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15 outdoor activities in Africa you’d regret not doing on your visit

Africa is a big continent that has many countries. Unfortunately, some people who have never visited this continent think that it is a country. It is why I embarked on a mission to sensitize foreigners to all that Africa has to offer. Here I will share 15 outdoor activities in Africa you’d regret not doing on your visit.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’d know that I love to travel and explore new places. I believe that traveling is a way of gaining knowledge. It is my dream to fully explore all African countries with time. 

What should I expect when visiting Africa? What outdoor activities can one do in Africa? Are there fun things to do in Africa?

These are common questions to get from foreigners who desire to visit African countries. If you’ve been curious to know about fun outdoor activities in Africa, I’ll talk about them in this article. 

15 Best outdoor activities in Africa to do on a budget

I am all in for a budget vacation. If you’re a budget babe like me, you need to add these 15 outdoor activities in Africa to do on a budget. Here I covered fun things to do in Africa for a low, mid or high or luxury getaway in Africa. So let’s get right into it.

1. Hiking

There is almost no African country you visit that doesn’t give you the leisure of engaging in hiking. The joy that comes with hiking is almost unbeatable as you get to enjoy the environment. Thankfully, Africa is blessed with lush vegetation and beautiful natural elements. So, you would be giving your eyes a delight while hiking.

You can go hiking at Erin Ijesha waterfall in Nigeria, or on mount Kilimanjaro if you like. So, If you love hiking add it to your list of outdoor activities in Africa to do. 

It is even more fun to hike as a group. This way, you get to share jokes and banter with one another. You wouldn’t feel the stress of hiking when you do it in a group. 

Hiking is one of the best activities to do in Africa. 

2. Mountain climbing

Another fun fact about Africa is that the countries have mountains and high points. From the few African countries I have visited, I’ve seen that African countries are blessed with mountains. 

So, mountain climbing comes as a no-brainer on the list of outdoor activities to do in Africa. You’d often find people challenging themselves to climb to the peak of these mountains. It ends up in a healthy competition that you’d be glad to do. 

You’ll always enjoy breathtaking views when you get to the top of the mountain, and you may even not want to come down. Mountain climbing is one activity that I wouldn’t mind doing numerous times.

3. Watching the sunset 

There was a time in my life when I felt that watching the sunset was a boring activity. Anyway, I’m thankful for growth as I’ve come to see the light concerning this activity. 

I’ve earlier mentioned that Africa is blessed with beautiful natural elements. So, I often find myself drawn to appreciate nature in the evenings while I can watch the sunset. In addition, I always find myself bringing out my camera as the view is something I would always want to behold. 

The calmness that comes with watching the sunset is so soothing. Thus, it is a highly recommended activity.

4. Kayaking

Have you explored Africa if you haven’t gone Kayaking? For a long time, I ran from engaging in this activity as I wasn’t exactly a fan of water activities. However, I was glad the day I overcame my fears and went kayaking. 

After my first kayak experience, I began asking myself why I hadn’t engaged in the activity before. You can engage in kayaking in almost all the African countries you visit. The locals of the region are in the best place to provide all the kayaking information you may need. 

However, it is necessary to go do this activity with an open mind. 

5. Fishing

Talking about the locals of a region, one of my favorite activities is to bond with these locals when I am in a new place. I know that I am covered when I am on friendly terms with the locals. So, you’d always find me trying to engage them in conversations. 

Another way I bond with the locals is through fishing. It is one of the top outdoor activities in Africa, especially in the riverine regions. The locals can do it for fun, as a source of livelihood, and even for feeding purposes. 

They are usually more than delighted when foreigners indicate interest to join them in this activity. 

6. Canopy walks

Traveling is one of my favorite activities as it helps me do things that I never thought I would do in my life. However, I understood that to enjoy traveling, you need to keep an open mind. So, I have to reset my mindset to ensure that I get the best on my trips. 

It was on one of these trips that I indulged in canopy walks at LCC, Lagos Nigeria. The thrill that came with it was on another level. I got to see the city from another level, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. I would recommend this activity as it comes with an enthralling adrenaline rush. 

Outdoor activities in Africa

7. Shop in the local markets 

Have you been to Africa you did not visit and shop in any of the local markets? I would even say it is impossible to resist the urge to visit a local market when you visit any African country. By the time you see clothes, spices, and more that get your attention, you wouldn’t know when your legs would lead you in that direction. 

