About Me

My name is Magdalene Enimhienomo. Welcome to my space on the internet where I share my love for fashion and vacations. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Also, I have a 9-5 job just like most you out there but in between, I still find time to blog and do some other stuff. I am an introvert which makes me more of an observer than a talker. (i.e. I talk faster writing than talking).

To some people, I might come off as a reserved person who likes to keep to herself, but basically, this comes from being an introvert. I love exploring new places and going out. This is especially to the runway shows to support creativity. It also helps me keep abreast with fashion trends.

I started blogging as soon as I got off school. My niche which is fashion with a mix of lifestyle was born out my love for fashion items as well as curiosity to discover new places. Here I share my fashion findings, styling tips, vacation ideas, and lifestyle content.

Kindly check my blog posts, feel free to leave a comment so we can carry on the conversation an d definitely subscribe to get updates on my posts. I am also working on a brand directory for brands that are in my niche so that my readers can look up your products and services via my site. This is for a small fee and you can connect with me via email: Trends.stylez@gmail.com, Instagram: @enimhienomo, Facebook: Trendsenstylez and Twitter: @enimhienomo.