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Top 5 Best things to do in Ilorin, Kwara state Nigeria

Top 5 best things to do in Ilorin

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. If you know, you know. So, this time I went to explore Ilorin, Kwara state. Yes, it was totally different, with little or no nightlife, & busy like Lagos during the day. Anyway, here are my top 5 best things to do in Ilorin, Kwara state. Is there a beach in Ilorin? There is no beach in Ilorin. However, there is a beach in Kwara state, called Patigi beach. Also, you can touch the Owu waterfalls at Ifelodun. I love waterfalls but I had to pass on this because of its distance from Ilorin city. I will also be sharing some of the best places to stay in this city.

How to get to Ilorin, Kwara state?

There are several means of transportation you can take to Ilorin. The most common is the road. It cost about 3,500naira per person to Ilorin from Lagos state. I would love to travel to Ilorin someday by train. This is the cheapest means of transport to Ilorin.

The fastest means of transport to Ilorin is by air. Ilorin city has an airport too. One of the pioneer airports in Nigeria. What airlines fly Ilorin? There are quite a few airlines that fly to Ilorin Kwara state. Air Peace and Arik Air are the most common airlines that fly this route.

Since flight fares are through the roof these days, I would recommend you book via travel start. This search engine helps you search for cheap flight tickets to anywhere in Nigeria and abroad. Click here to book your next trip to Ilorin.

Where to stay in Ilorin, Kwara state?

I had fun in Ilorin. Although you can any hotel in Ilorin. However, I opted for Princess luxury hotel Ilorin. This hotel is so luxurious and worth every penny.

How did book this hotel? Through the famous Airbnb. It is an apartment hotel. You get your own room, reading or work desk. The room was cool with AC working fine.

Another value-added service is breakfast for one person per room. It is a buffet with varieties of food like Yam & Scrambled egg sauce, chicken sauce, beans, bread, tea, or spaghetti. This all depends on what you want to eat as breakfast from the option.

My only issue is that they only feed one person per room. However, if you have more than one person in the room, you can pay for their food. I only wish they added the bill for the second person’s breakfast while booking. You can also check my vlog for more details on this hotel. I did a room tour, click here to watch all my experiences at Ilorin.

Princess Luxury hotel guests also have access to the Gym facility, the pool area, and the club. We came on Friday night and attended the club for a minute. I had to leave early so I can’t share the whole experience. Non-guests also troops in to enjoy the Friday night club at Princess luxury hotel. Click here to book your stay at Princess Luxury hotel.

Top 5 Best things to do in Ilorin

Ilorin is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. It is a fun place to visit. I love the peace and quiet of the place. However, there is little or no nightlife. Most people there go home early starting from 8 pm. I had fun exploring this city of so much heat during the day and cold at night. Here are the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Sobi Hill

One of the fun outdoor activities to do in Ilorin is hiking the Sobi hill rock. This place is located in Sobi Community. My hiking experience was quite scary. The rock is so steep. However, a path has been crafted by the locals that make it easy for you to climb. You can climb to the apex of this rock.

At the top of Sobi hill, you get to see several places in Ilorin Town. If you’re a resident, you may see your street or home. As we all that Nigeria is a very religious country. We were stopped by people while climbing the hill for prayers. Muslims and Christians alike. Some of these clerics pray for you voluntarily. You can choose to make a small offering after the prayer session.

We visited Sobi hill just after the Muslim fast. So, there were a lot of Muslims coming for prayers at this hill. Plus, Ilorin has a more Muslim population as compared to its Christian community.

Climbing down the hill was not as stressful. I couldn’t wait to come down the hill because I was tired and dehydrated. So, my tip for hiking Sobi hill include;

  • Wear a pair of boots or sneakers for grip
  • Opt for light clothes as this city is hot
  • Go with a bottle of water to quench your thirst
  • You need your gadget to capture the moment of course.

A view of Ilorin City From the top of Sobi Hill

University of Ilorin, Zoo

Another of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin is to visit the University of Ilorin Zoo. How can you locate the university of Ilorin zoo? It is quite close to the popular Tanke Town. All through my commute, I took bikes. So, You can easily take a bike from your hotel to the University of Ilorin.

The University of Ilorin Unlike the University of Ibadan is located outside the school environment. It is just beside the University. The entry fee is 1000naira per person. This is equivalent to a coin that grants you access.

My take, this zoo is not really worth its price. The zoo is quite dilapidated. Some of the animals are no longer there. Also, some cages are already falling apart. However, I loved the peacock, donkeys, and Leopard. There is an array of animals you can see at the zoo.

I only wish the canopy walk is working fine. The attendant told us that it is under construction. This would have made the whole trip worth it.

Asa Dam

Locating this dam was a hassle. Even on the map, it is so wrong that we were dropped off in the bush. Dams are an interesting place to visit. However, many residents on Asa Dam road do not know where the DAM is located.

Thankfully, a bike man was able to help ask for directions and take us there. It is close to the government secretariat. I love the view of the city from Asa Dam. We met a man who works at this dam who was willing to give us a tour of this place for free. However, we didn’t leave without giving him a tip for his hospitality.

I would recommend that schools visit this place often for excursions. This dam serves the whole city with drinking water. I found it weird that not a lot of people know this place.

Succoth Valley Garden

Another of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin is to visit Succoth Garden. The garden is quite close to the princess luxury hotel. It is more like a chilled place to relax.

I love this place because of the waterfront view. They have free to access lounge chairs close to the water. You can relax and watch some men fishing.

The entry fee to Succoth garden is 1000naira per person. There are so many things you can do in this garden.

  • Hangout with your family
  • Picnic in this garden with friends and family
  • Chill at the waterfront
  • Have a wedding reception in the garden
  • Host an event
  • Go for a pre-wedding shoot
  • Content creation especially product photography.

This garden was not crowded though it was a public holiday. I only wish the fee was less or free to access. It is no different from the free parks in Lagos like JJT park, Ndubuisi Kanu, etc. So, if you stay in Ilorin, explore any of these top 5 best things to do in Ilorin on a budget.

Other places: Dada pottery

Dada pottery is another of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin. Although, I couldn’t visit during my 3-day stay. However, it is popularly recommended as a place to explore.

You get to visit this workshop where local pottery is done. It is one of my must-see places to visit in Nigeria.

FAQ about Ilorin, Kwara state

  1. Where are the most visited places in Nigeria? Nigeria has so many beautiful places you can explore. One of such places is Ilorin. There are so many fun things to do. However, this roundup list of the top 5 best things to do in Ilorin will get you started. Another part of Kwara state that should be on your bucket list is Patigi beach. Which brings me to the next question?
  2. Is there Beach in Kwara State? Ilorin doesn’t have a beachfront. However, there is a beach in Kwara state, called Patigi beach. This beach is formed from the Niger river. I have always known of the Niger river during my service year. However, I wasn’t bold enough to visit due to the insecurity in Nigeria.
  3. Which city has the best nightlife in Nigeria? Although Kwara state is one of the tourist attractions in Nigeria. However, this city has very few nightlife activities. They take life slowly over there. Also, they retire early to their homes. The hub of Nightlife in Nigeria is Lagos state. The beaches are bubbly overnight. Also, you can dance all night at the clubs most popular is the Quilox.

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