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How to give your career a boost in 2021


The dream of every working professional is to advance in their career. However, this is easier said than done. Some of us get so comfortable in our job roles that we make less effort to grow up the career ladder. It is quite easy to be stuck in a role for 4-5years just because you’re now good on the job. This doesn’t help your resume. So, this year is time to take action and stop wishing we had that promotion or got that interview. Here are some tips on how to give your career a boost in 2021.

Have a career plan

The first step on how to give your career a boost in 2021 is by having a career plan. Although it may seem farfetched due to the uncertainties of this world. Most of us started out in a job that is far from what we studied from school.

Imagine looking for a job for a two years straight just find something that pays the bills for start. You would need to start from somewhere. No matter how you started out, have a career plan to give directions. You can also read my lesson learnt and personal growth in my career as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

For example, to get a job in an IT firm, you need to get the skills needed by such firms. One of such skills or knowledge you need is getting Microsoft Azure fundamental certification. This also applies to a career in HR, you need to get the skills to give your career a boost.


Invest in your career developemnt

Another way on how to give your career a boost in 2021 is by investing in your growth. Having noted the career path you want, you need to plan how to achieve such goals.

It is easy to dream of being the boss of a multinational company while on lunch break at your current job. However, putting in the work makes your goals attainable.

What I need to stand out to employers in an IT firm for example? I mean I love technology but what are they looking for in my resume. This are pertinent questions you need to ask yourself.

So, using our example above, you need to enrol for a course to get you the certifications ( Microsoft azure) to boost your resume.

However, you don’t want to enrol and fail a course. That is not to say that failing is bad. Actually we learn from failures. To set you up to bag the certificate, also enrol for microsoft certification practice test.

Practice makes perfect. So, if you are prepared for your exams, you’re sure of success.

How to give your career a boost in 2021 with Micro soft skills

Volunteer for a project that aligns with your goals

The important of volunteering for projects that aligns with your career goals cannot be over-emphasized. Look out for opportunities to volunteer your services to help your gain on the job skills.

Volunteering will help you have a feel of what it takes to actually do your dream career. You may desire a career as IT Microsoft professional for example. Look for opportunities like volunteer services to boost your career goals.

A volunteer work experience may just be what you need to get you the next job you so seek. So, if you need a boost in your career this year, use this tips to take your career to the next level.


Get Additional Degree

Need to grow in your career? You need to gain more knowledge to show that you can take on more responsibilities. One of such ways to to get additional degree. You can boost your career by going for an advanced degree like Masters in whatever your field of study. Also, if you want to switch career, you can obtain a degree in your area of interest. So, if you want career growth in your current job, obtain an advanced degree.

You can either gain this degree by going to the closest university to you. Also, you can easily gain an advanced degree online. Online distance learning is new way of going to school from the comfort of your home. This option is perfect for working professionals. So, they can study anytime while still maintaining their jobs.

I recently completed my Masters in Business Administration at Unicaf. Unicaf is an online distance learning school you can study both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. This school made it easy for me to study from the comfort of my own home. Also, they offer up to 80% scholarships to students to reduce the tuition fees. You can pay your fees at once if you can afford it. However, you can pay per module to spread the school fees cost.

So, if you need flexible payment for your fees, opt for Unicaf university. The learning platform is easy to use. You can liaise with your mates or tutor for any challenges. You are assigned a student advisor to guide you with your learning program. So, if you need to boost your career in 2021, obtain an advanced degree with Unicaf. Click here to sign up on Unicaf to enjoy up to 80% scholarship for your study.

How to give your career a boost in 2021