. If you plan to do your shopping online, remember that waiting a few days for an exchange is far superior to wearing an ill-fitting shoe.


10 Best Shoes for Women You Can Wear All Year Long