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Shein product review: My best and worst buys

We ladies always love to stock up on our wardrobes whether we are going out or not. Although shopping may seem like the last thing you want to do right now. How have I been coping these days with the pandemic, I tune out and shop. I stocked up from Shein and here is my shein product review.

I have shopped at quite a few online fashion brands like My graceful place, shein, All she needs, etc. Shein is at the top of the list. You can check my previous post on my fashion haul review from shein. A major portion of my closet can be named Shein’s wardrobe. I have had my wow and no! moments with this brand. So, I will be sharing my best and worst buys from shein.

How to shop from Shein?

Shein is an online fashion brand that sells trendy and affordable fashion items for women. You can shop for fashion items in all categories; clothing, accessories like bags, clutches, shoes, swimwear, hats, and jewelry. The website is very easy to navigate due to categorization. You can also choose to type in what you want in their search box. I will recommend you check the new in for the latest trendy pieces and the sales section for clearance deals.

Shipping and delivery of orders

Shipping of items on shein depends on your location. Here in Nigeria, it takes about 3weeks for your order to arrive. You can get your order faster in some regions or through express shipping. I prefer the standard shipping option because it is free for orders above $49. So, I normally fill my cart or add the item to my wish list until it’s around $50. This is useful if you’re not in a hurry and want to save on shipping fees.

No additional tax fee or custom duty applies to my order. I only pay a holding fee at my local post office to pick up my order. This may be different for other regions.

Shein product review of my best and worst buys

The goal of this post is to share with you my best and worst buys from shein. More like Shein product review of things I bought. However, I have a collection of shein items and may buy more. I have my eyes on designer dupes on shein these days. So, irrespective of my worst purchases, I will still shop from this brand.

I have also shared a post on how to shop online and minimize the bad buys. One tip I failed to follow was reading reviews from other shoppers. Shein is like an e-commerce listing store so it is no news to shop bad buys from crappy sellers. So, below are my best and worst buys from Shein.

Shein product review: Leather dress, organza top, and jewelry

In this Shein product review, I will share both my best and worst buys. My best buys from shein are mostly clothing. Although I have bought more clothes on this site than any other item. The top on the list is a leather dress. I love this dress because it is versatile. I wear it as a jacket or a mini dress.

You know that it is fun having a lot of use for your outfit. Another is my organza floral top with bow detail. It is a playful and fun top to own.

Also, I can’t stop loving the three-piece jewelry set that I bought for about $3. I thought it would fade like another cheap necklace I have bought from Aliexpress and previously from shein. The fun part is that I can wear each necklace singly or layered. So, I love its versatility, and plus it didn’t fade after so many uses. That’s a win for me.

Loungewear set

You know loungewear fashion is in right now. I have always wanted to own my own lounging pant set. Something that is perfect for the home and a comfy casual outfit you can wear to the airport or grocery run. So, I shopped for a leopard print set from shein and I loved it.

The pant comes with a drawstring so you are sure of getting your fit. Another lovely item that I have worn severally is my ruched-sleeve blazer. As a working professional, I bought it for my office wardrobe. It is a good base color for layering and of course to keep the cold away at the office. I have styled it in several ways to get the most use out of it.

Best sites like Shein

Tulle Skirt

There is another fashion item that I am yet to decide which category to place in. It is my white tulle skirt. The tulle skirt is also another versatile piece to own. You can wear it for a casual outing or for a day or night with a boo. I really love this skirt. My only issue is that it doesn’t fit a size 6 on the waist. I am usually a size 6 so I may size down for my skirt haul.

Shein product review; worst buys

Just like every online shopping haul, I also had my worst buys from shein. My monogram necklaces are at the top of the list. It faded one week after use. I was so disappointed with this. Another is my bag set. It is a lovely bag set but the large bag gave in after several uses. Shein bags are not made to carry a lot of things. So I would not recommend shein bags for you if you need bags for carrying many things.


I love a good body suit. A bodysuit is a wardrobe staple to own. It is a top you can pair with a lot of bottoms; pants, shorts, etc. Click here to read stylish ways to wear bodysuits effortlessly. I bought a bodysuit from shein which I loved so I made another purchase. It is a lace body suit. I am so unhappy about this purchase because it doesn’t fit a size 6. The cup of the lace was bigger than my boobs. I know my boobs are quite small more like an A-cup. So, I was quite disappointed.

Mini bag

Mini bags are fun bags to own. This bag is a huge trend you need in your closet. Although some brands go as far as micro mini bags I prefer mini bags. This type of bag is made for your basic essentials. So, I bought a leopard mini bag from shein. I loved it for as long as it lasted.

This bag gave in within one month of use. I gave it out to my sister who repaired it for her use. My experience shopping bags from shein is not really amazing. So, I can’t really recommend shopping for bags from shein if you’re looking to carry lots of things in them.

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20 thoughts on “Shein product review: My best and worst buys”

  1. It looks like you got lots of great stuff! I’ve never ordered from shein before but I’ve seen loads of things that I like. Thanks for letting us know what things to avoid as well

  2. I love She in. It’s a great online fashion store they have a lot of cheap stuff but the stuff is high quality and I like them I am waiting for a pair of heels and a bag that I ordered but everything is delayed because of the pandemic

  3. I’m loving the onesie look and the brown latex looking dress that you had on! I’ll have to look into this website since I’m more of an online shopper myself

  4. While you’ve had a couple unfortunate experiences, it looks like you’ve had a lot of luck on there overall! I’ve never purchased anything from Shein, but I’ve noticed a similar struggle with bags from many of the online/knock off retailers. They look great, but they generally don’t last if you want to put more in them. That’s one item that I would definitely say is worth investing a little extra in!

  5. This is interesting, I love the styles of your outfits. I have never heard of Shein before and it looks like they got really good trendy clothes. Thanks for sharing ?

  6. I loooove that leather dress, it suits you and the bodysuit is sooo good. I need to check Shein out. It looks like they are good quality as well.

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