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5 easy ways you can save money for travel

Have you always wished you can travel as often as you want? Of course yes. Each year I plan to travel at least once for vacation. My biggest challenge is how to save money for travel with ease. Eventually, I discovered easy ways to get fund together to fund my travel goals.

We all know that money is an essential need for travel. And without it, you’re stuck in your daydream travel goals. Although money can be a limiting factor for travel yet you can travel as much as you want if you plan for it. So, for those of us who really want to get out there and travel. Here are 5 easy ways you can save money for travel that is convenient.

5 easy ways you can save money for travel

5 easy ways you can save money for travel effortlessly

In as much as you want to set aside funds for your travel goals. There are some things you need to ensure that your saving goals are feasible.

  • Reduce your debt. Debt from bank loans, car loans, or credit cards makes it so hard to save for travel. This obligation you have to meet monthly taking a huge cut from your paycheck. You never know how bad taking on debts is until you have little left to live on after debt from your paycheck. So, to make your travel goal feasible to pay off your debt to allow room for savings from your paycheck
  • Plan and estimate your cost of travel. If you’re traveling within your country or state, it will cost less. On the other hand, international travel will cost more. So, decide where you are traveling to and the estimated cost of achieving this.

These tips are easy to enable reach your saving goals for your travel. They are super easy to implement and realistic too. After reaching your saving goals, the next step is to travel. And because we love to save more on travel, you can sign up for Jet card program. In this way you get to travel at anytime, gain travel miles towards other trips, save cost on ground transportation as you touch down etc. Below are my 5 tried and tested tips on how to save for travel.

Have Penny Jar or Box

Sometimes, setting a goal to save a large sum from your paycheck monthly may seem unrealistic. You have to inconvenience yourself let of go such huge sums. We all have bills to pay each month. And the essence of working is to be able to afford such bills.

So, saving for travel doesn’t need to take a huge chunk of your salary. Buy a penny jar or box ( typically known as kolo or piggy bank) to save money for your travel. This a great way to save money for travel as a student. You will be amazed at how much you can raise from your daily loose change dropped in your piggy bank.

You can save the excess money from your budgeted home expense like grocery shopping or hair making. Also, you save tips from your workplace or transport fare if you have a free ride. You can save these small sums for about 1 year, 6 months or 9months.

The money gathered from home piggy banks can be added to other small savings to achieve your travel goals. So, for an easy and convenient way to save for travel, shop for a piggy bank. There are different options available in the market, Amazon, Jumia, or your local market like Oshodi, etc. I prefer a box with no lock that I can break at the end of my saving term. You can choose a box with locks or jars with a lid depending on what you want.

Monthly direct debits

Another super-easy way to save money for travel is through monthly direct debits. This takes a lot of discipline to achieve. Set up a direct debit of a small amount into another savings account, mutual funds, or Entrepreneur trust fund (ETF). My best way to save through monthly direct debit is through ETF. So, if you plan to travel in 6 months, this is an easy way on how to save money for vacation in 6 months.

My reason is that mutual funds and savings accounts are easy to access especially when you’re pressed for cash. On the other hand, ETF keeps this money for you for a year. You can save as low as 1000 naira weekly to 10000naira weekly. This platform also has other benefits such as business advisory service, medical health check, and easy access to instant loans.

So, if you’re planning to go on a vacation by next year June, start saving as early as possible. You will get your money back by December every year. I always look forward to the cash out period. This is because all my small weekly saving through the year is paid back. You use such funds towards your next vacation. Sign up to Entrepreneur trust fund, add your debit card details and start saving.

Live frugal lifestyle

In this case, I am not asking to live a pathetic life. We all know that as our pay rises so does your taste for things. So, if you normally take a bus to the office, as your pay increase, you will switch to cabs. This is because your buying power has increased.

The easiest way to save money for travel is to cut down on your luxury expense. Use discount codes for online grocery shopping ( from Jumia, spar reward card, or supermart ). For Supermart online grocery store, use code: Maggie to get 2000 naira into your wallet for your first order. Also, you can shop for clothes from online affordable sites like eBay, Amazon, shein, yoins, Etsy, etc.

Snail Basket from Super mart Nigeria, Mile 12 market

Another way to save from clothes is through thrift shopping. You never know the gems you can get from thrift stores. I have gotten classic and vintage outfits from thrift stores. You can also read my post on the top 5 best places to shop for thrift in Lagos. The savings from your frugal lifestyle you will save towards your travel goals.

Sell off unused items

Another easy way you can save for travel is to sell items that you no longer use. You can declutter your closet of good fashion items you no longer wear. This outfit or items you can sell on Jiji or Instagram and proceeds put off for your travel.

Asides clothes, you can include shoes, old furniture, bags or vintage jewelry, and list them for sale. Instead of throwing out pre-loved items, you can sell them out. This also helps to recycle and save the environment from waste.

You can also check out this extensive list of things to sell at school to make money if you’re a student. The proceeds you will then save towards your travel goals

Side hustle

The world is going so fast and lots of businesses are springing up daily. You can save money for travel from side jobs, business, or freelance jobs (Upwork or Fiverr). Most businesses no longer require office workers as they trying to minimize cost.

So you can apply for a virtual assistant role in such businesses. You can render services like customer service, content creator, social media manager, and sales agent.

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  1. I have a money pot that I use for my travel savings. Every friday I withdraw £10 and pop it into my savings pot and it adds up really quickly x

    Roni |

  2. Great money tips for everyone here, no matter what they are saving for. We are saving for our wedding. I am amazed how quickly our money pot fills up x

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