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Designer inspired vs counterfeits

What is the difference between Designer inspired vs Counterfeits? This is a question that needs urgent answer. There are so many counterfeits of designer brands out there. It is literally stomach churning.

Sadly, many of these counterfeits dealers also overprice these pieces too. I love designer dupes don’t get me wrong. However, I detest counterfeits. Counterfeits parade itself like the real designer brand using their logos, trademark. Shortly put, counterfeits are copycats without a conscience.

Dupes on the other hand mimics the features of the designer brand without claiming to be the real designer. It doesn’t use their trademark or logos. However, you can tell that this piece is designer inspired or a designer lookalike from its features.

Instead of going for counterfeits, I would prefer going for either dupes or designer brands from second hand market. If you’ve not been shopping vintage designer pieces or pre-loved designers, what are you doing? I have shopped about four designer brands from the pre-loved designer markets. There are several second hand designer stores like therealreal, Rebag, Fashionphile among others.

One of my first designer dupe handbag is a louis Vuitton pochette accessoires. I got this bag during the craze of the girls for this bag. Thankfully, I am glad I got the dupe as I don’t reach for it anymore. Although, I would have loved to get the real designer during its hype. Who doesn’t get influenced? So lets dive into designer inspired vs counterfeits and which is the best.

Designer inspired vs counterfeits

Designer inspired: Definition or meaning

Designer inspired refers to products or items that draw inspiration from high-end designer brands. They don’t try to pose as the real thing. These items emulate the style, design, and aesthetic of the original designer pieces without claiming to be authentic or using any logos or trademarks of the real designer brand.

Designer inspired products are often a cheaper alternative for individuals who desire the look and feel of luxury without the high price tag or ethical concerns associated with counterfeits. This is more like luxury on a budget.

So, you get the look or feel of a designer brand. This may then inspire you to save and get the real designer brand. I highly recommend you shop for dupes for designer brands you’re not familiar with. For example, you may think you love Loewe puzzle bag due to its hype. The discontinuation of the puzzle bag has made it a most coveted piece in the market.

Many people are striving to get the original Loewe puzzle bag design unlike the re-introduced design. However, before you commit to such spend. You can get the dupe to see it functionality, and it will fit into your style. This may even help in your decision making whether to go ahead with the real designer bag or not.

dupes vs counterfeits

Telfar dupe bag is nude

Counterfeits: Definition or meaning?

Counterfeits refer to imitation or replica products that are made to look like and trick consumers into believing they are genuine, often infringing on the intellectual property rights of the original brand. Counterfeit goods are typically of lower quality and are produced without permission or authorization from the brand owner.

Counterfeits are illegal everywhere in the world. However, these brands that produce counterfeits are still able to slip through the cracks and laws. They pretend to offer consumers a more cheaper option of the same brand. Also, the quality is often really bad.

Which should you choose, designer inspired vs counterfeits ? Dupes always as it doesn’t pose to be designer. Also, it gives you a luxury look for less.

Why do buyers prefer to dupes to designers?

We all know that designer brands are quite expensive. Yet there are designer pieces that are mid-range and cheaper than most. These brands offer quality designer pieces at an affordable price for most.

Brands like Longchamp, Marc Jacobs, Coach etc, offer luxury pieces for under $300. So, you can still save up and shop luxury designer pieces on a budget. Why do consumers choose dupes over designer pieces?

Designers are luxury and not a necessity. So, buyers who love designer brands will choose the dupes instead. This will give them the look and feel without spending the high price tags.

Also, accessibility to designer pieces is slim. There are very few brands that carry designer pieces. My favorite is Maison de fashion UK which carries some of my favorite designer brands like Burberry, Marc jacob, Lavin etc.

Due to this accessibility issue and the many counterfeits, many just opt for dupes instead. There are so many scam brands that will sell you counterfeits as the designer pieces to shoppers that can’t tell the difference.

Designer inspired vs counterfeits, which is better?

You all know that I detest counterfeits. So, I will always be on the side of Designer inspired or lookalike. If you need the designer look without the price tag, I highly recommend dupes.

However, I will also recommend you get the designer pieces too. This is because they last longer and retain their retail value.

If you’re new to designer shopping , I will recommend you start with mid range designer brands like I earlier mentioned. However, if you love Versace or Christian Dior, you can start with perfumes, small leather goods like Wallets or bag charms, and scarves.

Cute designer inspired pieces to buy right now.

Now that we have concluded that dupes are better. And even better supporting the designer brand themselves. I will be linking some of my favorite designer dupes for you

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These budget friendly dupes will instantly elevate your looks. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

What are your thoughts on designer inspired vs counterfeits? Are you a team dupes all the way or get the designer piece? Feel free to comment below. Ciao

Designer inspired vs counterfeits, Which is better?