You can now book Lagos to Ibadan train tickets online easily

Since the advent of the Lagos to Ibadan train, I have stopped taking the bus to Ibadan. I always look for a reason to link the train to my routes. Why travel via the Lagos to Ibadan train station? The comfort and the speed of travel. It also helps me minimize the Jetlag that comes with travelling Nigerian roads.

Now you can now book your tickets online. How happy I am about this? Have you fallen for the recent scam that the workers do at the Ebute Metta train station do? I fell for this. I paid for tickets to Ibadan and they refused to give us tickets. We all know that they do frequent checks on the train in transit. The same worker who told us no need for the ticket started demanding for my ticket during the check.

I have never been so calm in my life as I watched the drama at play. It beats me that Nigerians use every medium to loot funds from themselves. Anyways, now I am glad I can now book my train tickets online. Also, the payment has to be made now via POS or transfer, no more cash payment. Always request for your tickets when you make payment. Ignore any familiarity with the staff as many of them are thieves.

Ibadan is a fun place to explore. On my mini honey moon, I explored the city of Ibadan. Check out these budget friendly places to see in Ibadan on your visit.

How to book Lagos to Ibadan train tickets online

As usual, there are so many websites posing to be the new Lagos to Ibadan train ticket site. However, there is just one website opened by the government. Click here to book your train tickets from Lagos to Ibadan.

The below are the steps to book your tickets.

  1. Click to register your profile: You need your NIN to create a profile.
  2. Log in with your email and password to book
  3. You need to book your train tickets a day before your trip. Anything short of that will be to book your ticket at the train station before you travel.

As per usual there are 3 types of coach or class of coach you can pay for. The coach type and prices are displayed on the website. You also can choose the closest train station to you to book.

Also, you need to input your personal information, names of other passengers, your coach number and seats. I love the window seats so it will be hard to tell which of the seats are closest to the window.

The three types of classes of coach you can opt for are standard class which is the cheapest, First class which quite more comfy and the business class which is the most expensive.

I cannot quite tell the benefits of these coach classes. There are no perks asides the comfort and of course class. You don’t get free drinks or complementary train food. I wish these were there so I will justify the prices.

Anyhoo, this is a super easy way to book your Lagos to Ibadan train tickets from the comfort of your home. Also you get to avoid scams and falling victim like I did.

Lagos to Ibadan train stations and Schedule

There are at least 3 train stations for the Lagos to Ibadan train. These trains ply this route at least twice a day. One in the morning and the second in the evening.

  • Ebute Metta Train station
  • Agege Train station
  • Laderin Train station
  • Omi Ido train station
  • Moniya Train station

Have you visited Ibadan via the Lagos to Ibadan train stations. You need to take the train on your trip as it is worth the hype.