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Outfit ideas for Lagos fashion week for an Epic Street style look

Lagos fashion week always gets me giddy with excitement as I know I would always see a new style and something captivating for the eyes. Don’t know what to wear, here are some cute outfit ideas for Lagos fashion week to kill the street style looks. It’s that time of the year where people express themselves through fashion and are not afraid to showcase their styles.

Asides the street style looks, I am always excited to know new black owned fashion brands that are uber chic and fun. Also, looking forward to some of the top black fashion designers that are regulars to the show.

What does Lagos Fashion Week mean to you?

For me, it’s an avenue to see new styles. Not only that, I get to also interact with people, get to know the inspiration behind the styles, and most importantly, make new friends!

Outfit ideas for Lagos fashion week

While interacting with people, I’ve come across a few who have never been to Lagos fashion week. They give the excuse of not knowing what to wear.

I wouldn’t call myself a stylist, but over the years, I’ve noted some styles and outfit ideas that are perfect for Lagos fashion week.

Attending Lagos fashion week 2023? Here are some outfit ideas to make heads turn!

Street Diva Look

One thing I love about the Lagos fashion week is that you get to own your style and be unapologetic about it! I’ve heard people say you cannot rock a street fashion style to the Lagos fashion week, but who made the rules?

Personally, I wouldn’t say that this style is my go-to look. But I find myself staring at those who rock it and I love it! Why say you don’t have what to wear when you have a pair of jeans and boots sitting in your wardrobe?

You can accessorize using bracelets and shades to give you an edgy look. To take it a step further, go for a leather skirt or trouser and pair with a crop and boots, and you’re set to strut the runway!

Outfit ideas for Lagos fashion week 2023
Afrocentric Art

No better place to embrace African culture than at the Lagos fashion week. If you’re a fan of African prints and styles, then you should opt for an Afrocentric look to Lagos fashion week 2023.

One thing about African prints is that they are always colorful and vibrant! It sets the mood right and gets you into the right feeling.

You can go for a ball or straight Ankara skirt, and pair it with a graffiti-print T-shirt. Yes, talk about not looking regular! For accessories, you should go over the top and wear large sized bangles and hoop earrings.

If you are up for it and really want heads to run, then you should add a large-sized headwrap. Trust me, you will be a delight for the cameras!

Boho Babe

To my ladies who always look for comfort, this one’s for you! I often hear some people say you cannot rock a maxi dress to Lagos fashion week. Again, who made the rules?

If you want a comfortable look, then you should dress like a boho babe. Get a maxi gown with a vibrant design. It could be off-shoulder, sleeveless, or have thin sleeves. If you opt for the thin sleeves or sleeveless option, you should layer it with a distressed denim jacket.

To complete the look, rock this outfit with suede boots and you are good to go!

High Fashion

I always describe this style as the style for those who dare. There are a lot of high fashion ideas that you can try out for Lagos fashion week.

Typically, you might feel resistant at first as it would mean going out of your comfort zone. However, that is the aim of fashion and Lagos fashion week 2023 gives the best opportunity for such exploration.

An outfit idea for high fashion would be going for a jumpsuit with a wide mouth. Of course, you cannot leave it plain as you should accessorize with a statement belt. You should rock this style with a pair of chunky boots.

Again, this is a style for those who dare!

Alte Kid on the Block

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’d be hearing about Alte fashion. It’s a style that has been on for years and it has made a recent comeback. In present society, it is described as a style for the cool kids! It typically entails outfit ideas that are retro-inspired.

For a fun and funky vibe, grab some high-waisted flared pants and pair them with a colorful crop top. Top it off with a headband and oversized shades. Finish the look with chunky platform shoes for that 70s flair, and you’re the new Alte kid on the block!

Trust me, you’ll be boogieing your way through Lagos Fashion week with this style!

Power Suit

If you’re looking to make heads turn and make a fashion statement but not go over the top, you should go for a power suit. I love how power suits make one attract respect but still give a minimalist look and feel.

So, opt for a well-tailored blazer and matching trousers. Choose a classic white shirt underneath for a touch of sophistication. You can also go with any shirt color of your choice as long as it fits what you’re wearing.

If you want to be more daring, you can rock the blazers without a shirt underneath!

For accessories, you shouldn’t use too much as minimalism works best for this outfit. It exudes confidence and style in every step you take.

Glitz and Glamor Queen

Of course, I know there are those who love to be the center of attention with their outfits. If you’re one of those, you fall under this category.

For starters, you can go with a sequin gown that shimmers brightly. With this outfit, everyone would notice you at the event. If you want to go further and steal the show, you should add a dramatic faux fur and get the extra glam.

Being a glitz and glamor queen entails getting all the attention so you need to go all out with accessories as well. Go for statement jewelry and high stilettos. The photographers wouldn’t get tired of taking those shots as you’ll be a showstopper!

With these outfit ideas, it’s time to strut your stuff, turn heads, and make those photographer go click-crazy at Lagos fashion week 2023

FAQ on Lagos Fashion week

  1. When is Lagos fashion week 2023? This year, Lagos fashion week started from Oct 26 to Oct 29. So, you need to hurry and buy your ticket for the runway shows.
  2. How to purchase Lagos fashion week tickets? The tickets for the runway show is available for purpose online. Check out the Lagos fashion week official website.
  3. Is Lagos fashion week free? The shows are paid to see. However, you can attend the event for free. Take great pictures, meet new friends and get those banging pictures.

Feel free to comment other fashion shows you look forward to. Are you attending the upcoming GTCO fashion weekend. Get ready to enjoy the style and fashion all through fashion week month.

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