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New Yellow fever vaccine card process in Nigeria: Your Questions answered

Nigeria is gradually phasing out manual processes for digital options. This is a welcome development for travelers. Here is all your questions answered on the New yellow fever vaccine card process. I have written a post on how to apply for Yellow fever card in Nigeria detailing the process.

Why do you need a yellow fever card? Yellow card is a travel requirement you if you’re traveling to regions that are prone to have yellow fever. These is to help protect the travelers from being exposed to this illness on their visit.

Typically most African countries require you to be vaccinated from yellow fever. To know the list of countries that requires you to be vaccinated from yellow fever, click here.

How do I get yellow fever vaccine card in Nigeria?

As stated earlier the process is now digital. You need to apply on the yellow card vaccine website. All you need to do is to register to create a profile.

You need the information on your Nigerian international passport to apply for this process. Fill in your details correctly.

How much does the yellow fever vaccine card cost in Nigeria? You are required to make a payment of 2,000 naira and some charges on the platform. The charges are quite small.

The next step is to make payment. What are the available payment methods or options on the portal? You can opt to make payment via remitta, your debit card, transfers or via the branch. I highly recommend you pay via remitta or card.

You are to print this receipt and take it to the nearest Nigeria port health offices. This you can easily search via google by typing Nigeria port health offices near me.

Steps to apply for yellow fever card?

The below are the simple steps to apply for your yellow fever card.

  • Register your profile on the yellow fever card platform ( New users)
  • Log in to your profile ( Existing users)
  • Input your details correctly quoting your passport number
  • Click on pay ( Payment methods include debit card card- visa or master card, Transfer or via remitta)
  • Visit the nearest Port health office near you.

How long does it take to get Yellow fever vaccine card in Nigeria?

Typically you need to visit the nearest port health offices to get vaccinated. However, there are exemption to this vaccination. If you’re pregnant or breast feeding you are exempted from vaccination. But you need to visit the port health office to get your exemption yellow fever card.

Children under 9months of age are also exempted from this vaccination. The yellow fever vaccine card will be issued to you after 1 working day. However, this depends on the number of people on queue on your visit. If it takes longer, kindly reach out to the port office for feedback.

Does the Nigerian port health offices open during the weekend?

The opening hours for the port offices you can easily access online. For Lagos port health office, opening hours is from 8am to 6pm from Monday through Friday.

However, if you’re unable to make it during the week, you can still visit during the weekend. It is opened from 8am to 2pm on Saturday and Sundays.

You don’t need to schedule an appointment to visit this offices. All you need is to go with your evidence of payment and registration. The offices are open at anytime as stated above.

FAQ on Yellow card in Nigeria

  1. Do I need yellow fever card to visit Nigeria? Nigeria is one of the Yellow fever prone countries. Hence you need to get vaccinated to visit Nigeria. Full list of countries that needs this vaccination is above.
  2. Can a nursing mother or pregnant woman get vaccinated? As with most vaccines, pregnant women and nursing mothers are exempted from vaccination. However, you are required to apply and visit the port health office for your yellow card.
  3. How much does it yellow fever card cost in Nigeria? It costs 2,000naira per person to get a yellow fever card.
  4. Which countries requires a proof of yellow fever vaccine for entry? Most African countries like Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, most west African countries require you to get the vaccine. Refer to the full list of countries above.

Have you gotten your yellow fever vaccinations? Where are you planning to visit? Feel free to comment below.

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