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Travel to Africa

Who says it’s too early to prepare for the summer? African is one of the best places to enjoy summer asides the Europe or Asia. Here are the cheap African countries to enjoy luxury on a budget this summer.

There are so many fun things to do in Africa on your visit. Check this top 15 best outdoor activities to do in Africa. Africa has so many beautiful landscape and lovely beaches in Africa.

I’m one of those who loves to live in their heads, and I can already envision how my summer will be. For summer 2024, I would like to spend it in an exotic African country.

Yes, I know you might be giving me the side eye, thinking I have a lot of money. On the contrary, I would be going to my chosen country on a budget!

I’ve spent some time doing research on cheap and affordable African countries, and I’ve gotten a good list. Of course, you know that I do not like to hoard information. So, I’ll be sharing 10 cheap and exotic African countries to escape to this summer. Who knows, we may spend vacation at the same location!

Top Cheap African Countries to visit on a budget

We have done all the ground work for you. Here is a round up list of top cheap African countries to visit that are budget friendly yet with exotic feel.

Here’s a list of 10 affordable and exotic African countries that promise an unforgettable summer escape.


If you love a country that has a fine mix of history and beauty, Morocco should be your destination! Many people describe it as a gateway to ancient wonders.

Often, we tend to ignore Northern Africa when talking about African countries. However, Morocco stands as a gem in North Africa.

It is known for its vibrant markets, stunning architecture, and desert landscapes. Marrakech is the most bustling town in the country. But if you’re looking for a serene environment, you can choose to visit any of the beaches in Essaouira.

The culture of this country is so unique and outstanding. You are sure to have an enjoyable holiday in this country. And yes, accommodation and food options are also not as expensive as you might imagine.


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I’ve always fantasized about visiting Egypt, and this summer might just be the right time to take a trip there. One thing I love about this country is that it has many places for one to explore.

Typically, whenever anyone mentions Egypt, it isn’t surprising that people think about pyramids and the sphinx. While I would love to explore these places as well, I love that there are also other options like the Nile cruise. I also love that most of the cities in this country have something for tourists.

While in Egypt, you get to enjoy tourist sites and rich culture. It is a cheap and exotic option for African countries to explore this summer.

One of the cheap things to do in Egypt as a tourist is to enjoy the night life on a boat cruise on river Nile. You get to enjoy great options of delicacies while taking the views and being entertained.

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Anyone who knows me knows that I would always sneak Kenya into the list. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but Kenya holds a soft spot in my heart.

I love that the locals are friendly and homey. The country stands as a home away from home. If you love the Safari, you will enjoy your time in Kenya. The Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National Park offer incredible wildlife viewing opportunities at reasonable prices. Besides safaris, Kenya’s coast boasts beautiful, budget-friendly beach resorts in Africa like the Diani beach resort. I always look forward to visiting this country as they also have beautiful art and craft

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Of course, I can’t mention cheap and exotic African countries without mentioning Ghana. It is one of my favorite escape spots as I do not need to think much before taking a trip there. It is safe to say that Ghana is my backyard.

Ghana is known for its friendly locals, rich history, and diverse ecosystems. From the historic slave forts of Cape Coast to the bustling markets of Accra, Ghana is an affordable destination with a lot to offer.

You can’t go to Ghana without coming back with lots of souvenirs. Many say that they do not want to leave whenever they visit Ghana. Why not go and experience it for yourself?

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Did you know that Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world? I just chuckled while writing this as I remember I used to enjoy watching penguins of Madagascar.

Anytime I think of this country, it brings a smile to my face especially as I am a nature lover. I see Madagascar as a country where you discover something new almost every day. Its unique biodiversity, including lemurs and baobabs, is a must-see.

Despite being a bit more remote, Madagascar offers budget-friendly options, especially in terms of local guesthouses and food. Would I be spending my summer in Madagascar? Stay tuned to find out!

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Tanzania offers the perfect mix of beach and wildlife. The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater provide unparalleled safari experiences, while Zanzibar boasts pristine beaches and a rich Swahili culture.

Allow me to state that Zanazibar isn’t the only bubbling place in Tanzania. Unfortunately, it stays top of mind for many tourists. While in Tanzania, I urge that you make friends with the locals and explore all available options. You might think of relocating after spending time in this country.

As a plus, accommodation and food can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you choose local guesthouses and eateries.

Click here to book and have fun with thr turtles at Zanzibar


Many people do not know that Zambia is home to the Victoria Falls. Well, now you know! You must be thinking that it would be an expensive country due to this tour site. However, allow me to tell you that Zambia is a budget-friendly country.

Zambia is often overshadowed by its neighbor, Zimbabwe, but it’s equally stunning and more budget-friendly. The Victoria Falls are a must-see, and the country offers excellent walking safaris and river adventures at a fraction of the cost of other destinations.

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Senegal, in West Africa, is known for its French influence, vibrant music scene, and diverse landscapes. Dakar, the capital, is a bustling city with affordable markets, while the tranquil Île de Gorée offers a poignant glimpse into history.

I highly recommend going to the local markets and haggling with the sellers. It’s an unforgettable experience. You would often come back with a bag full of souvenirs when you visit Senegal.


Ethiopia stands as one of the cheap and exotic African countries to visit this summer. It is a land of ancient churches, diverse cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the tribes of the Omo Valley offer a glimpse into a truly unique heritage.

As a plus, accommodation and food are very affordable, especially in smaller towns and rural areas.


Namibia is known for its dramatic desert landscapes and wildlife. The Etosha National Park and the Namib Desert offer unforgettable experiences. With a range of camping and budget accommodation options, Namibia is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Which of these countries would you be visiting?

10 Cheap African countries to enjoy luxury on a budget this summer

 It is almost impossible to talk about top tourist destinations in Africa without mentioning safaris. The number of safari destination spots in Africa is so much that it’s easy to lose count. However, I have listed some of the best Safaris in Africa that are worth your time and money.

Have not planned a trip before? Check out my post on how to plan the best trip on a budget. Worried about how safe Africa is? Who doesn’t? with the rising insecurity, here are the safety tips you to know while exploring Africa, and yes it’s safe.

There was a time when I never used to pay attention to safari destinations in Africa. However, I began to realize that visiting a safari is one of the best ways to connect with nature in its true form. 

Nowadays, I’m always on the lookout for safari spots to visit whenever I’m in any African country. I used to think Safaris in Africa are in East or South Africa, boy was I so wrong? The Northern part of the Republic of Benin also has a Safari. This is the top of my bucket list of places to visit in Africa.

I’ve also noticed that it can be difficult making a choice from the numerous options of safari destinations to visit in Africa. It is also best to keep in mind that many of these places are not free to visit. Therefore, you would need to pay an entrance fee. 

This article would highlight some of the best safari destinations to visit in Africa when you’re on a budget. But first, let’s look at those things you need to have when going to a Safari.

Essential items to have when visiting a Safari

It could be that it’s your first time going to a Safari, or you may even be a regular. One thing about me is that I always like to be prepared when going anywhere. I’ve seen many of my friends complain about being uncomfortable when they visit a safari, and it is because they do not carry some essential items. 

Thus, some travel essential items to bring when visiting a safari in Africa are: 

1. Money

Let’s be realistic, most of these safaris require a gate fee before you can enter. Therefore, if you go there without money, it would be a waste of your time. Interestingly, the prices for non-locals are usually way higher. After all, the residents view the safari as one of their top tourist spots. 

It is always best to check and know the gate fee before going to any safari destination. 

2. Comfortable Clothing

As much as I love to be fashionable, I know that the safari isn’t a runaway. It isn’t a place to show off your latest clothing! 

Instead, you should wear comfortable travel clothes that let you move around freely. I would also advise that you wear clothes that cover your skin as the safari is a habitat for insects. It is also good to keep in mind that the atmosphere on a safari can be hot. So, you need to wear cool and neutral clothes. In addition, your shoes should also be comfortable and breathable. 

These may seem like little factors but they go a long way in ensuring you enjoy your safari visit. 

3. Water bottle 

A safari walk isn’t always the easiest, especially if you do not have a water bottle. Trust me, you would easily get dehydrated and it would weaken your energy level. If you want to get the best out of your safari trip, you must ensure that you never run out of water. Therefore, it is important to take along your water bottle. 

4. Sunscreen

I don’t know about you, but I always love to protect my skin! The fact that I’m visiting a safari does not mean that I should suffer sunburn.

It is why you would almost never see me go out without my sunscreen. It always wonders about the intensity of the sun on a safari. So, you need to have sunscreen to protect your skin! 

5. Binoculars and Camera

I would often say that you’re not a true tourist if you do not have a camera or binoculars! These things are part of the tourist starter pack!

A camera would help you capture images that you would hold dear for years to come. It could be pictures of the beautiful landscape or animals that you have never seen before. 

I remember seeing pictures my friend took when she visited a safari. These pictures prompted my decision to make my first safari trip. 

You also need to have binoculars as it helps you get a closer and better view of certain things. For example, you can get an upfront view of an animal that is far away. Sometimes, the tour guide might point out an animal in the distance, and it could be that it isn’t the right time to get close to that animal. In such a case, your binoculars would come in handy. 

You can get budget-friendly binoculars on Ali-express for a safari trip. I have linked it below.

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Best Safaris in Africa

In no particular order, here are the 10 best safari destinations in Africa: 

  1. Chobe National Park (Botswana) 

There are many features about this park that makes it stand out as one of the best safari destinations in Africa. One of its unique features is the fact that there are campsites and lodges in the park. Therefore, you do not need to worry about rushing your activities whenever you visit this place as you can stay there as long as you wish. The best part about it is that these accommodation facilities are budget-friendly! 

I also love the fact that you do not necessarily need to book a tour guide at this place as it is possible to do a self-drive. Hence, it saves you costs. Everything about this place is poised at making you enjoy your visit even if you’re on a budget. 

click here to book a 3-hour tour at Chobe park

  1. Maasai Mara (Kenya) 

If you wake me up from sleep and ask me about countries in Africa for a safari visit, Kenya would surely be at the tip of my tongue to mention. Kenya has one of the best Safaris in Africa you need to visit. Visiting this country lets you appreciate nature in its true form, and I also love how the locals are passionate about sustaining nature; this safari destination is a statement of this fact. 

This place is home to many animals, including cheetahs. You cannot imagine how excited I was to see a cheetah in real life when I first visited this place. I also loved that their accommodation facilities catered to all budgets. 

