A well polished nail is like the icing on a cake as it relates to fashion. As a stylista, rocking the perfect outfit is incomplete without chic manicure nails. You can choose to wear your natural nails polished with the color of your choice. Also, if your one that loves fixing nails like I do, opt for dip powered nails. Here is why you need dip powder nails for your manicure.

Why you need dip powder nails for your manicure?

Although some would argue that dip powder nails when used frequently weaken the nails. Also you may lose the nails within a week of fixing if not made properly. Please choose a good saloon!. This could be quite discouraging but acrylics also has its advantages too, “It helps to grow your natural nails while preventing nail eaters like me from eating my natural nails off.”
There are different trendy nail art style which you can rock for your nails as an effortlessly whether short, medium or long length. It depends on whatever length you feel comfy with and your choice of colors that suites your personal style. Some colors like nudes or neutrals are more appropriate for 9-5vers like me or are office worthy while more brighter colors can be worn for outings or if you’re your own boss. The Below are different nail styles or shapes you could explore.
  • Round tip
  • Stiletto tip
  • Square tip

An easy or cheap nail hack for long lasting nails is the use of acrylic nail powder to maintain or cover the nails as soon as it is made. It hardens the nails, long lasting and less susceptible to breakage. Hence anytime I visit my stylist to fix my artificial nail, I ensure my nails are well powdered. You too can do the same to make your nails last longer nails and still be as trendy or chic as always. You can also read my post on style hacks every woman need to know in 2021.

Why you need dip powder nails

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