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5 Best Accessories to dress up your basics

Tote handbags from Thrift

Most of our outfits are more of basics than trendy pieces. I love to shop for basics for my closet as they are super versatile However, basics do not need to look so basic whenever we style them. So, to dress up your basics for an elevated look, you need accessories. How do you dress up basics? Accessories make it super easy to pull off an elevated basics look. These elevated basic looks you can take a cue from Emily in pairs season 2 outfits ideas. From her statement handbags to wearing vibrant colors, stylish shoes. Here are my top 5 best accessories to dress up the basics you need in your closet.

Statement belts

One of the hottest 2022 fashion trends you need to hop on right now is the statement belts. Statement belts are a must-have accessory for an elevated basics look.

You can opt for large belts, Corset tops as belts, or corset-shaped belts to dress up your basics in 2022. I would recommend the corset tops as statement belts because they are super chic. Plus corset tops are super hot right now in 2022. So, you get to wear one outfit in two ways effortlessly.

5 best accessories to dress up your basics

Designer dupe bags

Another of the 5 best accessories to dress up your basics in 2022 is designer dupe bags. Many of us really love designers but cannot bear to chuck out such an amount of money for a bag.

You can opt for designer dupe handbags for your closet. I love to shop for designer dupe handbags from shein or ego shoes Uk. There are several other fast fashion brands that sell designer dupe bags or shoes. Click here to read my post on the best places to shop for designer dupes for your closet.

Tote handbags

Tote handbags are the most practical bags every lady should own. This is because it is super chic and very useful. A tote handbag goes all your outfits from casual elevated basics to workwear.

So, if you are looking to add to your accessories this year, get a tote handbag.


Sneakers are one the comfiest accessory you need in your closet. They are easy to style. Also, you can wear your sneakers with any outfit.

One of my best ways to wear sneakers is with dresses. Dresses go well with sneakers. You also can read my post on how to wear sneakers with dresses.

How to pull off the elevated basics look with sneakers

Bucket hat

Buckey hat is one of my favorite accessories to own. It is a perfect summer accessory. You can wear it as a statement piece for your outfit. Also, you wear it to the beach to guide you from UV rays.

The bucket hat is also on-trend in 2022. Since it became a thing in 2021, it has been big ever since. I love bucket as you can dress up your basics with it. Add a shoulder bag for a chic look.

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