Click here to book a 3-day tour

  1. Etosha National Park (Namibia) 

From research, I’ve noticed that booking a tour guide is one thing that takes a lot of money when visiting a safari destination. So, it is exciting to find a self-drive safari destination as you would be cutting costs and enjoying yourself even while sticking to your budget. Thankfully, this is one of the self-drive safaris in Africa. 

Yes, you can find different species of wildlife in this place. 

  1. Kruger National Park (South Africa) 

South Africa also has a good reputation when it concerns the best safaris in Africa. This place is the largest national park in South Africa and one of the oldest in Africa. It is home to a good variety of wildlife including the ‘Big Five.’ 

No matter the size of your pocket, there is an accommodation facility for you if you desire. Also, read my post on other exciting things to do in South Africa on a budget.

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  1. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) 

The locals of this place would say that the best time to visit is between June and September when there is the wildest migration. It is home to several animals, and you shouldn’t forget to take your camera when visiting this place as there is a lot to capture. 

Yes, they have budget-friendly accommodation options. 

  1. Tarangire National Park (Tanzania) 

This place is popular for its large elephant population and baobab trees. The atmosphere is so calm and peaceful that you may not feel like leaving. 

If you wish to stay for some time, you would see budget-friendly accommodation options. 

Click here to book a 4-day tour at Arusha Serengeti national park

  1. Lake Manyara National Park (Tanzania) 

Have you ever seen a flamingo before? I’m sure you would be as giddy and excited as I was when you see one. So, make sure you have this park on your list of safari destinations to visit in Africa. 

The campsites and lodges at this place are also super affordable. 

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (Uganda) 

This place is on my bucket list of places to visit as it is home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas. I’ve never seen one before, and can’t wait to have such an experience. 

There are no accommodation options within the forest. However, you can find budget-friendly places to stay in the town. 

  1. South Luangwa National Park (Zambia) 

From the gate fee to the accommodation options, everything about this place is fair. You do not need to worry about breaking the bank to visit this safari destination. 

One of the top highlights of this place is that it is home to many leopards. 

  1. Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe) 

If you’re ever in Zimbabwe and looking to visit a safari destination, this is your best bet as it is the largest game reserve in the region. It also has a large variety of wildlife and affordable accommodation options.

I hope you find this roundup list of the best safaris in Africa to visit. Feel free to comment on which of the best Safaris in Africa is on your bucket list and those you’ve already visited. ciao

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10 Best Safaris in Africa to Visit on a Budget

Have you been thinking of where to visit for your next trip? Probably, you’re already making plans with your friends on the trip for the summer. Never knew the importance of getting travel insurance until I had a bad experience.

Have you ever lost your luggage in transit? Also, have you been a victim of theft? Travel insurance’s importance cannot be overemphasized. Stop ditching travel insurance as you plan your trip. You never know, life has so many uncertainties.

This has been the situation between me and my friends for some weeks now. The talk of getting travel insurance keeps coming up as we make plans for the trip and I’ve been singing its importance in their ears. 

Understandably, the concept of travel insurance doesn’t have so much rave in our home country. However, it is really important to always think of getting travel insurance while planning your trip

Why do you need travel insurance?

Wondering why you need travel insurance? Here are some reasons:


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Lost bags

Have you ever been in a situation where an airline lost your bags? While I’ve never had this experience, I’m been in many situations where the airline forgot my bags or took the bags to another location. 

You can imagine how frustrated I must have felt in such situations. One minute, I’m excited about my trip, the next minute I can’t find my bags and everything goes south. I am stranded and begin to spend extra money on clothing and other essentials that were in my bag. 

I was a victim of this situation twice before I learned about getting travel insurance. With travel insurance, you do not need to feel so much loss when your bags are lost or forgotten. This insurance will cover the amount you need to spend on getting new essentials and would also cover the loss you’ve incurred from the lost, forgotten, or misplaced bags. 

Of course, no one hopes for airlines to misplace or forget their bags. However, these are some unforeseen circumstances that could happen when traveling. Hence, you need to have travel insurance. 

Need to get travel insurance? I highly recommend EKTA travel insurance for all your travels both local and international.

EKTA insurances offer 24/7 multilingual customer services. Also, you can easily book it online. Your travel insurance will be delivered to you in minutes. Very swift and seamless. Below are other reasons to get EKTA insurance.

  • Works all over the World
  • Insurance covers COVID -19
  • Client support 24/7
  • No hidden clauses in the contract
  • 10 years of experience in the insurance industry
  • No hidden restrictions on medical services

Flight delays

If I’m to do a headcount, I’m sure you know someone who has been a victim of flight delays, or you may have even been a victim. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had my flights delayed and how I’ve had to spend long hours at the airport, especially when it concerns local flights.

I’ve also had people talk about flight delays with international travel. One of my friends was excited to share how her travel insurance came in handy the day she had a flight delay. For her, her insurance covered the amount she spent on food while she had to wait for her flight. 

These flight delays may also lead to you missing a connecting flight. In such a case, travel insurance would also come in handy as you it gets to cover all new expenses that you would incur. 

Trust me, you’ll be in a sour mood if you have to go through such an experience without travel insurance. 

Medical emergencies

It was interesting to know that travel insurance can also cover medical emergencies while in a new country. Whenever I travel, I’m also praying not to have any reason to visit the hospital or have a medical emergency. Being that I’m in a new city, the environment is unfamiliar, and I know that I would spend more on medicals. 

I remember when one of my friends traveled and fainted while on a tour. She had taken something that didn’t sit well with her body system and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, she had travel insurance and it covered her medical bills. 

When I saw the amount she had to pay, I was thankful she had travel insurance as it would have taken a hit on her bank account at the moment. Medical emergencies can spring out from the blues. Therefore, you need to be prepared to combat it if it happens. 

Hotel extension

It’s easy to say that you’ve planned your trips; you’re leaving on a specific date and you’re sure to be back on a certain date. But from experience, I can tell you that situations can arise that would need you to extend your hotel stay. 

It could be that you’re feeling unwell and a medical expert has said you shouldn’t move when you intend to travel. You’re advised to rest for some days before you embark on your journey. Of course, you would need to extend your hotel stay. 

Another reason could be that your flight was delayed or canceled and you need a place to sleep pending when your flight would move or the issue would be sorted. So, you need to extend your hotel stay. 

These are unplanned scenarios and you did not fit them into your travel budget. You would start panicking if you do not have travel insurance. But those with travel insurance would be more relaxed as they know that they are covered. 

To get the best deals on hotels for your travel, book it on

Flight cancellation

Flight cancellations are more common than you can imagine with thoughtful reasons. Often, a flight gets canceled due to weather conditions. When the airline sees that the weather isn’t friendly, they will cancel the flight instead of risking the lives of passengers. In such a case, we can all agree that the right thing to do was to cancel the flight. 

However, it doesn’t mean that the passengers wouldn’t be negatively affected in one way or the other. When your flight is canceled, you’ll need to look for where to stay, buy food, moving personal itinerary, etc. Your pocket would have to pay for all these if you do not have travel insurance. 

Some airlines may be nice enough to do something on their part. However, it would be best to have flight insurance that bears most of the burden or you wouldn’t like the receiving end. 

I highly recommend booking your flight with You can competitive flight deals on Also, how get the cheapest flight tickets for your travels?

Passport loss

The trauma that comes with losing your passport is one that can be so draining. It is even worse when you lose your passport in a foreign country. When this happens, you will encounter delays and it can put a huge dent in your pockets. 

Now, if you have travel insurance, it can assist you with the cost of getting a new passport. This way, you do not need to deal with the stress and trauma of getting a new passport from your pocket in a foreign country. 

For your peace of mind, you need to have travel insurance while planning your trip. 

Always Ditching Travel insurance? These 5 reasons will convince you otherwise

With summer fast approaching, many people are already planning their vacations, and you may be one of them. Check these best tips on how to plan your trip on a budget, if you love budget travel. Here are some of my favorite tropical vacation outfits, I highly recommend packing for your trip to Africa.

If you ask me, I would say I haven’t settled on where I would be spending my summer. But a tropical African vacation trip doesn’t sound like a bad idea. 

I can already imagine myself on a beach, soaking up the goodness of the sun while drinking a chilled but sweet local drink. I can also imagine the sun dancing over my skin and the extra glow it adds that would make my pictures look peng. 

The warmness plus humidity of the tropical season is something to experience, especially in Africa. If this sounds like something you would want to do, then stick around with this article!

While I’m not here to suggest places for a tropical vacation to Africa, I’ll share outfit ideas that you should pack for such a trip. These are clothes that I would wear as they suit the weather condition and add up to give you the right experience. 

Tropical vacation outfits

In no particular order, some outfit ideas for a tropical vacation to Africa are:

Below I will be linking my favorites from Zaful. I highly recommend this brand for travel clothes for women. Whether you’re traveling to Africa or going on summer vacation.

The two-piece set above is from Zaful. This was my birthday outfit for last year. I love the item I shopped from Zaful from outfits to bikini sets. Don’t sleep on items from Zaful while shopping for tropical vacation outfits.


I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a jumpsuit, especially as you can have them in different styles. You may choose to go with a puff-sleeved or sleeveless jumpsuit, depending on how you’re feeling. You can even decide to have detachable hands so that it looks different anytime you wear it. 

Although a jumpsuit is sure to cover you up, it gives space for air to get to your body. The material of the jumpsuit is also important. I would recommend going for cotton or silk materials as they do not absorb heat. 

You can also rock your jumpsuit with almost any football, depending on your activity for the day.  

Click here to buy it.

Woven shirt and skirt

Have you ever stayed and found yourself deeply staring at someone for no reason? It may be because of their outfit as you admire it so much and wish to get something similar. I once found myself in such a situation when I saw someone with a stylish woven shirt and skirt. 

I’m typically not a huge fan of skirts. However, everything about the outfit was giving, and I soon found myself on the lookout for woven shirts and skirts. 

The woven material always sits well on my skin during tropical vacations and also leaves me looking like a cool supermodel. I wouldn’t trade this look for anything.

Trouser and top

Sometimes, your mood may just want to go with something simple. It is why I always recommend that ladies should pack lots of simple tops when going on a tropical vacation. Remember, it is a vacation and not a presentation. So, do away with your shirts and all those serious-looking tops. 

