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Obudu Cattle ranch, Cross River| all you need to know about this dying Multi-billion USD investment

I have always put off travelling to Obudu cattle ranch, Cross river because of the distance to the west of Nigeria. Do I regret going through the stress to visit? Certainly No. The ranch is very beautiful. However, I need to rant about the dilapidated state of a multi-billion USD investment. Why Nigeria? Why do we ignore tourism which is a huge source of income for Dubai, Rwanda, South Africa and the likes. When will the government get it that tourism is the new oil mine?

Obudu cattle ranch is located in Obanliku local government area in the northern region of Cross River State Nigeria. The first time I did my research about this place, I wondered why the resort is in Obanliku LGA instead of Obudu LGA itself. However, that is a story for another day.

If you’re looking for a great place to spend time alone or with family, I would recommend Obudu cattle ranch in Cross River state. Asides Obudu Ranch, I also explored Cross river state. Click to watch my vlog on some fun things to do in Cross river state.

In this article, I will be sharing some details to note when visiting Obudu cattle ranch. With these details, you will be well equipped and know how to anticipate or prepare your expectations. I’m also sure you’ll be preparing your travel bag to take a trip down there!

Obudu Cattle ranch, Cross river, How much does it cost?

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cross River State Nigeria, Obudu Cattle ranch is a proper resort. It was built for relaxation and tourism. Therefore, you do not expect that it would be free to enter into this place.

But before delving into the cost, let me give you a little back story to this wonderful resort and a brief idea of its location.

Many years ago, people referred to Cross River state as the abroad of Nigeria as the state presented lots of tourist attractions, one of which is Obudu Cattle ranch. This place is a hidden gem that offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and adventure.

Obudu cattle ranch is situated in the Obanliku Mountains, quite a distance from Calabar, the capital city of Cross River state. If you’re visiting Obudu cattle ranch, you should keep in mind that the visit is solely to explore the resort as you cannot shuffle between the capital city and this place due to the distance.

There is an entrance fee to pay before you can enter into the resort. This entrance fee is for maintenance purposes.

I cannot give an exact amount of how much you should take when visiting Obudu cattle ranch as the amount you will spend is dependent on many factors. Keep in mind, there are various accommodation types within the resort, and I do not know which of them would be your preferred option.

However, accommodation ranges between 10,000 to 50,000 per night, depending on the room or accommodation type you pick. Due to the isolated nature of this resort, I would recommend that you take along everything you need while going.

Food is not an issue while at this place as you can find vendors selling food. However, if there are essentials you need, it might be stressful getting them. The entry to Obudu Cattle ranch is 500naira per person.

Best Means of Transport

It is best to keep in mind that Cross River state is the end of Nigeria towards the southern region. After Cross River state is Cameroon. So, for those who love road trips, it would be a long ride getting there.

Typically, I would opt for flying there. Unfortunately, there is no airport yet in the Northern region of Calabar, nor is there a direct flight to Obudu cattle ranch. There are two possible options to get to this resort.

  • Through Calabar: Calabar is the capital city of Cross River state, and it is home to the Margaret Ekpo International airport. So, you can fly into Calabar, then take a cab and embark on a road trip to Obudu cattle ranch which would take some hours.
  • Through Enugu: Another option would be to fly to Enugu, take a cab, and also embark on a road trip to Obudu cattle ranch.

Interestingly, it is faster to get to this resort when you go through Enugu than Calabar. With the new commissioning of the Ebonyi state airport, that might be another possible option to this resort soon.

What to wear to Obudu Cattle Ranch

I don’t know what you might have previously heard about Obudu cattle ranch, but allow me to tell you that the place is COLD!!! During my first visit to the resort, I underestimated how cold it would get, and it still remains one of my biggest regrets.

Due to its high elevation, Obudu Cattle ranch enjoys a cooler climate compared to other parts of Nigeria in the south. While you would want to pack your vacation and chic clothes, ensure that you pack warm clothes like hoodies and jackets. Underestimate the cold at this place at your risk! Don’t be like me!

I would also advise that you pack sneakers and hiking boots due to the hilly terrain of the resort. Also, fun activities at this place require comfortable footwear.

Fun things to do

One of the best highlights of Obudu cattle ranch for me is the peace and quiet that it provides. I always never feel like leaving anytime I visit this resort.

Other fun things to do at the resort include:

  • Canopy Walk: Have you gone to Obudu Cattle ranch if you’ve not gone on the canopy walk!? This is an activity for those who dare as it is a suspension bridge that takes you through the treetops, providing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. I wouldn’t lie, it took a lot of convincing for me to go on this walk as I can sometimes be a scaredy cat. Despite my fear, it was fun and now I find myself longing for it even though I still get scared sometimes.
  • Electric cable car rides: Similar to the canopy walk, the resort has cable rides that are really fun. Unfortunately, there are slim chances of enjoying this activity when you visit the resort now due to the ongoing maintenance process, but you might be lucky!
  • Bird watching: Remember what I said about loving the peace and quiet that Obudu cattle ranch offers? Yes, I enjoy spending alone time bird watching at this resort. It brings a certain sense of calm that I can’t get anywhere else. I’m always thrilled to see the various species of birds, and sometimes even learn more about them. They are always a delight for the eyes.
  • Grotto Waterfall: There is a waterfall inside the resort! Yes, the Grotto waterfall is one of the highlights of visiting Obudu cattle ranch, and it is a natural wonder worth exploring. You can take a refreshing dip in the cool waters or simply marvel at the cascading falls. Trust me, my camera is always handy at this place as it gives one of the best backgrounds for pictures.
  • Hiking: Recall that I stated that Obudu cattle ranch is a hilly terrain. It also comes with lots of hiking trails. The lush rainforests and diverse flora makes it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

FAQ to know for Obudu Cattle Ranch?

  1. Can you bring your food to the ranch? You can bring your food to the ranch.There are no restrictions on food. However, you can get great option of local dishes at the ranch?
  2. What to pack for a trip to Obudu Ranch? Electricity is not much as they only out on the power in the evening from 6pm. So you need to pack your power bank or extra camera batteries.
  3. How much does it cost to stay at Obudu Cattle ranch? The lodges cost about 75,000naira per flat. However, you can get affordable lodges at the ranch too for as low as 10,000naira per night

The next time you’re thinking of a vacation spot within Nigeria, think of Obudu Cattle ranch! Feel free to comment other fun places in Nigeria you have visited.

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