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Most comfortable flat shoes for women for a luxe looking wardrobe

Where do I find or buy the most comfortable flat shoes? Flat shoes are a must-have wardrobe staple for every lady. As a new mom, I love to wear flat shoes than heels. So, here are the most comfortable flat shoes for women in 2024. These flat shoes are what you need for a luxe looking wardrobe.

Heels vs flat shoes, which is the best? Both heels and flats have their purpose and uses. Heels are perfect for an evening night out. Also, heels makes you look elegant and chic. However, flat are chic yet super comfy to walk in. Every lady needs at least a pair of these flats in her closet; slides, flat sandals, loafers, sneakers etc.

In this post I will be linking down below some of my favorite comfortable flat shoes for women for you. Some of these options are dupes of popular designer brands like the Hermes Oran sandals, New balance sneakers among others.

What to consider before buying flat shoes

You may feel flats, of course it should be comfortable. Unfortunately, some flat shoes are very uncomfortable too. Hence these tips are much needed in purchasing the most comfortable flat shoes for women.

First tip is comfort: For me flat shoes should be really comfortable. I always look out for flats shoes will be stand the test. Look for flat shoes that you can wear for at least 8 hours without feeling any form of pain. You can get flats that you can easily break in quickly. These when it is done properly are the most comfortable shoes ever.

Second tip Material: What is the shoe made from Leather, rubber or fabric material? Quality leather shoes are very comfortable. I love leather shoes a lot as they don’t give you blisters or tighten your fit at the right size. You can also easily break them in too.

I highly recommend you invest in designer leather flat shoes if possible for the durability and comfort. However, if designer is not your price point, brands like amazon, Ego shoes and Aliexpress offer great options of budget friendly leather flats.

Fabric flats are the most comfortable shoes ever. They breathable and easy to walk in. I got two fabric sneakers and my feet’s are in love. These have been my go to no brainer pair of flat shoes for women.

Now lets dive into my best picks most comfortable flat shoes for women in 2024.

Comfortable flat shoes for women in 2024

Below are my favorite most comfortable flat shoes for women you need in your closet. These flat shoes are perfect style for all year round, spring, summer etc.

Also, if you need options of the most comfortable flat shoes for travel, I’ve you covered. Whether for a trip to Africa Safari or Caribbean beaches, these options are perfect.

Flat slides

Hermes oran sandals is one of the most popular designer shoes every girl has in their closet. I love the unique style of this sandals.

It is perfect for running errands and for travel. You can literally wear this shoe as an every day shoe.

Since this pair of shoe is an everyday shoe, you need several options for this to last. Get the designer and the dupes too. I have linked below a dupe for you to shop in several colors to wear on rotation.

most comfortable flat shoes for women

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Dad sandals

Dad sandals was a buzz for a while. However it is still a timeless pieces to own. I love the dad sandals style.

It is perfect for vacation, to wear with your cute airport outfits or for safari trips. I love to style dad sandals with shorts, linen pants and maxi dresses. These looks eat down. I love it.

They are very comfortable and easy to walk in. You can literally work in it for hours. This actually depends on the material type though. Refer to the tips above to get the most comfortable flat shoes for women.

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A pair of sneakers

I literally a sneakers head. Always looking for ways to incorporate sneakers into my looks.

Whether your vibe is Chunky dad sneakers or just flat sole sneakers, I will be linking options. I found some cute new balance designer dupe sneakers you will love. They are super cute.

If you’re new to sneakers, check out my post on the best sneakers to buy that will definitely go viral. I love to wear dresses with sneakers, leggings outfit, and pant suit set cute always.

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Although this is my least favorite flat shoe for women, it has to be on this list. Personally, I feel loafers are very masculine. So, I really can’t figure out how to style it for a feminine look.

However, the girls are rocking loafers effortlessly. You can wear loafers to the office or for causal outing. If styled properly it is a cute pair of shoe for dinner date with pant outfits. I love this look but it is not my style.

For loafers, I recommend you get loafers options you can easily break in. So, if you can go a size up or an inch above your size. This is to allow it to be as comfy as possible. I have linked some options below.

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Comment below which of these most comfortable flat shoes for women is your go to. Mine is mules or a pair of sneakers. Ciao

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