Instead, go casual and pack some round-neck tops in your traveling box. I also know that you have some favorite jeans that are sure to enter the box. Therefore, you can easily throw on a top and trousers and be on your way. 

These tops are easy to wear and would not leave you feeling uncomfortable under the weather. For a tropical vacation to Africa, I highly recommend a pair of leggings. Leggings are super comfortable. So, I always add a pair of leggings as one of my best tropical vacation outfits.

I love to style leggings for a vacation to the tropics with a graphic t-shirt or plain white t-shirt. Another favorite way I love to wear my leggings is with light knit tops. This is because the tropic is typically warm, so you need to pack more warm clothing while packing for a trip to Africa.

Click here to buy it


A playsuit is one outfit that should be amongst the first to enter your traveling bag when packing for a tropical vacation to Africa. It doesn’t cover up all your legs and gives room for flexibility. Playsuit is one of my best tropical vacation outfits to pack while exploring Africa.

There are many cool materials you can target when you want to sew or buy a playsuit. You can go for silk or crepe materials. 

I love how effortless it is to rock a playsuit and how you can use this outfit for almost any activity. I doubt there is any lady who wouldn’t have a playsuit. But if you don’t, it’s time to get one, now!

Click here to buy it

Beach gown

I’m sure this is amongst the first tropical vacation outfits that come to mind when you’re packing for a tropical vacation, especially when you plan to spend most of your time on the beach. So, it is only fitting that I have it on my list of outfit ideas for a tropical vacation to Africa. 

Simplicity is one of the numerous things that I love about wearing beach gowns. You would always see me twirling when I wear a beach gown and I love how it gives a feminine aura. 

Ensure that you take cute shots for memories when you rock your beach gown. 

Strapless gown

Talking about gowns, I cannot fail to mention strapless gowns. These come as special mentions, especially as I would want to consider the weather when on a tropical vacation. 

Understandably, not everyone may be comfortable wearing a strapless gown. But if you do not mind, then you shouldn’t hesitate to add it to your things when packing. 

These gowns are breezy and give you ease as you embark on the various activities you might have planned out for the trip. Now, all you need to do is to ensure that you have fun while rocking your strapless gowns and wear the biggest smile!

Click here to buy it

Wrap skirts and crop tops

I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself rocking a wrap skirt and crop top. I can see a smile slowly creeping onto your face. Of course, I know that you love the idea of such an outfit! Its simplicity is one of the reasons why I would recommend it as an outfit idea for a tropical vacation. 

With a crop top, you know that you aren’t ‘covering’ your upper body. Therefore, you are sure that your outfit is suitable for the weather. The wrap skirt makes your crop top pop more and gives you a certain level of finesse. So, I cannot do without packing a wrap skirt and crop top as part of my tropical vacation outfits.

Click here to buy it

Shorts and tops

Vacations give you the best opportunity to unwind, and you do not need to struggle with clothing during such occasions. Therefore, I recommend that you rock shorts and tops during your tropical vacation in Africa. 

These are easy and breathable outfits that make you comfortable in the humidity. Of course, you wouldn’t want a case where you’re uncomfortable because of what you’re wearing as that can eventually ruin your mood for the rest of the trip. 

You have the opportunity to pack different types of shorts, depending on your preference. What matters is that you’re comfortable when you rock them. 

I can’t wait for you to share stories of your experience during your tropical vacation to Africa! I’ll be here waiting to hear them!

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Feel free to comment on other cute tropical vacation outfits you love to pack for a trip to Africa. Don’t forget to share our content to reach more readers. Ciao.

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3. Opt for hotel alternatives by booking your stay in a hostel using hostel world

4. Don’t be stranded in a new city without internet, sign up for Airalo

5. You need insurance for your travel, book it on EKTA

6. Traveling solo? don’t worry, book fun activities in Africa with GetYourGuide.

Tropical vacation outfits perfect for a trip to Africa

Are you looking for the best things to do in Africa? Africa has so much to offer like some fun outdoor activities you can do.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m loud about my love for Africa. One might think it’s because I’m African, but it goes beyond that fact. One of the reasons why Africa is dear to me is because I know that the continent has a lot to offer. 

If you set out to explore the different activities and things to do in Africa, it may take you years. I even doubt anyone can fully explore all that Africa has to offer. 

Come with me, let me tell you some of the things to do in Africa. Some of these activities I have done, and others I am yet to tick off my bucket list. Also, check out the most beautiful places in Africa to explore on a budget.

Amongst the numerous things to do in Africa, some of them are: 

1. See a waterfall

I tried to count the number of waterfalls in Africa and I lost track at a point. I am tempted to say that you can find a waterfall in any African country. Only in Nigeria, we have more than 10 waterfalls in Nigeria scattered all over the country.

Some of them I have visited like the Erin Ijesha waterfall, almost visited Owu waterfall in Kwara state, etc. There are so many other waters in Nigeria that are still on top of my bucket list. Imagine how many we have in Africa?

A waterfall is one of your best options if you’re looking for a relaxing activity to do in Africa. I’d recommend visiting Victoria Falls in Zambia. It is the largest waterfall in Africa and a sight to behold!

Marrakech Waterfall

2. Climb to the peak of a mountain 

Have you ever experienced the views of a place from the top of a mountain? If you have not, you need to as it is a surreal experience. 

Anytime I visit a new country, I always try to climb to the peak of their highest point and get the best views. 

3. Go horse riding

I remember the first time I engaged in horse riding and the horse threw me to the ground, but that’s a story for another day. I’ve always found horse riding to be thrilling as it brings a certain rush. My first experience of Horse riding was at Suntan Beach, Badagry. Horse riding is one of the best things to do in Africa.

You are sure to have fun when you engage in this activity, and it is one of the best things to do in Africa. You can always see horses on most of the beaches in Africa. 

4. Explore the safari

If you’re a lover of wildlife, you’ve gotten an activity to do while in Africa. Although this would not be on the top of my list, I know you would have a swell time exploring the safari and seeing different animals.

The best part of it is that you get to see animals that are peculiar to the African region. Safaris are very common in Africa. So, if you’re looking for fun outdoor activities to do in Africa, add Safaris to your list.

5. Go skydiving

Here’s an activity for the daring ones! If you like to live life on the edge and feel the adrenaline rush, you should go skydiving in Africa. 

It is one for the memory books and I’m sure you’d be ticking something off your bucket list. South Africa, Morocco, and Mauritius are African countries to visit if you want to go skydiving.

6. Visit the river, Nile

The river Nile holds so much history to it and is one of the places you should see in Africa. It stands as the longest river in Africa as it spans over 10 countries. 

You should take a camera along so you have picture memories for yourself and also to show people that you’ve visited this historic site.

7. Try local delicacies

Need I say more about this? Every African country has its unique delicacies! When visiting Africa, trying out various local delicacies should be on your list of things to do in Africa. 

Some people say that they don’t feel like leaving after trying the various local meals and drinks. If this happens to you as well, I wouldn’t be surprised.

8. Attend a festival

One of the best ways of integrating with the locals in any African town or community is by attending their local festivals. I’m always in awe at the activities that happen at these ceremonies and the fun level is always at its highest. 

Festivals like the New Yam Festival and Argungu Fishing Festival in Nigeria, Mombasa Carnival in Kenya, and Maitisong Festival in Botswana are a few of the many festivals you shouldn’t miss in Africa. 

9. Haggle prices at a local market

Even if you do not do much when you visit an African country, this is something you must do! The best part is that you would always see a local market. 

So, have fun by going into these markets and haggling prices with the vendors. You would even make friends in the process. 

10. Visit the pyramids

I know that the Pyramids of Giza come to mind as you’re reading this option. After all, Egypt has a reputation for Pyramids. In addition, the Nubian Pyramids in Sudan are also worth exploring. 

You never know, you might find something historic or magical when you visit these pyramids. Ensure that it is on your checklist of things to do in Africa on your visit. 

11. Walk with the lions

At a point in my life, I never knew that walking with lions was a leisurely activity. So, you can imagine my surprise, fear, and anticipation when I heard about it. 

During my stay in Senegal, I was able to tick this activity off my bucket list! Was I scared? Yes. Did I do it? Yes. 

You can walk with the lions in Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. If I can do it, you can too!

12. Go wine tasting

It was fascinating to find out that people think there are no wine farms in Africa. What do you even mean? I found it laughable as South Africa alone has a good number of them. This is a great activity to engage in if you need things to do in South Africa.

Wine tasting is one of the things to do in Africa on your visit. Come and taste the goodness in African wines!

13. Go gorilla trekking

Although I haven’t done it, Gorilla trekking is among the best things to do in Africa. It shouldn’t be surprising that such activity exists. After all, it only makes sense as there is walking with the lions. 

You can go Gorilla trekking whenever you are in Rwanda. I’d be eagerly waiting to hear stories of your experience. 

14. Spend time at the spice island

Many things might come to mind when you hear of spice island. In Africa, Zanzibar is commonly known as the spice island. Aside from tourism, it is also popular for its spices. 

Zanzibar is one of the best places to stay when you’re in Africa as it has lots of touristy things to do. Yes, Tanzania is calling your name and you won’t regret it.  

15. Walk with Rhinos

I know you’d say that I’m here with another activity that centers around animals. But can you blame me? The thrill that comes with this activity is almost next to none. 

One of my favorite things about walking with rhinos is that you get to encounter endangered species that you can only find in Africa. You should visit Kenya and Zambia to engage in this activity. 

16. Play with penguins

Did you know that you can lose track of time when playing with penguins? It is such a relaxing thing to do. You get to zone out on other things happening and have your focus on the penguins. 

Yes, you can randomly see penguins on various beaches. But, you should visit Penguin Beach in South Africa. 

17. Visit Chefchaouen

Have you heard of Africa’s blue city? You can find this place in Morocco. It stands out as all the buildings in the city are blue!

It is one of the cities on my list of places to visit in Africa, and I always get giddy at the thought of spending time there. You should visit it, experience the place, and get to know why everything is blue. 

18.  See the pink lake

Pink isn’t the first color that would come to mind when you think of a lake. So, the pink lake in Senegal would be a sight to behold. Interestingly, people can even swim in it! Wouldn’t you want to experience this? 

You can bet that I wouldn’t stop talking about it when I engage in this activity. 

