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10 Best Swimwear trends for women that will go viral in 2023

As someone who loves to go to the beach a lot, I am always on the lookout for the best swimsuits. Swimwear is not just beachwear. You can wear swimsuits also to the pool. There are several options of swimwear you can shop for. Here are the 10 best swimwear trends for women in 2022 that will go viral.

Every lady and their mama will wear these types of swimsuits. You don’t want to miss this trend. Also, most of these swimwear trends are definitely classics that you need to own.

Some of the classic swimsuits you may already own include asymmetric swimwear, animal prints, and of course tye-dye trends. I love these swimwear trends as they are here to stay. One of my favorite swimsuits that I love is the Bandeau swimsuit. It is chic and versatile.

I shopped at Zaful a few months ago. I will definitely recommend Zaful as one of the best swimwear brands to shop on a budget. You will get the latest swimwear trends that will last you all seasons. This brand is also my go-to for vacation outfits for women. Click here to read my Zaful review of outfits and swimsuits that I have shopped from them.

You can style your bandeau swimwear as a crop top with jackets for summer. Also, you can wear it alone to the beach. Add a beach cover-up to dress up the look and a stylish beach hat. I love to wear coverups for a modest look. After all, I stay in Africa where modesty is priceless. You can also click here for other coverups you can shop for your closet.

One of the most affordable swimwear brands you need to shop from ASAP is Zaful. They have trendy swimsuits that are of great quality for their price. Since I started shopping for swimwear from this brand, I have stopped looking out for other swimwear brands. Below are some of the 10 best swimwear trends for women to add to your cart ASAP.

10 Cute Swimwear Trends for Women

Swimsuits are a must-have wardrobe essential for summer. Also, you can wear swimwear all season by styling them with your everyday clothes too. I shared other summer wardrobe essentials you need on my youtube channel, click to watch. Anyways, as each year comes, swimwear brands turn several options to shop. Some of these options are trends from some seasons ago that are now classics. So, if you need great options of swimwear to shop for summer. Here are the 10 best swimwear trends for women in 2022.

Animal prints swimsuits

Animal prints swimsuits are one of the 10 best swimwear trends for women in 2022 to shop. You can shop for animal print options like leopard print swimsuits, cheetah print bikini sets, or snake print asymmetric swimsuits.

Animal prints swimsuits are classic swimwear to own. It always comes in every season and will definitely go viral this year.

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Triangle cup Bikini sets

Another of the 10 best swimwear trends for women in 2022 is the triangle cup bikini set. These bikini sets are very flattering. However, it is the perfect swimsuit for women with small busts.

So, if you have small busts or girls, go for triangle cup bikini sets. It is super chic and very flattering for your body type.

Color block Swimsuits

Ever since the color block trend became a thing again. I can seem to get enough of this trend. Color blocking is super fun to hop on. However, it is not easy to style. You can click here to learn how to color block your outfits effortlessly.

Color block swimsuits are really eye-catching. I have shopped several options from Zaful for myself. So, if you are instagrammable swimsuits, go for color block swimwear options.

Halter swimsuits

Another of the 10 best swimwear trends that will go viral in 2022 are halter swimsuits. Halter outfits were my go-to staple in the 90s. I am glad they are now back on trend. So, if you need a retro swimsuit for summer, go for halter options.

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Tankini swimwear

Are tankinis out of style? of course not. They are very much in style. It is a style modest bikini set to shop that will go viral in 2022. These styles give more coverage on the top. Also, I will recommend this style of swimsuit for girls with big busts. It is one of the best bathing suit options for curvy or plus-size women.

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Bikini sets with sleeves

Another of the 10 best swimwear trends that will go viral in 2022 is bikini sets with sleeves. This option is quite unique. It is not your regular bikini yet versatile. You can wear this option of bikini sets with your regular outfit.

Pattern swimsuits

Summer is for florals and patterns. Zaful has great options of colorful pattern bikinis or swimsuits you can shop for. Also, this is one of the 10 best swimwear trends that will go viral in 2022.

Cut-out swimsuits

Cut-outs are a huge trend in 2022. So, it is no surprise that cut-out swimwear is one of the 10 best swimwear trends for women that will go viral in 2022.

I love cut-out swimwear. They are perfect for Instagram pictures. Also, they are chic for a date at the pool or beach.

One-piece swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are a staple to own. It is perfect for all body types. Whether you’re small bust, large bust, petite, or plus-size. I also love this type of swimsuit are great options as it is versatile. You can wear it with your regular outfits too.

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Floral swimwear

Florals are a go-to summer wardrobe essential for women. So, you will expect that this trend will go viral in 2022. I love florals in outfits and swimwear alike. It is super chic. Also, it is perfect as part of your vacation packing list.

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