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Top 5 Must see African Countries to experience the snow this holiday

We’ve gotten to the month of festivities, where we see Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. How about Christmas in winter? Here are top 5 must see African countries to experience the snow this holiday season.

To some, they want to spend time with family. Others desire exploring different holiday spots and making the most of the season.

When it comes to the Christmas season in some places, it is signified with snow. For those who desire exploring Africa this period, they are curious to know if they can find snow in any African country.

While Africa is renowned for its warm and sunny climate, there are a few hidden gems on the continent. Yes, it snows in some African countries. Surprising? And you can enjoy some exciting activities in these places to visit in Africa.

Let’s explore some of the top African countries where it snows. This way, you can experience the joy of a snowy holiday.

Must see African countries to experience the Snow

Living in the tropics, I am accustomed to the weather of the tropics. Always hots and cool only after a downfall. However, African continent is very big with several weather conditions. Imagine experiencing winter in Africa. Here are the top 5 must see African countries that experience snow during the Christmas holiday to explore.

South Africa

It came as a shock when I learned that it snows in South Africa. However, somewhere in the Drakensberg Mountains, you can experience the joys of snow.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it would always snow in this area. But people who live or explore this place occasionally witness snowfall during the winter months.

If you’re looking for a place around here to spend the holiday, you should consider Tiffindell Ski Resort. Here, you can enjoy the snow and indulge in winter sports. If you’re not about the cold weather, you can also experience these fun things to do in South Africa in other seasons.

You can also have a wonderful christmas experience with snowfall at Lesotho.


Morocco is another country where you can experience snow in Africa. If you’ve not heard about the Atlas Mountains in South Africa, you should check it out. The central and eastern parts of the Atlas range boast higher elevations that can experience snowfall during the winter season.

One thing about being in this area during the holiday is that it lets you immerse yourself in Moroccan culture. You are sure to have fun and have a swell time.


Somewhere in North Africa, Algeria stands as a country to experience snowfall this Christmas season. Likewise the mountains in other countries, you get to experience Algerian snowfall in Kabylie Mountains.

During this period, this place transforms into a beauty that remains a wonder to the eyes. It gives you the best experience of the season and you’ll be sure to recommend this place to others.


It is important to note that snowfall in Tunisia is not a regular occurrence. However, the winter season may bring about a magical transformation of this North African gem.

Jebel Chaambi stands as the highest peak in the country and a place to experience this snowfall. It gives you an experience of a lifetime that you’ll desire to keep experiencing. Once at this place, you’ll not want to leave.


Wondering what happens when you climb to the highest point of the mountains in Ethiopia? Using the Simien Mountains as an example, you will witness a breathtaking experience as the views will leave you in awe.

The higher elevations can experience chilly temperatures. On occasions, you can also get snowfall during the winter months.

While snow might not be the first thing you would think about when it comes to Africa, you should know that it snows in Africa!

FAQ on must see African countries to experience the snow

Does Nigeria have snow? There is only one part of Nigeria that is said to have snow. This is Jos plateau state. However, it is now really snow but likened to be snow?

What to wear for a winter holiday in Africa? Africa is typically warm. You can check out this list of what to wear for a trip in Africa. However for the winter month, you need to wear cardigans, coats, scarves etc.

Which African countries have snow? Morrocco, Tunisia, Lesotho, South Africa, The mountains of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, amongst others as stated in this article experience snow.

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