19. Go kayaking 

I love that you cannot be bored when you visit beaches and resorts in Africa. If there is a waterbody, you can be sure to see people who love Kayak. One of the best places to enjoy kayaking in Africa is La campagne Tropicana Beach in Lagos Nigeria.

The water is very beautiful and this activity is quite fun and relaxing.

It was during one of my trips that I learned how to Kayak and it was more fun than I imagined. You should do it too. 

20.  Go snorkeling

When I hear stories from friends about snorkeling, I can tell that it is an exciting activity. Although water activities are not always on the top of my list, I may be trying this activity one day. 

If you’re in Egypt, you shouldn’t be bored or complain about not knowing what to do. The country gives one of the best snorkeling experiences in Africa. 

21. Visit the seal colony in Namibia

You will be held by a high sense of fascination when you visit the seal colony. Here, you get to see how seals interact with each other, and just observe. 

This activity is one of the best things to do in Africa. However, keep in mind that visiting this place isn’t free as you would pay a fee. 

22. Explore the nightlife

It should be unthinkable to visit Africa without exploring its nightlife. When you step into an African club, you will be captivated by the high energy. The energy at these places has the power to keep you dancing from the beginning to the end. 

Shoutout to all African clubs, but special recognition to Nigerian and South African clubs. These clubs deliver the right mix of Afrobeat and amapiano. 

23. Go camping

You can go the extra mile in exploring Africa by staying outdoors for some days. The camping experience is usually enjoyable, especially when done in a group. 

It is something you should be on the lookout for in any African country as the locals may be organizing one during your visit. It is also a perfect way of bonding with the locals and making friends. 

24. Visit the beach

Visiting an African beach gives you a dive into African culture in a way that you get to see traditional items sold there. For example, the materials and jewelry you can find on these beaches have a touch of African in them. In no time, these artifacts would become sentimental to you. 

25. See the red sea

I’m sure you must have heard of this place. Well, this is your opportunity to check it out during your African visit. The red sea lies between Africa and Asia. The historic nature of this place and the scuba diving experience always attract tourists to it.

Orange Bar Island, Red Sea

26. Hike it out

It may seem like I always like to praise Africa. But this continent doesn’t lack activities to do. A fact to this would be the hiking trails you can find across various African countries. 

If you love to hike, find a hiking trail near you and hike it out. Trust me, you would enjoy the experience. Hiking is one of the best things to do in Africa. My first experience hiking was in Olumo Rock Abeokuta. This place is a fun place to visit. However, I have so much phobia of heights so I am always tensed whenever I hike mountains and rocks.

27. Bond with nature

One of the best things to do in Africa would be to bond with nature by visiting gardens and flower parks. Here, you get to see different flowers that you might have never seen before. You also get in-depth information on the various flowers, and even see the ones unique to Africa. 

This activity is one of the best as it is sure to leave a smile on your face

28. Tick Mount Kilimanjaro off your list

Wouldn’t you want to climb the tallest mountain in Africa? Visiting Africa and engaging in activities shouldn’t just be for doing sake. You should do things that are symbolic, and of them would be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 

It comes with bragging rights as not everyone can say they have accomplished this feat.

29.  See an active volcano

Interestingly, there are some active volcanoes in Africa in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see one. 

Now, note that I’m saying SEE. Whenever you decide to engage in this activity, ensure that you are in the company of a tour guide or local of that region. It’s an essential safety procedure.

30. Travel with an open mind and have fun

Africa is waiting for you. Come, explore, and have the best moments of your life! 

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  1. Opt for affordable travel tours in Africa, Book it on GetYourGuide
  2. Earn cashback and book cheap flight tickets: Sign up on WayAway.
  3. Search for the best flight deals: Book it on

4. Book a hostel for your stay in South Africa on Hostelworld.

5. Book your travel insurance for health and emergencies on Insubuy.

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7. For ease of moving around book your airport transfers from GetTransfers.

8. Shop my Amazon store front for my top travel essentials:

30 Best Things To Do in Africa on your visit

Are you planning a trip to South Africa soon? What are the best things to do in South Africa all season? Here I will give an insight into the things to do in South Africa that are budget-friendly and perfect for all seasons.

I remember going to South Africa and instantly falling in love with the people and their culture. Being in South Africa made me appreciate a lot of things, and I already knew that I would want to pay a return visit to the country. South Africa just like most places in Africa is really beautiful. There is so much to learn about their culture, people, and their foods.

Johannesburg is one of the urban cities in South Africa you need to explore. It has this burst of city energy and fun you’d love. You can check out these fun things to do in Johannesburg South Africa.

It was as if there was an endless list of activities to do in South Africa. Every day, you’d see me giving my friends updates on things I was up to. Soon, many of them were already planning their trips to South Africa. 

Below are some exciting things to do in South Africa.

1. Visit South Africa

It isn’t about what to do when you visit South Africa as you cannot do anything if you’re not in the country yet. So, this is your cue to add South Africa to your travel list. Dust your passport, pack your bags, and get all your travel essentials ready! 

I can assure you that South Africa has its arms open and is ready to welcome you. It’s the beginning step of an exciting experience. You can also check out my post on what to pack for a trip to Africa.

2. Learn the language

I’m not saying that I expect you to fully know how to speak and understand Zulu or Xhosa after your trip to South Africa. However, you should be able to say some of their lingoes. It helps you in getting along with the locals perfectly. 

Before my trip to South Africa, I indulged heavily in South African trends on Twitter. Soon, I was able to pick up on some of their slang words like ‘Haibo,’ which is still my favorite today. You’d randomly see me using it when exclaiming. 

Knowing bits of their language helped me feel like one of them while in the country. Plus, I highly recommend google translate as one of the best travel apps you need.

3. Explore Cape Town

You’d probably be landing in Cape Town when you get to South Africa. I don’t know if that would be your end destination while there or if you’d move to another city. However, ensure that you explore Cape Town before you leave. 

Cape Town has a lot to offer to tourists, and you’d be happy if you explore the town. I love the carefree nature that came with being there and watching the mannerisms of the people was quite fascinating. 

4. Visit an Island

Did you know that there are islands to explore in South Africa? 

I got to South Africa with an open mindset, ready to explore everything the country has to offer. But never did I imagine that the country has interesting islands to explore. 

Robben Island is one of the islands you must visit when you get to South Africa. The air of mystery surrounding this place got me very much excited. I got to know that the island housed Nelson Mandela for most of his imprisonment years. 

A lot of historical stories are attached to this island and you’d love to get to know them.

5. Go ziplining

If you’d love to engage in ziplining in South Africa, Ceres is the city to visit. I’d be lying to you if I say that I engaged in this activity as I chickened out at the dying minute. I would most likely do it on my next trip to South Africa. Although this activity is not my cup of tea yet, it is one of the best things to do in South Africa.

However, it was fascinating watching people zipline across the Koekedouw River and Skurweberg Mountain. I can assure you that it’s a safe experience as there are lots of guides there to help you.

6. Visit a national park

South Africa has lots of national parks where you get to see animals, look at intriguing flowers, appreciate nature, relax, meet new people, etc. The list of things to do at a national park are endless.

I wouldn’t want to recommend any specific national park as you should visit the one closest to where you are staying in the country. But, be assured that you would have a swell experience at any of the national parks you pick. Visiting a national park is one of the top things to do in South Africa.

7. Visit a museum

One thing about me is that I always love to learn about new things, including history. Once I get to a new country, I’m on the lookout for their museum so I get to know more about the regions and get tips on how to have the best experience. 

The museums in South Africa are one of the best I have visited as the experience wasn’t underwhelming. The tour guides were also super helpful. 

8. Explore Cango Caves

If you’re looking for something edgy to do in South Africa, then you should explore Cango Caves. I can’t exactly say that I’m an edgy person, but this experience was worth it. I highly recommend this activity as one of the fun things to do in South Africa for adventurers.

At this place, there is the standard tour and adventure tour. I’m not going to give spoilers, but I can tell you that I did both tours and loved them. Exploring the Cango Caves is one experience that stays green in my memory and I recommend it to anyone visiting South Africa.

9. Go shark cage diving

Prior to my South African trip, I never knew that there was an activity like shark cage diving. So, imagine my surprise when my tour guide recommended this activity. Although I was a little bit scared, I decided to indulge in it. 

Being close to a shark? That was my first experience! For this activity, you are in a cage, and sharks come to ‘check you out.’ The thrill that came with engaging in this activity was so surreal. My friends were shocked when they saw my snaps.

10. See Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

Some people would say that this is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. I wouldn’t comment on it yet until you’ve taken a trip to SA and explored this place. 

But you can be sure that my camera enjoyed lots of views at this reserve. The waterfalls at this place were my top highlights as they were a sight for the eyes. The reserve also had a calm and relaxing aura. 

11. Have fun on the beach

It shouldn’t be heard that you visit South Africa without having fun on the beach. Who does that? Beaches are one of my favorite places to visit on any trip. So, I can’t do without time at the beach on my visit. A beach visit should be top of the fun things to do in South Africa on your visit.

Need options of what to wear to the beach, check out this post. There I have some fun beach outfits you need to enjoy your holiday.

The country has a good number of beaches. All you need to do is to pick your preference and have the time of your life. It is easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun on an SA beach. 

I got to meet and make lots of new friends and I would say that the experience was worth it. Although these beaches can be busy, you can also find quiet spots to relax. 

12. Go to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

This was my go-to location for food and entertainment while in South Africa. I don’t know your ideal definition of fine dining. However, mine is having the best meals in a restaurant that overlooks the waterfront, which is what I get at this place. 

This place is home to many restaurants and even has cinemas as well. I dedicated a full day to eating at the restaurants, seeing movies at the cinema, and just feeding my eyes with the views at this place. 

13. Explore Table Mountain

Have you heard of table mountain? 

Hiking or climbing to the peak might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a mountain. Trust me; it is also what I think. 

However, table mountain was a delightful surprise as it is a place that has many unique plants. I saw so many beautiful flowers that I have never seen before. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and making videos. 

It was such a refreshing experience visiting this place as it’s something different from other things to do in South Africa. 

Table Mountain view from a cable car

14. Eat from a local restaurant

I know I talked about fine dining earlier. But let’s deviate a bit and explore local restaurants. You get some of the best local meals for fair prices at these local restaurants. I love trying out the local delicacies. One of the fun things to do in South Africa is to eat at a local restaurant. To enjoy this, make friends with the locals for the best food recommendations.

