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Designer scarves for women

Best silk scarf top

Are scarf tops still in style in 2021? Of course yes. If you spend your time on TikTok, you must notice this trend is not going anywhere. Silk scarves are a must-have fashion accessory you need right now. They are so versatile to wear. Also, there are several ways you can wear your satin or silk scarves. You can wear them as headscarves for your hair, as a top, or add some pizzaz to your handbags. Either way, scarves are super chic and stylish. For your silk scarves, you can opt for luxury scarves or designer scarves, or budget-friendly options. If you’re a budget babe, I’ve got you, girl. So, here are the best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget for your closet.

Best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops

Can you wear a scarf as a top? Scarf top trends are super easy to try out. All you need is a satin or silk scarf to pull off this look. I love to wear scarves as tops a lot. They are super chic. You can wear a scarf top with denim pants for lounging, with bikinis as a great option to the beach, or with shorts for a casual look.

Here are my best scarf top outfit ideas you should try out. You can wear your scarves folded in a triangle with your necklace. This way to wear scarves as tops is super stylish. It is an elevated halter style top with attention on your necklace. So, to pull off this look, style your scarf with a catchy necklace. I would recommend a choker-style necklace for this look.

Another way to wear scarves as a top is to wear a bandeau crop top. This bandeau crop top you can wear with shorts for a day out to the beach or as loungewear. Also, you can wear scarves as a top by folding them into a triangle with the tips tucks into your pants or skirt. You can also click here to watch my vlog on others ways to wear scarves as tops.

Which brand has the best scarves to shop for? I love to shop from Zaful a lot. So, I would recommend them if you need the best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget. Click here to shop for budget-friendly scarves from Zaful. Also, use my Zaful promo code or discount code HJDW to get 17% off your order.

Other fun ways to wear scarves

Headscarves for women have always been my only way to wear scarves. This is because scarves are mostly worn to cover the hair. However, you can get as much us from your satin scarf for hair.

You can wear your scarves a belt with your denim pants. This is an edgy street-style way of wearing scarves. I love this style a lot. Also, you can add scarves to your handbags to dress them up. Colorful satin or silk scarves are perfect for styling handbags. So, if you need to style your boring handbags or change them up, add a silk scarf.

Best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget

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