One of the fun things I enjoy while shopping in an African market is haggling prices with the sellers. They are usually friendly and the healthy banter is one for the books. You’d even learn something new about the city or people in the process. 

Also, you would also find souvenir items to take back home when you shop in an African market.

8. Go on a safari trip

I doubt that you’ve ever gone on a safari trip before if you’ve never been to Africa. So, you shouldn’t miss the chance to go on one when you visit Africa. 

Safari trips are usually fun as you get to observe wildlife. It could be that you’ve only read about these animals and the closest interaction you’ve had with them was seeing them on TV. Going on a Safari trip allows you to be in close proximity to these animals. 

You may even get the chance to walk with lions in a country like Senegal or engage in other activities that center around wildlife. Another fun country to visit for their Safaris is South Africa. They have some of the best National parks and Safaris. Add a Safari trip to South Africa to your bucket list.

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9. Hiking of Kilimanjaro

Wouldn’t you want to say that you’ve climbed the highest mountain in Africa? Earlier, I stated that hiking and mountain climbing are some of the outdoor activities in Africa. It is one thing to go on a regular hike or mountain climbing experience. But it is a different ball game when you are hiking mount Kilimanjaro! 

You would have the pleasure of engaging in this activity when you visit Tanzania. Make sure that you have a recording device so that you can properly document your experience. Remember, this is a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t pass up. So, ensure that you engage in it and come back to share your experience.   

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10. Visit a national park

I don’t think there is any African country that doesn’t have a national park. Therefore, one of the top outdoor activities to do in Africa is to visit a national park. 

At the national park, you get to see natural elements that are important to the country. It could be flowers and plants that only grow in that region. It could also be animals that are particular to that area. 

I can assure you that it is easy to lose track of time while engaging in this activity. So, ensure that you are not in a rush when visiting an African national park. 

11. Attend a festival

One of my best fun outdoor activities in Africa is attending a festival. If I had my way, I’d be attending an African festival weekly at least. From the music to the people, the entire vibes of an African festival are upbeat and perfect. It gives you the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle while having the topmost fun. 

I always feel a pang of sadness when there are no festivals happening when I visit any African country. So, I always ensure to time my trip in a way that falls during the festive periods. 

The food and drinks at these festivals are also major highlights for anyone. Trust me, you wouldn’t want the festival to end when you attend one.

12. Go food and wine tasting

The local foods and drinks of a place are also things I look out for when I am in a new country. Although I can sometimes be picky, I am always excited to try out new meals. At least, I’ll get to say that I’ve tried meals from different countries. 

I’ve noticed that the best way to try out many local foods and drinks is by going for a food and wine tasting. When you’re in a new country, you should ask a local for directions on where to find a food and wine-tasting event. 

Also, make sure that you go there hungry. I’m sure you’d have a favorite new meal after attending such an event. 

13. Explore the beaches

I love that Africa also has beaches for people to explore. The climate in African countries could get really hot sometimes. So, exploring a beach helps you cool down and still have fun moments. 

At the beach, there are usually lots of fun activities to do. It was at a beach that I learned how to play volleyball. The available activities are usually dependent on the beach. Therefore, you need to find out and engage in the ones you would enjoy doing.

You can also get local meals and drinks at these places, and even enjoy local music and make new friends. I never plan my trip to Africa without visiting a beach. This is my happy place in the world. Hence it is top on the list of outdoor activities in Africa I highly recommend.

14. See a waterfall

Another of the best outdoor activities in Africa you’d regret not doing is a visit to a waterfall. I remember how excited I was the first time I saw a waterfall. Interestingly, I’ve met people who think that there are no waterfalls in Africa. On the contrary, there are lots of waterfalls in Africa. These waterfalls await your visit as you need to see and explore them. 

They make the perfect backdrop for your pictures when you’re on holiday. It is also always soothing and calming when you have to visit a waterfall. It was only fitting for me to add this as an outdoor activity in Africa. It is one of the best ways to spend your time in any African country.

15. Learn history from a museum

You may say that I’m a nerd. Yes, I love going to museums when I’m in a new country as I get to learn about the country’s history. I highly recommend this outdoor activity in Africa for anyone visiting an African country. The stories you will learn at these places would add to your knowledge bank. 

It is often said that knowledge is power. So, wouldn’t you rather equip yourself?

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