If you want to immerse yourself in the local South African cuisines, you should eat from a local restaurant. I loved the variety in terms of food and drinks. The servers at these places are also warm and help with recommendations for you to have the best experience. 

15. Go wine tasting

Toward the end of my SA trip, someone took me to the Cape Winelands. I didn’t have high expectations when visiting this place as I had never been to a Wineland before. However, I can tell you that I enjoyed the time I spent there. 

I got to taste fresh wines and know more about their composition. I also got to feed my eyes with the beautiful scenery at this place. If you have the opportunity, ensure that you visit this place when in South Africa. 

16. Attend the Zulu festival 

I had always heard about the Zulu festivals before arriving in South Africa. So, you can imagine my joy and excitement when I got to know that I visited the country at the perfect time as the festival happened while I was there. 

From the people to the music, to the dances, traditional activities, etc, everything was on point. I was delighted to be in their midst, and it ranks as one of the best things I have experienced in my life. 

17. Go motorbiking

Motorbiking is another thing you can do while in South Africa as they have dedicated tracks for this activity. I love the badass way I looked when I was kitted up for this activity. 

Now, don’t ask me how it went as it was my first time engaging in it. However, I can assure you that you would have an enjoyable experience if it is something you would like to do.

18. Indulge in tandem paragliding

As much as I love to be adventurous, this was another activity I had cold feet about doing in South Africa. Not to say that there is anything wrong with doing it. But I had not put myself in that mind frame yet. It is on my list of things to do in South Africa during my next visit. 

My friends who engaged in it have nothing but the best words to describe their experience. Now, I regret not engaging in it then.

19. Go for a boat cruise

You can also go on a boat cruise while in South Africa. Luckily for me, my tour guide was organizing a group boat cruise then, and I was more than happy to be a part of it. Boat Cruise is one of the best things to do in South Africa.

The experience was fun as we had food, drinks, music, etc. Going for this boat cruise was one of my best ways to unwind and savor my vacation experience

20. Visit the Lion park

his place is as the name implies. You can say that it is a zoo dedicated to lions. Was I scared to visit it? Yes. Did I visit it? Yes. 

Life is about doing new things, and you can be sure that I want to make the most out of life. I wouldn’t say much until you come back to tell me about your experience at this park. 

21.  Bungee jump at Bloukran Bridge

Another of the exciting things to do in South Africa is Bungee Jumping. Many people have reservations about this activity as they want to be sure of their safety before engaging in it. I didn’t have the time to do it while in South Africa, but I’ve heard only positive reviews from people’s experiences. 

If you love a good adrenaline rush, this is the activity to do in South Africa. 

22. Party at a South African club

Trust me when I say that South Africans have energy for days. These people know how to party and you just can’t resist the amapiano beats! 

From the moment I stepped into the club to when I left, I was on my feet dancing! You can be sure that I’m readily available the next time someone invites me to a South African club. 

It was a swell experience that I would recommend to anyone. 

23. Shop at the local markets

I love South African clothes so much and couldn’t wait to get them at the local market. When I got to the local markets, my mouth was in awe at what they had to offer. I had to exercise lots of self-control to curb my shopping as I didn’t want to finish all my money. 

There is always something to get your attention at a South African market, and it is also a delightful experience conversing with the sellers and haggling about prices.

24. Learn how to make a South African Jewelry

I got one of my South African friends to teach me how to make their local jewelry like beads and earrings before I left the country. Although I didn’t finish learning it, I was enjoying the process. This is one of the fun things to do in South Africa on a budget.

It’s something I must complete learning on my next trip as I cannot wait to make and rock them!

25. Make memories

It isn’t about doing things in South Africa but making sure that you make memories out of them. These memories would remain in you and make the country dear to your heart!

Travel resources you need to travel to South Africa

  1. Book fun activities in South Africa on GetYourGuide. Some activities sell out really fast. So, book your spot now.
  2. Earn cashback and book cheap flight tickets: Sign up on WayAway.
  3. Search for the best flight deals: Book it on

4. Book a hostel for your stay in South Africa on Hostelworld.

5. Book your travel insurance for health and emergencies on Insubuy.

6. For Budget-friendly hotels for your trip to South Africa, book it on Trivago.

7. For ease of moving around book your airport transfers from GetTransfers.

25 Exciting Things To Do in South Africa on a Budget

Hey guys, come with me as I take you on a mental trip to different parts of Africa! Do you need help planning your trip to Africa? How much should I budget for a trip to Africa? Here is all you need to know to plan a trip to Africa on a budget.

Many people wonder how I can often travel to various countries on a trip. I can tell you for free that I just don’t wake up and plan a trip. It takes weeks and even months of planning and preparations. 

In today’s piece, I want to give you tips on planning a trip to Africa on a budget. It could be any African country or city of your choice. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Africa irrespective of your budget. However, you need to plan your trip to enjoy the most out of your visit to Africa.

You can have so much fun in Africa with a lot of outdoor activities and hangout spots to see. I’m sure that wherever you choose will give you a fantastic experience. 

Now, let’s get into it…

Why you should plan a trip to Africa

Before deepening this piece, you must know that visiting Africa is a MUST! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m Africa’s number-one fan. 

Although I haven’t been to all African countries, the ones I have visited have proven excellent, and I always wish to return to these places. You can also check out these cheap countries in Africa to live in or visit.

The people of these countries are usually one of my top highlights. These people are super receptive and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure visitors are comfortable. The hospitality may make you extend your stay or even wish not to go back home. 

Asides from hospitality, there is also nature. Africa is blessed with beautiful and natural spaces that are a sight for the eyes. Then, I can also not forget the local meals and drinks that leave one salivating. Later in this article, I will share some meals you must try in different African countries. 

How to get to Africa

Is Africa safe to visit as a solo traveler? How can you get to Africa? Do you need a visa? Now that I have your attention, you’re excited about the thoughts and prospects of visiting Africa. So, the first step is deciding on the African country you want to visit. 

You can go West by visiting Nigeria or Ghana. There’s also Egypt and Tunisia in the North. Mauritius, Namibia, and South Africa sit in the South. I can also not forget to mention Kenya and Rwanda in East Africa. If you’re in West Africa, check out these other Visa-free countries for Nigerians and most west African countries.

But before you can go anywhere, you must know how to get there. When planning to visit any African country, these are your available options: 

  • Air: When you’re thinking of traveling, using a flight may be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, it is the fastest means of transportation. If you do not like stress, this is your best bet for getting to Africa. Check these options on how to find the cheapest flight tickets to Africa. You can also use to get cheap flight tickets too. 

Also, if you’re traveling from Europe or Asia, the flight may be longer for you. So I have covered, check out these things to do on a long-haul flight to entertain yourself. Thank me later.

However, there are times when I have opted for other options instead of using air. While a flight might be the fastest means of moving, it is also the most expensive. So, this means of transportation works best when you’re not working with a tight budget and want to get to your destination quickly. 

  • Road: One thing about using roads to get to an African country is that you must be within Africa already. You do not think you would be in another continent like Australia and want to use the road to an African country. It only works when visiting a place that borders your current location. 

I love that traveling by road is less expensive than using the air. So, you’d find me using this option when I’m traveling on a budget.

If I’m moving from Nigeria to Ghana, you’ll likely find me using a bus. It comes in handy that it allows me to appreciate various views and gives me geography knowledge. These benefits make the long distance inconsequential to me.  Also used this option to Explore Africa on my trip from Lagos to Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

  • Train: I have yet to use this means of transportation to get to an African country, but it is feasible. It works with countries that have inter-country railways. So, you must research to ensure your current location and destination country have linking railways.  

Things to do when you get to Africa

Since I’ve listed the various ways you can get to Africa, let’s talk about things you can do when you’ve reached your desired African country. Understandably, the activities or things you can do depend on the country or region you visit.

However, some things you can do that are generic to most African countries are: 

  • Visiting a safari 
  • Hangout on a beach 
  • Visit and buy things from the local market
  • Go fishing 
  • Hiking, etc.

You can’t go to an African country and not do at least one of these outdoor activities. Otherwise, your stay in that country would be dull, and you wouldn’t make the most of the experience. 

I’ve engaged in all these activities, and I’d say that they are interesting. It gets even better when you have a camera to record everything while doing these things. 

Places to stay/ Where to stay on a budget

Where do I stay when I get to my desired African country? 

I get this question from many people when they ask me about how I navigate where to stay during my trips. Having where to stay is a significant factor. You must sort it out early to avoid being stranded when you reach your destination. 

Below are some housing options to explore when you are deciding on where to stay when visiting an African country:

  • Hotels: Ideally, this would be your first choice of where to stay when visiting a new country. Hotels are a popular option everywhere, especially if you want personal space and comfort. However, hotels are not the cheapest option. So, if you’re traveling on a budget, consider housing options other than a hotel. Click here to book a budget-friendly hotel in Africa.
  • Hostels: I was surprised when I learned about this option as it wasn’t so prevalent in my home country. I was initially hesitant to get it out. But I’ve learned to be open-minded when visiting a new place. So, I booked a hostel on one of my trips, which was one of my life’s best experiences. Click here to book a hostel for your trip to Africa.

I enjoyed every bit of my time during my stay in this hostel. It allowed me to mix and mingle with other travelers, and we all had a blast. Since then, I don’t think twice about booking a hostel during any trip. 

As a plus, they are also more affordable than hotels.  

  • Airbnb: If you love to have ample space when on a trip and access to facilities, you should go for an Airbnb. However, remember that this might take up much of your traveling expenses.
  • Couchsurfing: I’ve seen that Couchsurfing is a popular option in other continents. Have I tried it before? No. But I find the concept of Couchsurfing very exciting and hope to try it one day. 

The concept of Couchsurfing entails reaching out to locals of your destination country to stay with them during your stay in the country. Some may let you stay for free, while others may allow you to stay in exchange for you doing menial chores like babysitting.

The best part of Couchsurfing is that you get to stay with a local. Therefore, you are covered when settling in, and you’ll know how to navigate your way around the country. You can check the Couchsurfing website to see the options available and if you can get a host in your destination country.

Some popular hub spots for Couchsurfing in Africa are Egypt and South Africa. Also, check out my post on hotel alternatives available to you.

Foods to try in Africa

From street food to main local dishes and even drinks, there are lots of options for you when you visit Africa. Again, it may be dependent on your destination country. 

