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New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2022|What you should buy ASAP

Fashion week is always something we look forward to. You get to see the latest designs. Also, the trends are the fashion trends to start shopping. New York fashion week 2022 took place in a few days. Is New York fashion week open to the public? Yes, it is. You can grab a ticket to attend the show.

When is New York fashion week? The upcoming New York fashion week will commence on Friday 9th to Wednesday, 14th September 2022. You can read all about NYFW 2022 schedule and how to get NYFW tickets here.

I love all the pieces from the show. So, here are the trends we’re buying from the New York fashion week 2022. These trends you need to get your hands on ASAP. Some of them are classic and timeless pieces you may already own.


One outfit from the New York fashion 2022 that I want right now is a pantsuit. Most of the designs were structured blazers with matching dress pants.

I love pantsuits a lot. This is because I also have a regular job. Also, it is super chic and easy to style.

Chic me fashion sells some affordable pantsuit options under $50. These suits are of great quality. I also have a pantsuit set that is on my wish list from chic me. Shop this trendy blazer and cami set from Chicme fashion. Also, you can read my post on 9 work clothes for women as a newbie professional.

New York fashion week 2022

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White dresses

Other trends from the fashion week I am loving right now are white dresses. White dresses are a summer staple for me. They are very versatile.

A white dress is easy to style. You can add a pop of color to your accessories. I love to contrast my white with a vibrant color bag like pink or red. Add a matching red or pink strappy heel.

I love white dresses because you can dress up for a date or dress it down for running errands. So, I am elated that white dresses are now on-trend this year. Click here to shop for white dresses inspired by New York Fashion Week 2022

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Leather pants

Another timeless fashion trends from the New York fashion week we’re buying are leather pants. Leather outfits will be huge this season. The runway showcase leather outfits in sets and pants.

However, I am so into leather pants for this year. Leather pants are super chic. Also, you can style them effortlessly with any top of your choice.

I would recommend brown leather pants. This color is chic and stylish. You can add a shoulder bag and a pair of heels to dress it up. Also, you can dress it with a pair of sneakers. Click here to buy affordable leather pants for your closet.

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Maxi skirts

Another outfit we’re definitely into is the Maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are super fun and stylish. I love maxi skirts as a summer outfit. So, if you’re shopping for your 2022 summer fashion trends, shop for maxi skirts.

Maxi skirts are very versatile too. You can dress it up with heels for a hangout or dress it down with sandals to the beach.

I love to style a maxi skirt as a beach outfit. You can wear a crop top or bandeau top with a maxi skirt to the beach. It is an easy beach outfit idea. Also, click here to read my post on other beach outfit ideas.

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Large Fashion belts

Another trend from the fashion week that we’re definitely buying is statement fashion belts.

I love fashion belts because they make you look put together. It also gives you a slim silhouette and makes your outfit chic.

You can add fashion belts to any of your outfits. I love large fashion belts with dresses and jumpsuits. Also, I love to add fashion belts to my maxi skirts or wide-leg pants.

Zaful has so many cheap yet quality fashion belts you need to shop ASAP. They sell out so fast. Click here to shop large fashion belts.

New York Fashion Week 2022 fashion trend: Sequin dresses

Sequin dresses are another trend from New York fashion week you need to hop on ASAP. Most post-covid fashion is more of preppy and outgoing clothes. So, if you need options to bring your shine on, shop for sequin dresses.

You can dress up your sequin dress for a work party or as a wedding guest outfit. Also, you can dress it down with a cardigan or jacket for a casual outing.

Sequins are now more than ever a versatile fashion out to own. So, you need to shop for sequin dresses asap for your closet. Click here to shop sequin dresses.

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I am so in love with the New York fashion week fall/winter 2022 collections. So, I would recommend you start collecting them for your closet. Some of these pieces are classics you really need. Also, you can get as much use of them in and out of season.

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