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A good hotel should have these, Tips for booking hotels

What are you to look out for while booking hotels? A good hotel should have these things I want to share. Here are the best tips for booking hotels that is just right for you. Also, you can avoid hotel booking mistakes with these tips.

I remember almost freaking out the first time I had to travel to another country on my own as the thoughts of finding accommodation were terrifying. Although I was going to a new country, the nerves were in place as I had no idea where to stay and accommodation is an essential part of any travel plan.

Together with my friends, we came up with some guidelines and factors to consider when booking a hotel. With these factors, I was able to ensure that I got the best hotel during my vacation.

Since then, I have always used those factors as a guide before choosing a hotel, and they have never failed me. In this article, I would be sharing these factors as tips to consider when booking a hotel.

They help to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay and make the best out of your vacation.

Tips for booking hotel

Tips for booking hotels

These factors and tips to consider before booking your hotel are as follows.


Before embarking on any trip, I know you would have a budget. In this budget, you’ve also factors in and made provision for accommodation. Thus, it is the accommodation budget that informs the type of hotel you would book.

If you’re on a strict budget, you would be going for less expensive hotels. It is ideal to always have a budget before going ahead to check for hotels. With a budget, the searching process becomes easier.

Working with your budget also ensures that your planning process is in place. This way, you wouldn’t spend all your money on hotels as you know your limit. You can also check out my tested and tried tips on how to plan the best trip on a budget.


Before going ahead to book any hotel, you should also check the location of the hotel. It wouldn’t make sense to book a hotel that is on the outskirt of town. If you do this, you would be spending a lot on transportation.

Ideally, the hotel you book should be within proximity to hot spot areas. As a tourist, you should book a hotel that is close to tourist attractions, restaurants, relaxation spots, etc.

Your hotel should be situated in an area that should be within walking distance to these locations if possible. It helps to reduce your expenses during your trip.


What are people saying about the hotel? For me, I always check out reviews about any hotel I’m considering as it informs my decision. From these reviews, I can tell if I would get value from the hotel or not.

There was a time I forgot about checking reviews and was about to book a hotel. Luckily I checked out the reviews at the last minute and it saved me from wasting money on the hotel.

People are always going to drop ratings and reviews about their experience at any facility. It is also a red flag when there are no reviews about a place.

Reviews will also save you from booking the worst Airbnb apartment if that is what you’d prefer. Also, check out my tips for booking Airbnb as a beginner.


I know that there are some things you’re looking to enjoy at any hotel you want to stay. It might be the free Wifi, swimming pool, or even a gym. These are some amenities that some hotels provide.

However, it would be unwise to assume that you can get these amenities at every hotel. Instead of working on assumptions, check through the website of any hotel you’re considering to know if they have the amenities you desire.

It is always important that any hotel you book has the amenities you need. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend money on a hotel that doesn’t give your desired value.

If your hotel doesn’t have a WIFI but you still love the aesthetics, you need Airalo. Airalo offers you data to allow you communicate and use the internet while you are away. This is an e-sim you can use for all countries you visit.

You can choose to get the service per country or per region or continent. Check my post on why you should opt for e-sims in place of buying new sims per country.


Is the hotel safe for people to stay? This is an important question to answer before booking a hotel.

You can check this from different angles including the location of the hotel. It is always best to check and ensure that the hotel is not in a high-brow crime area. Your choice should be in a peaceful and calm location.

Also, you should check to know if the hotel has security measures in place like security personnel’s. Safety is a very important factor for me to consider, especially when I am visiting an unfamiliar region. It is one of my top tips for booking hotels.

However, it is not a good idea to travel without travel insurance. We plan but things may happen even with all the tips. Also, there may be medical emergencies or other things you need sort on your travel. Hence, you need to add a travel insurance to your must have travel essential.

Check in and check out times

The check-in and checkout time of the hotel must also align with your traveling schedule or you would have a sore experience. I remember once staying in a hotel where the checkout time was 10am and my flight was for 1pm. I had to pay for the extra hours I stayed in the hotel which went above my traveling budget.

Since that day, I’ve always ensured to research the check-in and checkout times of any hotel I’m considering. I’ve noticed that many people are not aware of this tip. However, it is best to keep in mind that not all hotels have the same check-in and checkout times.

Cancellation policy

What happens if something comes up and you no longer have to travel? Would the hotel refund your money or not?

The cancellation policy of a hotel is also another factor to consider before booking a hotel. Understandably, life can be unpredictable. Suppose the travel plan doesn’t work out again, it would be nice to get a refund.

Some hotels have a no refund policy, while others may give half refund. In some cases, you may be lucky that the hotel gives a full refund. The circumstances vary, depending on the cancellation policy of the hotel. So, pick a hotel with a favorable cancellation policy.


Asides from the cancellation policy, you should also keep an eye out for other policies to ensure that you are fully aware of everything. For example, some hotels do not allow people to lodge with children. Of course, we can say such hotels are not family friendly. Therefore, you shouldn’t book such a hotel if you’re traveling with your family.

Also, there are hotels that are not pet-friendly. If you have plans to travel with your pet, you have to find a suitable hotel.

Always ensure that you familiarize yourself with all the policies before booking a hotel. It helps to ensure that you do not pay hidden fees.

Membership , loyalty and discount programs

Although this is not a deal breaker for me. Yet, it is one of the top tips for booking hotels you need to know. Who doesn’t love a discount or loyalty program?

Some hotels run loyalty programs for regular lodgers and these are my best type of hotels. The more you stay in such hotels, the more you earn points that give you discounts on future stays.

When checking for hotels to book, check for such hotels. There are many perks to enjoy when you book such a hotel.

Room options

Knowing the room options is also important as it would influence your decision. Check the types of rooms available (single, double, suite) and their sizes. Make sure the room suits your needs and preferences.

The room options is one of the mots important tips for booking hotels you should know. Don’t just book, check out the room options to find out if it is just right for you.

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Feel free to comment other tips for booking hotels you know. What is the deal breaker for you when booking a hotel?

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