Some foods to try in Africa are: 

  • Mhadjeb
  • Jollof rice
  • Muamba de Galinha
  • Koshari 
  • Waakye
  • Suya 
  • Couscous
  • Potjiekos
  • Ugali 
  • Fufu 
  • Kanda
  • Moroccan mint tea
  • Jabula
  • Palm wine 
  • Munkoyo 
  • Zobo 
  • Amasi, etc. 

These are just some of the numerous options for meals and drinks to try in Africa. If you’re visiting Nigeria, check out these street foods to try out.

Getting travel insurance: Best travel insurance for a trip to Africa

It is always important to have travel insurance as unforeseen circumstances may arise. Getting travel insurance can sometimes be tricky. But there is always a way around it.

You can employ the services of travel agencies in getting travel insurance or you can do it yourself by searching online for reliable options. However, ensure that the people you decide to use are trusted before engaging in their services. You can do so by checking out the reviews. 

Sign up for travel insurance for your trip to Africa on insubuy.

How to get cheap flights

Recall how I said that air transportation is not cheap. I’ve been able to learn some tricks on how to get cheap flights. 

One way I book cheap flights is by using an incognito browser when searching for flights. This way, there are no existing cookies of my travel history, and I see fair prices as they assume that I am a first-time traveler. 

Yes, traveling is not cheap. However, you can use some of the tips and tricks I’ve shared when planning a trip to Africa on a budget. 

Getting Visa Your Visas

Most Africans do not need visas to explore a major part of Africa. Notwithstanding, you can check your local immigration for how to get your visas.

A pro tip to travel to Africa is to ensure all your documents are ready and complete. This is because there are cases of bribery and sometimes harassment of travelers with incomplete documents.

Vaccinations and drugs

A major vaccine you need to explore in Africa is the Yellow fever vaccine. Don’t just opt to forge the card as yellow fever disease is a thing in Africa.

You can apply to get vaccinated against Yellow fever in your country. In Nigeria, you can check the new process to get vaccinated and get an e-yellow card.

Another vaccine is obviously the new COVID vaccination and of course, you need to have your covid test result handy.

If you’ve never lived in Africa, it is advisable to travel with malaria drugs to take care of your health. Also, you can simply take the malaria vaccines if available in your country.

How to commute in African cities.

From the airport for ease of travel, book airport transfers from Kiwitaxi. This will help you get to your hotel room with ease. I love the comfort of airport transfers as it makes it easy for me to commute as I arrive.

For your tours the following are a major means of transfer in African cities.

  • Buses
  • Taxis or Uber or Bolt
  • Bikes
  • Tricycle
  • Trains
  • Ferries or boat rides

Travel resources to plan a trip to Africa

How to plan a trip to anywhere in the world: Click here

What to pack for a trip to Africa: Check out these options

Book a budget-friendly flight to Africa on

Find hostels for your trip: Click here to book it on Hostelworld

Book a hotel or Airbnb on Trivago

Save on your travels and earn cash back by signing up for a WayAway membership

How to plan a trip to Africa on a budget

Africa is a big continent that has many countries. Unfortunately, some people who have never visited this continent think that it is a country. It is why I embarked on a mission to sensitize foreigners to all that Africa has to offer. Here I will share 15 outdoor activities in Africa you’d regret not doing on your visit.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’d know that I love to travel and explore new places. I believe that traveling is a way of gaining knowledge. It is my dream to fully explore all African countries with time. 

What should I expect when visiting Africa? What outdoor activities can one do in Africa? Are there fun things to do in Africa?

These are common questions to get from foreigners who desire to visit African countries. If you’ve been curious to know about fun outdoor activities in Africa, I’ll talk about them in this article. 

15 Best outdoor activities in Africa to do on a budget

I am all in for a budget vacation. If you’re a budget babe like me, you need to add these 15 outdoor activities in Africa to do on a budget. Here I covered fun things to do in Africa for a low, mid or high or luxury getaway in Africa. So let’s get right into it.

1. Hiking

There is almost no African country you visit that doesn’t give you the leisure of engaging in hiking. The joy that comes with hiking is almost unbeatable as you get to enjoy the environment. Thankfully, Africa is blessed with lush vegetation and beautiful natural elements. So, you would be giving your eyes a delight while hiking.

You can go hiking at Erin Ijesha waterfall in Nigeria, or on mount Kilimanjaro if you like. So, If you love hiking add it to your list of outdoor activities in Africa to do. 

It is even more fun to hike as a group. This way, you get to share jokes and banter with one another. You wouldn’t feel the stress of hiking when you do it in a group. 

Hiking is one of the best activities to do in Africa. 

2. Mountain climbing

Another fun fact about Africa is that the countries have mountains and high points. From the few African countries I have visited, I’ve seen that African countries are blessed with mountains. 

So, mountain climbing comes as a no-brainer on the list of outdoor activities to do in Africa. You’d often find people challenging themselves to climb to the peak of these mountains. It ends up in a healthy competition that you’d be glad to do. 

You’ll always enjoy breathtaking views when you get to the top of the mountain, and you may even not want to come down. Mountain climbing is one activity that I wouldn’t mind doing numerous times.

3. Watching the sunset 

There was a time in my life when I felt that watching the sunset was a boring activity. Anyway, I’m thankful for growth as I’ve come to see the light concerning this activity. 

I’ve earlier mentioned that Africa is blessed with beautiful natural elements. So, I often find myself drawn to appreciate nature in the evenings while I can watch the sunset. In addition, I always find myself bringing out my camera as the view is something I would always want to behold. 

The calmness that comes with watching the sunset is so soothing. Thus, it is a highly recommended activity.

4. Kayaking

Have you explored Africa if you haven’t gone Kayaking? For a long time, I ran from engaging in this activity as I wasn’t exactly a fan of water activities. However, I was glad the day I overcame my fears and went kayaking. 

After my first kayak experience, I began asking myself why I hadn’t engaged in the activity before. You can engage in kayaking in almost all the African countries you visit. The locals of the region are in the best place to provide all the kayaking information you may need. 

However, it is necessary to go do this activity with an open mind. 

5. Fishing

Talking about the locals of a region, one of my favorite activities is to bond with these locals when I am in a new place. I know that I am covered when I am on friendly terms with the locals. So, you’d always find me trying to engage them in conversations. 

Another way I bond with the locals is through fishing. It is one of the top outdoor activities in Africa, especially in the riverine regions. The locals can do it for fun, as a source of livelihood, and even for feeding purposes. 

They are usually more than delighted when foreigners indicate interest to join them in this activity. 

6. Canopy walks

Traveling is one of my favorite activities as it helps me do things that I never thought I would do in my life. However, I understood that to enjoy traveling, you need to keep an open mind. So, I have to reset my mindset to ensure that I get the best on my trips. 

It was on one of these trips that I indulged in canopy walks at LCC, Lagos Nigeria. The thrill that came with it was on another level. I got to see the city from another level, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. I would recommend this activity as it comes with an enthralling adrenaline rush. 

7. Shop in the local markets 

Have you been to Africa you did not visit and shop in any of the local markets? I would even say it is impossible to resist the urge to visit a local market when you visit any African country. By the time you see clothes, spices, and more that get your attention, you wouldn’t know when your legs would lead you in that direction. 

One of the fun things I enjoy while shopping in an African market is haggling prices with the sellers. They are usually friendly and the healthy banter is one for the books. You’d even learn something new about the city or people in the process. 

Also, you would also find souvenir items to take back home when you shop in an African market.

8. Go on a safari trip

I doubt that you’ve ever gone on a safari trip before if you’ve never been to Africa. So, you shouldn’t miss the chance to go on one when you visit Africa. 

Safari trips are usually fun as you get to observe wildlife. It could be that you’ve only read about these animals and the closest interaction you’ve had with them was seeing them on TV. Going on a Safari trip allows you to be in close proximity to these animals. 

You may even get the chance to walk with lions in a country like Senegal or engage in other activities that center around wildlife. Another fun country to visit for their Safaris is South Africa. They have some of the best National parks and Safaris. Add a Safari trip to South Africa to your bucket list.

Click here to book a Safari tour in South Africa

9. Hiking of Kilimanjaro

Wouldn’t you want to say that you’ve climbed the highest mountain in Africa? Earlier, I stated that hiking and mountain climbing are some of the outdoor activities in Africa. It is one thing to go on a regular hike or mountain climbing experience. But it is a different ball game when you are hiking mount Kilimanjaro! 

You would have the pleasure of engaging in this activity when you visit Tanzania. Make sure that you have a recording device so that you can properly document your experience. Remember, this is a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t pass up. So, ensure that you engage in it and come back to share your experience.   

Click here to book a tour on Kilimanjaro

10. Visit a national park

I don’t think there is any African country that doesn’t have a national park. Therefore, one of the top outdoor activities to do in Africa is to visit a national park. 

At the national park, you get to see natural elements that are important to the country. It could be flowers and plants that only grow in that region. It could also be animals that are particular to that area. 

I can assure you that it is easy to lose track of time while engaging in this activity. So, ensure that you are not in a rush when visiting an African national park. 

11. Attend a festival

One of my best fun outdoor activities in Africa is attending a festival. If I had my way, I’d be attending an African festival weekly at least. From the music to the people, the entire vibes of an African festival are upbeat and perfect. It gives you the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle while having the topmost fun. 

I always feel a pang of sadness when there are no festivals happening when I visit any African country. So, I always ensure to time my trip in a way that falls during the festive periods. 

The food and drinks at these festivals are also major highlights for anyone. Trust me, you wouldn’t want the festival to end when you attend one.

12. Go food and wine tasting

The local foods and drinks of a place are also things I look out for when I am in a new country. Although I can sometimes be picky, I am always excited to try out new meals. At least, I’ll get to say that I’ve tried meals from different countries. 

I’ve noticed that the best way to try out many local foods and drinks is by going for a food and wine tasting. When you’re in a new country, you should ask a local for directions on where to find a food and wine-tasting event. 

Also, make sure that you go there hungry. I’m sure you’d have a favorite new meal after attending such an event. 

13. Explore the beaches

I love that Africa also has beaches for people to explore. The climate in African countries could get really hot sometimes. So, exploring a beach helps you cool down and still have fun moments. 

