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How to save money while traveling using WayAway+ Earn Cashback

Anytime I travel without paying attention to my budget, I get wasteful with my funds. I love to shop for souvenirs and enjoy unique experiences on my trips. So, the best way for me to save money while traveling is to have a budget to work with.

How can I save money while traveling? What do I need to do to ensure that my trip is fun and within budget? Below I will share these tips on how to save money while traveling on a budget. These tips will help save while traveling on a budget. Also, I will introduce you to WayAway to help save and earn cash back while you travel around the world.

Traveling around the world may seem quite expensive. However, it is achievable. You can read my post on how to travel the world for free or get paid to travel. Also, you can opt to save money towards your travel goals. Many of us find it hard to save but it is not that deep. Check out my fail-proof tips on how to save money for travel with ease.

Let’s jump right in.

Save money while traveling

With my few years of traveling, here are my best travel tips to help you save money while traveling to Europe, the USA, or Africa.

Travel to a country that is cheaper than your home currency

One of the best ways to get value for your money is to travel to countries whose monetary value is less than your home country. This is one of the best travel tips to follow.

For example, USD is way bigger than Celfa or Cedes, so your funds will benefit you more if you travel to Benin republic or Ghana for vacation or just visiting.

On the other hand, traveling to the UK from the US will definitely cost you more. This is because the currency of the country of the visit is more than your home country.

Sign up for WayAway Membership

A great way to save money while traveling is by signing up for a WayAway membership. This is a platform that aggregates all your travel needs in one service.

You can find the cheapest flight tickets, best hotels or alternatives available as well as airport transfer for your trip. A fun fact is that you get to earn cashback when you book your travel needs on this platform.

WayAway platform is so transparent. Each amount you will earn as cashback is displayed beside each service. See the infographics below to see how to benefit from WayAway plus membership.

With this, you can save while traveling around the world. I highly recommend you sign up for a WayAway membership to get the latest travel deals and earn while doing what you love.

How to save money while traveling
WayAway Plus: How it works?

Opt for Hotel Alternatives

When I started my travel journey, I always go to hotels for my accommodations. However, hotels can be quite expensive to stay in. This is especially when your trip runs for 1-2 weeks. Imagine the total cost of booking a hotel for 2 weeks.

A great option on how to save money while traveling is to opt for hotel alternatives. There are so many hotel alternatives you can opt for.

  • Hostels: This option is budget-friendly accommodation to stay on your travel. I highly recommend this option for solo travelers. Also. it is perfect to bond and network. Click here to book on Hostelworld.
  • House sitting/ pet sitting: If you love pets and don’t mind taking care of them, you can go for pet sitting. I am not a lover of animals, so I avoid this option to save money while traveling. You can opt for this option for longer stay travels.
  • Couch surfing: Although this method is fun, it is not easy to find a host. Many people offer their homes for travelers to stay on their visit. This host will help you achieve your travel goals by recommending fun places to visit. All you need to do is to update your profile and reach out to possible hosts long before your actual travel.
  • Religious homes
  • Academic hostels
  • Guest houses
  • Airbnb

Eat in local restaurants

Eating in big restaurants is great. However, the full experience of a place can be enjoyed by eating with the locals. I love to try out new foods and cultures. And the best way to enjoy that is by eating in the local restaurants.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the major street foods of your place of visit. I am sure you’d love the experience. Get recommendations from the locals on where to try out their local dishes.

Don’t be afraid to try out the foods. The locals will definitely advise on the foods to try that are perfect for tourists. Eating from local restaurants is a great way to save money while traveling.

Cook your meal if possible

Eating out will definitely cost you a lot. So, if you can cook your own food. It is a cost-effective way to save money while traveling. I highly recommend this for travelers that will be visiting a place for over a week.

Visit the local grocery stores to get the ingredients to make your own dish. You get to enjoy meals cooked at home like you never traveled.

Other ways to save money while traveling include walking some distances within the city to save costs or visiting free places tourist attractions. All these tips are necessary to get value for your money. Don’t forget to sign up for WayAway membership and newsletters to get prompted about the latest travel deals there are. Earn cashback while doing what you love.

Feel free to comment below which of the tips you already use. Also, comment on which of these tips you’d be using on your next trip.

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