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Suit up: Chic & Trendy Boss Lady power suit

There is something about a lady in a well cut suit that tells you she’s got it all together. This trend can take a Lady from drab to queen in seconds. A well cut power suit     is style suitable for business day meetings, or outings and Rocking it as a ladypreneur makes you ooze of  confidence. You can  take cues from these trend setters.

Which ever way you could choose to create your style like fashion blogger, Ranti stylish in a black bell sleeve belted suit perfect for a semi formal meeting or lunch, Fashion blogger, Ama as she stuns in a monotone white suit pants, style Muse, Khanyi Mbau in a pin stripe suit killing it with a hat giving her that fierce cow girl look or  style  muse ,Jenifer Oseh in a white suit and trench making giving her that million dollar look to kick start your week.

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