At the beach, there are usually lots of fun activities to do. It was at a beach that I learned how to play volleyball. The available activities are usually dependent on the beach. Therefore, you need to find out and engage in the ones you would enjoy doing.

You can also get local meals and drinks at these places, and even enjoy local music and make new friends. I never plan my trip to Africa without visiting a beach. This is my happy place in the world. Hence it is top on the list of outdoor activities in Africa I highly recommend.

14. See a waterfall

Another of the best outdoor activities in Africa you’d regret not doing is a visit to a waterfall. I remember how excited I was the first time I saw a waterfall. Interestingly, I’ve met people who think that there are no waterfalls in Africa. On the contrary, there are lots of waterfalls in Africa. These waterfalls await your visit as you need to see and explore them. 

They make the perfect backdrop for your pictures when you’re on holiday. It is also always soothing and calming when you have to visit a waterfall. It was only fitting for me to add this as an outdoor activity in Africa. It is one of the best ways to spend your time in any African country.

15. Learn history from a museum

You may say that I’m a nerd. Yes, I love going to museums when I’m in a new country as I get to learn about the country’s history. I highly recommend this outdoor activity in Africa for anyone visiting an African country. The stories you will learn at these places would add to your knowledge bank. 

It is often said that knowledge is power. So, wouldn’t you rather equip yourself?

Travel resources you need to travel to Africa.

  1. Travel insurance: Get your insurance ready from Insubuy
  2. Flight tickets: Book cheap flight tickets from

3. Book your stay in any hotel of your choice. Get the best deal with Trivago.

4. Opt for hotel alternatives by booking your stay in a hostel. Network and have a fun trip by booking a hostel using hostelworld.

5. Book any of these fun outdoor activities in Africa:

15 outdoor activities in Africa you’d regret not doing on your visit

Can I go to any African country on a budget? Of course, you can! I’ve always said it and would continue to stand on the ground that you do not have to break the bank before traveling to a desired country, especially an African one. Here are the 20 cheapest African countries to visit from Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

One of the most typical mistakes I’ve noticed with many people is that they tend to ignore their region or immediate environment. Many people express their love for traveling and wish they could travel worldwide. Why don’t you start with Africa?

African countries are one of my favorite countries to visit! These countries keep giving, and you would want to continue paying return visits. 

Some people may want to argue with me when I say traveling to some African countries is cheap. So, I have come with receipts. After you read this piece, you should start planning your travel itinerary for the year and ensure that you have visited at least one African country at the end of the year! You can check out our list of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa to add to your bucket list.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa is the republic of Benin. I love this country because it has so many fun things to do. My recent visit to the most popular city, Cotonou. Check out my post on fun things to do on your visit to Cotonou, republic of Benin.

20 Cheapest African countries to visit

Some of the cheapest African countries to visit are:

1. Ghana

By all standards, Ghana is one of the cheapest African countries to visit, especially as a Nigerian. It has one of the most affordable international flights from Nigeria. If you are on a tight budget, you can even travel by road to this country. It is one perk that comes with it being a neighboring country. 

Accommodation in Ghana is also less expensive than one would imagine. Interestingly, depending on your desired standard, you can get hotels in this country for as low as $5. 

Getting around the country is also relatively inexpensive, as a bus ticket costs less than $1. So if you’re looking for a cheap African country to visit, Ghana should be at the top of your list. 

Click here to book a guided tour of Ghana

2. Benin Republic

Benin Republic is another country that shares a border with Nigeria and is one of the cheapest African countries to visit. At one point, I wondered why many Nigerians were opting to attend school in this country. However, after my research, I realized that they had some excellent university options in this country that come at an affordable rate than even some of the private universities in Nigeria. 

They also have a unique and diverse culture that you can enjoy at a low cost. I especially loved visiting their markets and even haggling prices with the traders. I was shocked at the number of things I got from markets in the Benin Republic at a low amount. 

3. Cote d’Ivoire

The beautiful country of the Ivory Coast is one that everyone should explore if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, I’ve come across people that feel that traveling to this country is expensive. But did you know that you can use a bus to get to this country? Well, now you know! 

I loved how the locals of this country were super receptive and ready to help. They will lead you to the best accommodation options and markets if you return their friendly energy. Also, sightseeing with a local makes it more affordable as they would help with the cost since they understand the language better. 

4. Morocco

One thing about Morocco is that it has a lot to offer to foreigners. So there is something about this country that keeps drawing you. 

I resisted visiting this country for the longest time as I felt it would be expensive. So, I postponed my trip until I had ‘enough money.’ But getting to Morocco changed my perspective of the country as I saw that I could get things for a cheap amount. From clothes to foodstuff, to souvenirs and more. I was in awe of the prices of various items. 

With about $20, I could eat like a king in the local spots. As I write this now, I am salivating at the thoughts of Moroccan foods. 

Click here to book a tour in Morrocco

5. Malawi

Although I have not visited Malawi, I have heard much about the country. One thing that draws me to Malawi is the fact that it is a small country. However, it is well-vested in terms of tourism. Therefore, this country is on my list of places to visit this year. 

As someone who has been doing background checks on Malawi, I can tell you that it is one of the cheapest African countries to visit. In addition, it presents more accommodation options to people than depending on only hotels. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for a hotel dorm. 

The country’s tourist sites are also free, or you have to pay a small fee.

6. Cameroon

Some people joke that they can trek into Cameroon from Cross River state. Yes, one of the easiest ways to get to Cameroon would be by using a boat from Bakassi LGA in Cross River. 

I’ve often wondered why many people have yet to go to Cameroon, as it is a neighboring country. And this country has a lot in terms of tourist sites. If you’ve always heard about Ouidah, you should know that it draws its roots and origin from Cameroon. 

The art and craft in this country are cheap, and they share similarities with Nigeria. Being in this country feels like a home away from home. 

7. Gambia

Have you been to the Gambia before? If you have not, I can tell you that you’ve been missing out on this country’s exciting offers. Many of us have been sleeping in this country, and I hope it changes. It is one of the most beautiful yet cheapest African countries to visit.

I thoroughly enjoyed shopping in this country as I saw many things that caught my eye. At a time, I got carried away with shopping and almost used up all the money. However, I enjoyed myself as the prices were highly affordable. 

I returned home with lots of goodies for myself, my family, and my friends. It was a fulfilling trip!

8. Zambia

Guys, why is it that people do not have Zambia on their list of African tourist locations? Understandably, many people feel that this country is expensive, especially as it plays host to Victoria Falls. 

Aside from visiting Victoria Falls, there is no other thing that would cut your budget while in Zambia. Getting to the falls could cost a bit. However, other tourist sites in the country are affordable. 

Accommodation in the country is also inexpensive, and it is easy to get around in the city. It is possible to spend less than $50 daily in Zambia, which is considerably affordable. 

9. Namibia

Did you know that Namibia classifies as one of the safest countries to visit in Africa? It was one thing that endeared me to the country. I love the peace that comes with visiting this country. I didn’t feel like leaving after my trip to Namibia. 

Asides the safety, it is one of the cheapest African countries to visit on a budget. So, if you need a safe yet cheap African country to visit, visit Namibia.

I loved the road trips I enjoyed while in the country. If you ever find yourself in Namibia, take road trips to exciting places with locals and fellow tourists. It is also less expensive than you would think. 

The accommodation options in Namibia are also cheap. So, you’re spending little as a tourist in this country. 

Click here to book a tour in Namibia

10. Mozambique

The fact that Mozambique shares a border with South Africa makes people think that Mozambique is an expensive place to visit. However, Mozambique is one of the cheapest African countries to travel to. 

If you’re on a budget and looking to visit a country in the southern region of Africa, consider Mozambique. It gives you all the feels of an African country and helps you appreciate the African culture. 

The meals in this country are also affordable. Thus, feeding would not be an issue. 

11. Uganda

The beautiful country of Uganda presents itself as one of the best places to visit, especially if you are a lover of nature and wildlife. It has many places to explore, and you do not need to pay a high entrance fee to these tourist sites. 

The cabs in this country are one of the most affordable you can get anywhere. Even the tour guides are relatively inexpensive to get. The meals and drinks in this country are also cheap, especially the local meals. These are things you would enjoy in the country. 

Click here to book a tour of the city of Uganda

12. Algeria

Algeria is another country to visit if you’re looking for a cheap African country. This small country offers a lot to tourists, and I assure you that you will enjoy your stay. 

It also comes in handy that the standard of living in this place is low compared to other places. So, you can get things for low prices when you are in Algeria.

13. Togo

Togo is one of the countries that get the interest of tour companies due to its affordability. And it was one of the first places I visited. I have taken an individual trip to this country and been there as a group. 

Both instances were super fun, and I am always gassed to visit Togo. As a Nigerian, Togo is one of the most affordable countries to visit in Africa, and you can go there by bus. 

14. Sudan

Understandably, there are many controversies surrounding Sudan. So, people do not add it to their list of African tourist attractions. However, it is one of the cheapest African countries to travel to. 

This country has more pyramids than Egypt, and I hear they also have some of the best local spices on the continent. One of the downsides for a tourist is that accommodation in this country is slightly expensive. But if you can look past it, you will have a swell time. 

15. Tunisia

What is there not to love about Tunisia? From the people to the culture, the foods, the tour sites, etc. It is a dream tourist destination for anyone to visit. Definitely add Tunisia to one of the lists of the cheapest African countries to visit on a budget.

The prices of things at this place are also low, which endears the heart of foreigners. The country’s people are welcoming, and you may not want to leave when visiting Tunisia. 

Click to book a tour of Tunisia craft market

16. Guinea

You can decide to use a flight or road when traveling to Guinea. But, of course, I know those on a tight budget would prefer to use the road. Traveling to Guinea by road would take about three days at most. 

Using the road to reach Guinea makes it more affordable, and you also experience things you may have missed if you used air transportation. Hence, Guinea qualifies to be part of the cheapest African countries to visit.

The prices of things in this country would shock you as you would see that it is cheaper than your home country. Therefore, you do not need a high budget when visiting Guinea. 

17. Burundi

Burundi is another of the cheapest African countries to visit on a budget. The cost of living in the country is also lower than in most places globally. The aura in the country is warm, and the accommodation options are inexpensive. 

Getting to Burundi is either by plane or by car. Both are viable options that are also not so expensive. 

