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9 Style tips on how to wear prints like a pro

Print outfits are trendy fashion pieces to own. For some of us, prints are either for the bold or girly. So, if you’re such that love prints at all, it is kept for either the summer season or home decorations. Are prints on prints outfit still in style? Here are the chicest ways how to wear prints like a pro.

As a child, I always thought prints are for cushions or curtains, or even bed covers. My mum prefers to shop for a solid color outfit for us. Now, I love to wear prints in all forms as an adult; floral, pattern, tropical, animal print, etc.

Although, it can be quite challenging to style prints without looking frumpy. You know most fashion bloggers mix and match prints like it’s a walk in the park. You may find yourself loving their looks yet you’re afraid of recreating stylish looks in prints. So, in this post, I will be sharing 9 style tips on how to wear prints in 2020. Moreover, it’s summer, it’s time to dig out your prints from the bottom of your closet.

How to wear prints

Styling print outfit is easy and not so easy. Particularly if you’re mixing print on prints. Do you wonder why we should mix two prints? It may seem like a bad idea but it is super stylish and fun too. It is the millennial style idea of how to wear print in 2020. I know it is a risky trend to jump into but worth trying out. Here are some tips you need to know.

  • Choose prints within a single color palette. Mix and match prints of complementary colors
  • Mix prints of varying sizes. Pair a top with a large pattern with smaller patterns
  • If you’re in doubt pair your print with a neutral or a complementary solid color.

Wear Print in Accessories

I love print accessories. You add an oomph! to your outfit with print shoes, belts, scarves, or bags. I also have a post on stylish ways to wear print scarves. Moreover, it is a subtle way to introduce prints to your closet without doing too much. Print accessories can dress up any outfit. I prefer animal print shoes or bags. Animal prints are a timeless trend, it is a wardrobe staple.

How to wear prints casually

Prints on Neutrals

Another simple way on how to wear prints is to style them with neutral outfits. A neutral outfit is a staple wardrobe basic you need in your closet. Some of us already have basic neutrals like black tees, brown pants or beige skirts, etc. So, as a beginner, it is very easy to wear your print top or pants with a neutral color outfit. You can wear a floral top with a black maxi skirt and you’re ready to go.

Prints and Denim

Denim is another wardrobe staple you need to own. I love denim because they’re versatile so you get so much use from it. You can wear your print top with denim pants or shorts. For a print dress, you can wear a denim jacket with it. You can wear this look for a house party or casual outing with friends

Mix and match the print with the similar base color

Another chic and stylish way on how to wear prints is to pair prints with the same base color. What I mean is that prints that have a common color can be paired together. So if I have a print pattern top that color black and a skirt with the same color, I will pair them together.

Match prints in black and white shades

I love prints or patterns in black and white colors. It is very chic. A simple way to pull this look off is to wear a vertical stripe top with a horizontal stripe bottom. This is a no-brainer look you can wear for your casual outings. The rule is basically to pair colors, not the prints themselves.

Cardigan and prints

Another stylish way on how to wear prints is with a jumper or cardigan. If you love to layer your outfit, this look is for you. To transition my print dress from casual to a work outfit, I wear a cardigan on it. So, you can look stylish and also keep off the cold in your office.

Blazers on Prints

Blazers are also another staple wardrobe basics. You can elevate your look with blazers. I prefer my blazers fitted so I rarely wear oversized blazers. In order to keep my outfit fitted, I opt to cinch my blazer with a belt. For a day out with friends, you can wear a floral print dress with a blazer.

Mix prints of varying sizes

Another way on how to wear prints is to match prints of varying sizes. I love this look in polka dots. You can wear polka dots of large sizes as a dress or top with a small size polka dot skirt or shoe. This makes the look coordinated. And of course, don’t forget to take note of the colors too. Also, you can mix patterns and floral prints taking note to vary the size of the prints.

Prints with Solid colors

A simple way to wear print is to match it with a complementary solid color base. So, you can wear a blue polka dot top with a blue skirt or any other solid color. It is a way to dress up or down a floral print.

I chose to write this post since it is summer. If you already have prints in your closet, it’s time to try out these styling tips. There is an assortment to choose from: rompers, shirts, jumpsuits, dresses, etc.

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13 thoughts on “9 Style tips on how to wear prints like a pro”

  1. I love a good print. My favourite has to be leopard print. And any colourful African print.
    At the moment bringing any sort of colour into the day is great.
    Nice edit.

  2. Love it! Prints are such a fun way to add personality to your wardrobe and can be styled in such a way to be bold or demure. Excellent post! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I’m too into bold prints but I love a good polka dot or stripe. I tend to wear most prints in accessories but now I’ll start pairing them with denim or even mixing multiple prints!

  4. Spring and summer fashion is my absolute favorite and I am so ready to brighten up this season with some colorful use of patterns. This post has some great outfit inspo, thanks for sharing!
    xo Bri

  5. I love prints but I do find them to be intimidating at times. This information is helpful! Sometimes I try to analyze the print with my body to make certain areas appear bigger or smaller. ? I’m not sure if it works the way I hope it does.

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