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Mobile phone eSIMS for travelers is the next big thing

What are eSIMS for travelers and do I need it? Just a little background story will explain this. I traveled to the Republic of Benin with my Sim card, with no plans to get the local Sims. Guess what?

I couldn’t locate my hotel. And of course no network connection. Sadly, I can barely speak French. How will I say WI-FI in French? Later found out it sounds the same way ( kind of whether French or English) . Thank God for a good samaritan who assisted us with getting a bike that knew our hotel.

Anyway, all those would have been averted with an Android device eSIM. Do you need an eSIM now?

What is an E-Sim?

An E-sim is as the word implies! The concept of owning a sim has moved past the era when we had to depend on physical sims. Now, you can have a sim that is installed into your device and can connect to any service provider that provides E-Sim services. How cool is that?

You might be wondering how this concerns you as a traveler and this is the part that gets me excited the most! Most times when I travel, I always have to get the sim of the country I’m visiting so I can be connected to the internet. It’s either I get a new sim or strategically position myself in places with Wifi. 

The positioning doesn’t always work as I get disconnected from the internet at times when I have to step out and explore the country. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to know the number of sims I have from other countries. 

But with the concept of E-Sims now, I do not have to keep buying new sims when I travel to new places. Instead, I can try to connect to service providers that provide ESim services in that country. So, my one sim will work wherever I visit!

Airalo is one of my favorite eSIMS that I highly recommend. Why get Airalo? Below are the benefits.

  • With Airalo’s eSIMs, travelers can access the Internet from virtually any country on the planet and don’t have to pay excessive roaming charges.
  • Travelers don’t need to waste their time looking for a local plastic SIM card. The eSIM can be activated either immediately after installation or upon arrival at the traveler’s destination.
  • A wide range of eSIMs are available for different countries and regions. The tourist does not even have to buy a card for a specific country. If he/she intends to travel, he/she can buy a regional eSIM on Airalo. For example, there are eSIMs available for the entire continent of Europe.
  • The support team is available 24/7/365 and is happy to offer prompt assistance via chat on the Airalo website, social media, or email.

So, sign up for Airalo on your next trip.

Best eSIMS for travelers

Benefits of eSIMS for travelers

If you need more reasons to be convinced about getting an E-Sim, especially as a frequent traveler, some of them are: 

Saves Cost

I’m usually not the happiest when I have to buy a new sim anytime I’m in a new country. You’d always see me grumbling and squeezing myself. But buying these sims are always inevitable, especially as I want to stay connected to loved ones. 

Let me tell you, the price of getting a new sim and having it activated as a foreigner in a new country isn’t cheap. The money I spend on these new sims is something I would have rather spent on other tourist activities. 

There’s also the fact that I get charged for international roaming which is another expense. I’m overly happy that I can say goodbye to that era now. 

With the concept of eSims for travelers, I don’t have to spend money on buying physical sims anymore, and neither do you. Now, we get to save costs and use our money for other interesting things!


As much as I try not to think about it, I sometimes cringe when I remember how I’ve lost or broken some of my sims in the process of swapping sims when I get to a new country. Dark times I must say. 

I would be more than happy if I never have to take out my sim because those things are very fragile. It’s one of the reasons why I preach the good news of E-Sims to every frequent traveler now.

You no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of swapping sims when you use an E-Sim! Now, you can relax and have peace of mind that your sim would work in any country you visit.  

Network Access

One of the beautiful things I found out about E-Sims is how they are not tied to a specific network operator. For example, if I use only Network A and own a physical sim, I would be stuck with that provider even when there is no network. 

But with an E-sim, I do not have to be stuck to any specific provider. The E-Sim would easily switch between available networks and select the one with the strongest signal strength or the most favorable data packages. This enhanced coverage ensures that you stay connected in areas where a particular network might have limited reach, providing you with a more reliable communication experience throughout your travels.

Feel free to comment on other challenges you’ve had while traveling. Also, share your budget-friendly travel tips for travelers. Don’t forget to sign up on Airalo, one of the best eSIMS for travelers

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