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5 Fashion trends you need to level up your style.

As we all know trends are hard to keep up with. However, you need some trendy pieces to stay stylish. So, in other to channel your inner fashionista, you need to create your personal style. These five timeless fashion trends will help step up game as a natural stylista. They include the Kimono (japanese ), Cinched waist, shirt dress, wide leg pants and Off shoulder tops. With these trends you can easily switch looks with the same outfit from sassy , sexy , casual to modest style according to your personal style. Here are 5 fashion trends you need right now.

With these trends you can easily switch looks of your outfits from sassy , sexy , casual to modest style according to your personal style


5 Fashion trends you need

I love to wear stay abreast with trends for my fashion style. Here are 5 fashion trends you need to hop on to stay stylish. 


Most trendy styles are often from Europe or America.Kimono trends is a look drawn from Asians and it is an ever trendy outfit . With the kimono trends, you can style it to achieve various looks. Step up your inner style with this trend whether you want to achieve a sassy, sexy or casual look.

Kimono Prints paired with Knit strapless dress  ;   Source: Styles weekly

Kimono on jeans always gives a chic look when paired with slips tops on jeans or tees on jeans. It is perfect for a party with the girls or to achieve chic casual look. kimono’s worn on jeans can be long or short kimono. Another stylish way of wearing kimono is cinching the waist with a belt. It give the dress a chic look for all types of events. Kimono’s on strapless or slip body con dress is another lovely style. It always gives a girlish look when styled with slip or  strapless dress. Kimono’s gives a sassy feel when styled with rompers or swim suits.

Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants trend is a retro look that speaks edgy and chic. It is a good way of rocking the retro 70’s look as a millennial. it is also called palazzo pants. There are various chic ways of wearing wide leg pant either by styling it with slim fit tops or wide tops tucked in or belted to flatter the body. This pants is suitable for all body types whether you’re short, tall, pear shaped e.t.c. You can achieve any classic look you desire with this trend.


Cinched dress/Tops:

One lovely trend that dominated the runways last year and was rocked most celebrities was cinched waist outfit. Cinching the waist helps to flatter your figure even in over-sized outfits.  So if i have an outfit that is a little big for me, i can still rock it without having to refit or in our local terms( Slim Fit). It bring out one’s feminine form and helps show case your curves.

Off shoulder tops or Off shoulder tops:

This trend took the fashion world by storm last year. It is one chic ways to dress as celebrities, fashion bloggers, stylist and a common site on the street as it dominated most events inclusive of runways. Off shoulder tops are either from Ankara or other western fabrics with the most common off shoulder trend coming with big billowy sleeves. It can be worn with denim pants, denim skirts or any other pants/ skirts. Off shoulder trends is a timeless, sexy and chic outfit one can slay to any events.

Shirt Dress

It is a very easy to throw on outfit. There are various stylish ways of wearing this trend. The shirt dress trend won the heart of many fashionistas and it is also timeless. It an easy to attain an effortlessly chic style to up your inner stylista. Shirt dress can go with midi skirt, pants or worn over slip dress or slip tops on denim.

Although it is very difficult to catch up with fashion trend as it changes with each fashion season from New york fashion week, london fashion week to the local fashion week , these timeless outfit are a must wear. They are stylish and always trendy


Shirt Dress X leather Skirt


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