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Top 10 Second-Hand Designer Handbags website to Shop

Owning a designer handbag has always been the dream of many, including myself, from a young age. Back then, I dreamt that by the time I become an adult and start working, I would have a closet dedicated to my designer bags. Here are my top 10 second-hand designer handbags website to shop.

If wishes were horses yeah?

By the time I became an adult and started earning, I understood why the thoughts of getting designer handbags remained dreams and aspirations for many. Have you seen the price tags for these bags!?

In today’s society, designer handbags represent a lot including luxury, fashion, and style. Understandably, many, including myself cannot afford as much designer handbags as we desire due to the hefty price tags on them.

Fortunately, the rise of the second-hand market has made it possible for those of us who desire to own designer handbags to get them without emptying our wallets. Trust me, there is nothing to be ashamed of concerning buying second-hand products. Most of these items are usually still in perfect conditions, especially when you buy from a trusted marketplace.

Second-hand designer handbags

Second-Hand designer handbags brands to know

In this article, I’ll be sharing the top 10 second-hand designer handbag sites to shop, and I’ll be giving reasons why these places stand out amongst others.


I’ve shopped on many sites, but shopping on Etsy is always a discovery! One minute I’m on the site looking for a specific designer handbag, the next minute I’m seeing unique designer handbags I never knew existed! The experience when shopping on Etsy is always like discovering a treasure or gold mine.

Etsy has a diverse range of independent sellers who curate unique and vintage designer pieces. If you’re the type who loves to own timeless and unique collections, Etsy is the place for you to shop.

I love to say that Etsy is a shopping hub for everyone. Whether you’re hunting for a vintage Chanel flap bag or a quirky Moschino creation, there is something for you on Etsy.

Etsy is also a great place to shop for designer dupes handbags for yourself. So, you still can’t afford second-hand designer for the brands you love, opt for the designer lookalikes.


Is it possible to talk about online marketplaces without mentioning eBay? This site has made a global name for itself as a one-stop place to shop! Due to its global recognition, it leaves a sense of assurance in the hearts of shoppers.

The diversity in price ranges is one reason why I love to shop on eBay. After all, the reason I’m going for a second-hand designer bag is because I want to cut costs. Thus, it’s only right to shop on a site that gives me access to different vendors and diverse price ranges. You’re such to find a vendor with a price range that suits your budget when you shop on eBay. The best part of it is that you would see luxury items of all brands and styles on this site

The RealReal

From the name alone, this website already gives you a sense of comfort and assurance. From experience shopping from this site, I’ve never had complaints as the handbags I get are always of excellent quality.

The site prides itself in selling authentic products. According to them, there is an expert team dedicated to verifying the genuineness of every item they sell. With this, it’s not surprising why the site is a shoppers delight.

There is always a certain fear when buying second-hand items as you do not want to waste money in buying fake products. We wouldn’t want a case of getting ‘Gusci’ in place of ‘Gucci.’

By shopping from The RealReal, you can be rest assured that you’re investing in genuine designer handbags.

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I’m sure you must have heard about this site before. Due to the perceived popularity they have, Poshmark strives to ensure transparency between vendors and buyers.

Shopping from this site is usually interactive as you can talk with the vendors and read reviews before buying any item. They also ensure to vet sellers on their platform.

I like to shop for second-hand designer handbags from this website as I get to talk with the sellers and even get recommendations from them. Many of them are fashion experts and enthusiasts with top quality taste. Through such dialogues, I get to discover new and unique pieces.


Am I going to be cheated or ripped off when shopping from this site?

Rebag understands that people need an alternative when they cannot afford to buy designer handbags. It’s why they created a platform dedicated to buying and selling second-hand designer handbags.

They pride themselves in their transparent pricing system. Once you come on the site, you get to see the value for the handbag you desire. Even when you try to compare the value with other sites, you’ll see that Rebag is giving you real value for your money.

Farfetch Pre-loved

One thing about this site is that they live and scream luxury. When it comes to designer and high-end fashion items, I give it to them as they really do know their onions.

The site offers you a platform to own luxury items. They also understand that not everyone can afford the price tags that come with these items. So, they have a pre-owned section where you can shop for second-hand items. It is in this section that you can get second-hand designer handbags.

Shopping on this site ensures that you’re in direct touch with luxury. It eases your doubts and assures you that whatever you get is of original quality.

Vestiaire Collective

If you’re looking for a more niched site for designer handbags, specifically one of European influence, this is the place to shop! You know how your taste buds sometimes crave Italian meals? It’s the same way your fashion appetite might craving European fashion!

From Chanel to Prada, you can find your favorite European designer brands on this site. It gets better as the prices for the second-hand designer bags are highly fair!

Next time you want to shop for second-hand designer handbags and you’re thinking European, come to this site!


I like that it is easy to navigate the site, making the shopping process easy. Another thing I love about this site is their commitment to authenticity. They have a team that goes the extra mile by authenticating every purchase.

I can say that this site never runs out of luxury items and is one of the best places to shop second-hand designer handbags.


I always get excited to shop on this website as I know that I would be getting items that suit my taste. Once I’m in doubt of anything while shopping, I never hesitate to reach out to their team. They have in-house experts who help you in carefully curating your cart to your taste.

They have a wide array of second-hand designer handbags and accessory! There is always a certain level of confidence that comes from shopping on this site.

Yoogi’s Closet

The warmth I feel when shopping from this site is next to none! Shopping at Yoogi’s Closet is like having a personal shopper guide you through a treasure trove of luxury fashion finds. Most times, I lose track of time while shopping here!

From their extensive range of second-hand designer handbags to their competitive prices and their commitment to quality, there isn’t anything to dislike about the shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

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