5 best cheap things to do in Ikeja Lagos

Ikeja City is one of the busiest places in Lagos. It is the capital of Lagos state Nigeria. So, a guide on places to visit in Lagos is incomplete without its capital. Ikeja city is mostly the hub of businesses with the residentials more secluded. There are so many fun things to do in Ikeja Lagos.

One is shopping for thrift outfits. I love to shop for thrift outfits there along the railway lines mostly in the evenings. You can options for work and casual outings. If you’re new to thrift shopping, read my guide on how to shop for thrift outfits.

Another thing you need to do at Ikeja is to explore their vacation spots. In this post, I will be sharing 5 best cheap things to do at Ikeja Lagos. All these places in Ikeja are very affordable. So, if you need a fun thing to do in Ikeja, visit this 5 places.

New Afrika Shrine

New Afrika shrine is the one the most affordable places to visit in Ikeja. The entry fee is free for all. So, if you are looking for a cheap thing to do at Ikeja, visit the New Afrika shrine.

The New Afrika shrine is the place where the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti does his musical performances. Back then it was known as the Eko club. Although that built by Fela was burnt down. His children have rebuilt it.

You can visit the New Afrika shrine to enjoy some local dishes, drinks or hang out the bar. They place a lot of Fela’s songs at this bar. Also, you can shop for souvenirs at the New Afrika shrine for your friends and family.

In as much as it is free for all place to visit, I would not recommend you visit with children. The place is open to any type of person. Also, the smell from smokers in the bar is a lot in my opinion. It seems like smoking is a thing over there.

JJT park

Another of the 5 best cheap things to do at Ikeja is to visit the JJT park. This park is also known as the Johnson, Jakande Tinubu park. It is located close to Lagos state secretariat behind, the famous Ikeja Shoprite.

The park is free to access by all. It is one of the fun places to have a family vacations or hangout with friends. I love this place a lot. The park provides free Wi-Fi to all. My siblings have downloaded a full movie using Wi-Fi (it is faster with less people at the park).

You can do a lot of things at this park-like pre-wedding shoots, family picnics, and birthday parties. However, you belonging will be checked before entry by the security personnel. So, if you’re looking for a free place to visit in Ikeja, opt for JJT park.

University of Suya

Another option of fun things to do in Ikeja is to try out the University of Suya delicacies. Suya is a common food for Nigerians. Almost every area in Lagos has a suya stand at Night. One night-time food that I can’t pass up is Suya. However, one of the best Suya you need to try out is that of University of Suya.

University of Suya is located at Allen bus stop Ikeja. Its full name is faculty of Suya, Faculty of metrology. (Yes, you read right). The place is a famous spot in Ikeja. So, you should expect a queue on your visit. I had to wait in line to get my own suya.

This shop has several varieties of suya like special suya, kidney, gizzard, etc. And of course, the prices are affordable for as low as 200naira. I bought a special suya which is 1000naira. It has a unique taste to it. You can check out my vlog below for all you need to know.

Kalakuta Museum

Another of the 5 best cheap things to do in Ikeja Lagos is to visit Kalakuta Museum. This Place is the home of the Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The entry fee is 1000naira per person.

A tour guide is provided for you to give a tour of the museum. I love the tour as you get to learn about the life of this Icon. You can also enjoy some local drinks at the roof top bar at Kalakuta museum. The museum is located at 7 gbemisola street, Allen Lagos.

Kalakuta museum also offers lodge services. So, if you’re look for a short stay place that is affordable opt for Kalakuta Museum.

Ndubuisi Kanu park

Ndubuisi Kanu part is another of my favorite parks to visit in Ikeja Lagos. This park is just behind JJT park but it is smaller in size. It also quite beautiful.

So, if you’re at looking for cheap things to do in Ikeja, visit JJT park & Nduibuisi Kanu park. Just like JJT park, it is free to access. You have access to everything in the park. It has lovely huts and children playground. So, if you an affordable family spot, opt for Ndubuisi Kanu park.

Ndubuisi Kanu park offers free Wi-Fi. However, the Wi-Fi is not as fast as that of JJT park. You can have a birthday party, family hangout, pre-wedding shoots or picnic at this park. I would also recommend this park as a family because it has parking space just outside the park. So, it is quite easy to park your cars close by unlike JJT park.

So, whenever you visit Ikeja, opt for any of these 5 best cheap things to do in Ikeja Lagos. Also, if are new in Ikeja and need an affordable luxury hotel to stay in, opt for Kelsey Greene villa. You can read my post here on Kelsey Greene villa and why it is on my top best hotels in Lagos.

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