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Secret Santa gift ideas for her perfect for your colleagues

One of the things I look forward to every Christmas holiday is the secret Santa gifts. I love to also give my colleagues or family gifts. There are so many gift options you can give as secret Santa gift ideas for her. Here is my best secret Santa Gift idea for everyone on your list.

You can give these holiday gift ideas to your mother, sibling, colleague, or just any lady on your list that has everything. In as much as we planning gift ideas for her, you can also buy any of these gift ideas for kids for your children or god-children.

I also love to decorate for the Christmas holidays too. Here are my best Christmas holiday home decoration ideas for your home. These holiday home decoration ideas are budget-friendly. So, it is perfect for anyone looking to decorate their homes on a budget.

Turtle neck top

One of the best secret Santa gift ideas for her is to buy a turtle neck top for her. I really love this piece of a fashion outfit. Since the Christmas season comes with its chills, it is a stylish outfit to keep me warm. Asides from that, it is also a versatile piece of outfit to own. You can wear a turtle neck top with mini skirts, maxi skirts, pleated skirts, and leather pants for fall and winter, etc. There are so many stylish ways to rock a turtle neck top.

As work wear, it is another way to dress stylishly for your cold office. Turtle neck top can be layered with a blazer and pants for work. Also, you can also wear a turtle neck top and ripped denim pants for a casual outing.

Click here to buy a knit turtle neck top

A set of Joggers

Its the holidays, so, most businesses are closing for the year. Although some of us only have a few days off because some companies can’t really close. e.g. banks, hospitals, etc. Anyways, another of the best secret Santa gift ideas for her is a set of joggers.

Joggers are perfect for those lazy days off work. It is a stylish fashion staple to add to your closet. Joggers are a very comfy and cozy outfit.

Joggers are not just an outfit for a walk down the street or a stroll to get food stuff. It is also a stylish outfit that can be for a casual out hanging out with friends. I would love to own a co-ord set of joggers. I can style them together or separately with other outfits. For my top fashion item for Christmas, I want a set of burgundy joggers.

Click here to buy joggers set

Tulle skirt

Every Christmas as a little girl, mum buys my siblings and I tulle dresses. It made me feel like a little princess back then. As I grew older as a teenager, I can’t be caught in a tulle dress for Christmas. Who could believe that I would love tulle? Another of the best secret Santa gift ideas for her is a tulle skirt.

It is a chic skirt you need in your closet. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear tulle skirts effortlessly.

You can go for a girly look, a sexy look, or a chic style depending on the occasion. For a date night with your boyfriend, you can wear a lace top on a tulle skirt.

Dressing robe

A dressing robe is another of the best secret Santa gift ideas for her. It is a perfect lounging outfit for a home stay. Instead of wearing a regular outfit at home, especially if you’re staying in all day. A stylish option is to wear a dressing robe. There are several options of dressing robe to choose from depending on what you want; silk, towel gown, or fluffy cotton robe.

Although, the most used is a silk dressing robe. It is commonly used as a bridal shower outfit as well as by professionals like a makeup artists. I would love to own a fluffy dressing robe. So, I can easily cozy up in it at home.

Denim Jumper

Another secret Santa gift idea for her is a denim jumper. Denim is a staple in my closet. From coveralls, high-waist denim pants ripped denim pants to denim shorts. So, another denim outfit I want to add to my closet is a denim jumper. It is also a versatile fashion outfit to own.

There are several ways in which I will style a denim jumper for a chic look preferably by layering. One stylish way to wear a denim jumper is with a classic white shirt and a pair of heeled pumps.

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Personalized Name Necklace

A very subtle way to look expensive on a budget is to add jewelry to your outfit. I used to be one that doesn’t remember to wear jewelry with my outfit. I have so few of them. So, I would love to own a personalized name necklace for Christmas. I came across lovely sellers for such necklaces on This site has an assortment of such necklaces; gold plated, sterling silver, solid rose gold, etc.

Click here to buy a custom name necklace

Chunky heel sneakers

Sneakers are a very comfy pair of shoes I really love. If you’re like me who loves her heels for work days. Sneakers are another shoes to wear to give your legs some slack.

One of the best secret Santa gifts perfect for your colleagues is a pair of chunky sneakers. Sneakers are perfect for running errands. One of the best ways I love to wear sneakers is with dresses. They are perfect with maxi dresses.

I also shared chic ways to wear dresses with sneakers you should check out. So, if you need a perfect gift for her or him, give out a pair of sneakers.

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Magdalene Enimhienomo

I am fashion and lifestyle blogger. My blog is where I share style tips, place to visit on budget and reviews of my fashion haul. I am an introvert and creative writing is where I express myself more. For collaborations:

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  • Great wish list! I agree, it's nice to have a versatile piece like a turtleneck. And wine is a great holiday color; seasonal but not kitschy.
    And a tulle skirt sounds adorable! I think they'd look nice with leggings and even the chunky sneakers, so long as the colors blend.
    Well, hope you receive everything on your list!

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