18. Lesotho

I didn’t know what to expect when my friends dragged me to visit Lesotho. However, I was happy that I obliged them as it was indeed an experience. Lesotho is one of the cheapest African countries to visit you need to add to your must-see places in Africa.

Lesotho is a country you need to visit with an open mind. I went there ready to enjoy myself, and it happened as expected. It beat all the expectations I had in mind. 

Also, the cost of living was cheap, as I spent less than $50 daily. So, Lesotho is one of the most affordable African countries to visit. 

19. Niger

Going from Niger Republic to Nigeria can take one hour if you’re using a flight. But the cheapest option would be to use a bus and spend long hours on the road. In addition, using the road allows you to see vegetation and nature at its best. 

In all terms of comparison, life in Niger is overly cheap. Sometimes, you would even doubt the prices due to their cheapness. Food items are at their cheapest in the Niger Republic. 

The overall cost of living in Niger republic is quite cheap. Hence, it has to be added to our list of cheapest African countries to visit and live in.

20. Botswana

One of the things I loved about Botswana was its visa cost. You can use less than $100 to get a Botswana visa. 

Now, things may not be as cheap as you think in this country. But it is way more affordable than you would get in other places. Also, the country is neat and beautiful, and you would have a swell experience. 

Happy New Year, my people! Hopefully, this is the year that we will tour Arica! Check out our list of what to pack for a trip to Africa and other travel resources you’d need below.

Travel resources you’d need to visit or travel to Africa.

  1. Travel insurance: Get your insurance ready from Insubuy
  2. Flight tickets: Book cheap flight tickets from

3. Book your stay in any hotel of your choice. Get the best deal with Trivago.

4. Opt for hotel alternatives by booking your stay in a hostel. Network and have a fun trip by booking a hostel using hostelworld.

5. Solo traveler? I have you covered. Plan your trip with the best tour group for a fun-filled time in Africa. Book your tour using GetYourGuide. You can get a tour for as low as $30.

Have a fun trip to Africa. Feel free to comment below on other cheap African countries to visit. I’ll love to know them. xoxo.

20+ Cheapest African countries to visit + Live in

Did you know that there are lots of amazing places to visit in the Republic of Benin? The Benin Republic is one little but interesting country to visit. However, there are so many best places to visit in the republic of Benin irrespective of its size.

Some time ago, I really never paid attention to this country. However, my perception of the country changed after visiting it. My favorite place to visit is Cotonou, especially its free-to-access Fidjrosse beach.

It is easy to judge a country from the outside when you have never visited it. However, when you go there, you’d see that it meets your expectations and more.  

If you’ve never been to the Benin Republic, don’t worry I’m here to tell you more about it. If you’re planning to visit this country, I’m also here for you. I’ll be sharing some of the most beautiful and best places to visit in the Republic of Benin.

Best places to visit in the Republic of Benin

There are so many fun things to do in the republic of Benin. Come with me, let me take you around the Republic of Benin through my article.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the Benin republic, you will find it useful. Benin republic is a visa-free country for Nigerian passport holders. All you need is your Nigerian international passport, yellow fever card, and of course your hotel reservation.

Benin republic is visa-free for country in west Africa due to the ECOWAS agreement. You can check the requirement for entry into this country if you’re not from west Africa.

If you’re a foreigner looking to come to Africa to explore this country, check out our post on what to pack on a trip to Africa to get you started.

Let’s jump right in to talk about the best places to visit in the republic of Benin.

1. Dantokpa market

Dantokpa market is one the best places to visit in the republic of Benin. Although it is a market it is a must-see. You are sure to hear about this market whenever you visit the Republic of Benin. Although this market is in Cotonou, its reputation spreads to all parts of the country. It wouldn’t be wrong to describe this place as a market of markets. 

Everyone kept talking highly about this market during my first trip to the Benin Republic. So, I decided to check it out to understand the hype. I was truly impressed with all it had to offer and I began making many trips to the Dantokpa market. 

Interestingly, it is also the biggest open-air market in West Africa. 

2. Porte Du Non Retour

Have you ever heard of the door of no return? I can see your face twisting as you’re thinking of why that phrase is familiar. Well, the door of no return is in the Republic of Benin. 

As someone with an inquisitive mind and curious spirit, you can be sure that I had to check out this place when I heard about it. The door of no return is a memorial arc as a remembrance of the slave trade era. It shows that once you go through that area, there are no hopes of turning back again.

It wasn’t surprising to see this arc on the beach. After all, the waterways aided the slave trade era. 

3. Pendjari National Park

I love the fact that the Benin Republic has its national park. I often see people who mistake a national park for a zoo. However, I always correct them that a national park has more to offer than a zoo. 

This national park is one of the best places to visit in the Benin Republic. It is home to lots of wildlife animals. In addition, you also get to see lots of flowers and vegetation. It is a place that allows you to connect with nature.  

It is best not to visit this place in a hurry. It has a lot to offer and can take up your entire day.

4. Fidjrosse beach

There is a certain form of excitement I get when I’m at the beach, and this place was no exception. I was giddy and eager to visit this beach. Thankfully, it met and even surpassed my expectations. Fidjrosse is one of the best places to visit in the republic of Benin. I had to see this place on my visit to Fidjrosse, Benin.

You can tell that the facility managers of this beach are intentional about keeping it clean. The waters are clear and the air there is just different. Truthfully, I did not feel like leaving this beach when I visited it. 

Instead, you’d find me indulging in one game or the other, or trying out the various local meals. I had a swell time and would recommend it to anyone visiting the Benin Republic to check out.

5. Babs Dock

This list of best places to visit in the republic of Benin is incomplete without Bab’s dock. Bab’s dock is a private island that you’d definitely love. One of my best highlights from visiting this island was the fact that we had to pass through a tree tunnel before arriving at the dock. I had never done such a thing before and it was a worthy experience. 

There is almost no water game or activity that you cannot do on this island, including kayaking. Visiting this island allows you to bond with the locals also. The interactions are usually smoother and more friendly. You will also get to see monkeys while on this island. 

Babs Dock, Image source: Google my business

6. Cotonou

If I asked you the capital of the Benin Republic, I’m sure you’d say Cotonou. However, Porto- Novo is the capital city of this country. 

Cotonou is one of the best places to visit in the Benin Republic in terms of cities. Its receptiveness and welcome to foreigners are one of the reasons why it has a high reputation. 

Most of the fun things to do in the country are also in this city. So it isn’t surprising that most foreigners end up in Cotonou or would want to visit the city before leaving the country.

In addition, Cotonou is the port city of the Benin Republic. 

7. Foundation Zinshou

Are you a lover of museums? I couldn’t help but add foundation zinshou to the list of top best places to visit in the republic of Benin. Personally, I love going to museums, both in my home country and also in foreign regions.

In fact, visiting the museum is one of the first things I do once I get to a new area. After all, how would I learn more about the place if I don’t go to the museum? 

At this museum, you get to see paintings that tell stories of the country through different timelines. These stories are usually captivating and give you more insights into things like culture and customs.  

You’d also get to see and appreciate random art and craft at this museum. 

8. Centre  Artisanal

How does getting a discount sound to you? Of course, I know that it would be like music to your ears. After all, everyone is looking to buy things at the best rates and prices. During one of my hunts on finding such a place in the Republic of Benin, I stumbled on this market.

Here, you get to see many handmade items. Therefore, letting you communicate directly with the makers. In addition, they also sell items at this market for fair prices, and they are not fixed. So, you can still haggle and negotiate if you’re not comfortable with the prices. 

This is where I get most of my souvenirs whenever I’m in the Republic of Benin. 

9. The Royal Palaces of Abomey

I do not know what city you’ll be staying in while in the Republic of Benin. But if you ever find yourself in Abomey, do not think that the city isn’t exciting. 

Abomey is far from being a boring city. Have you seen its royal palaces? These are some of the best places to visit in the Republic of Benin! Even if you’ll not be staying in Abomey, you can always plan to visit the city. 

I have a lot to say about the royal palaces of Abomey. However, I’d want you to experience it for yourself. I love that people are allowed to explore royalty. 

10. Python Temple

I’m sure you must have heard of Ouidah boards before, and you understand that it is a spiritual practice. Interestingly, Ouidah is also a town in the Benin Republic. The python temple in Ouidah is one of the best places to visit in the republic of Benin to add to your travel itinerary.

At the python temple, you get to know more about their spiritual practices. Yes, it might be scary initially. However, it is also intriguing. It is normal if you have lots of questions; the people there would be eager to answer all your questions. 

It is one of the top tourist attractions in the country and I encourage you to check it out. It is better to experience it than to hear the story from people.  

11. Lake Nokoue

There are some interests that stay hidden within you until you begin to explore different countries. It wasn’t until I started actively traveling to other countries that I realized that I loved fishing. Prior to that, I had never considered fishing as a hobby. 

If you do not mind fishing, I would say that this lake is one of the best places to visit in the Republic of Benin. Its environment is peaceful, quiet, and calm. Thereby, giving you a space where you can gather your thoughts. 

In addition, you can do additional activities like fishing, boating, and swimming. 

12. W National Park

I would give accolades to the Republic of Benin as it has more than one national park. It shows that the country understands the concept of preserving animals and more. 

Now, you might be wondering about the difference between this national park and others. This one is special as it has rarer species of animals. When you visit this place, you’d see animals that you never thought existed. 

As a first-timer at this national park, there’d always be something new for you to learn. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places for anyone to visit in the Benin Republic.

13. Ganvie

I’ve talked about some of the exciting cities and towns in the Benin Republic. But the villages also have hidden gems. Ganvie is a village in the country. The locals best know it as a lake village. 

It is said that this place has the largest lake in Africa. Wouldn’t you want to explore it? As a foreigner, you shouldn’t hesitate to explore all that a country has to offer. So, ensure that you check out this village before leaving the Benin Republic. 

14. Natitingou

Did you know that there is a waterfall in the Republic of Benin? You wouldn’t know unless you explore this country. 

Natitingou is one of the towns to visit if you’d enjoy seeing a waterfall. It also has a museum and other things that’d give you an incredible highlight when you visit it. 

15.  Obama Beach

If there’s a beach named after a former president, you can be sure that I’d check it out. There are many things I love about this beach, but I will say some of them. 

I love that it is a family-friendly space. So, you can bring your children to the beach and have no worries. I also love that there are many restaurants on the beach. So, there are options and you can pick from a variety.

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15 Best places to visit in the Republic of Benin

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