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20 Creative ways to make money while traveling the world

If you’re looking for someone who loves traveling and making money, I’m the right fit for this category. How can you make money while traveling the world? What are the best ways to get paid while traveling?

For the longest time as a kid, I always had the dream to travel around the world someday. You would often see me staring at airplanes as they fly past, telling everyone that I will soon be flying around the world. 

As I grew older, I held onto my dream. But I also began to understand that traveling means spending money. So, I cannot travel if I don’t make enough money. It increased my drive and ambition to keep doing more. In this way, I have to figure out several ways to save money for travel to bring this dream to reality.

I’ve been to so many places and will still travel to more. It isn’t that I have all the money in the world. However, while traveling, I consistently devise means of making money to ensure I don’t run out of cash. Yes, I may be in a foreign place, but that doesn’t mean I cannot do legal things to make money. 

How to make money while traveling

Over time, I have figured out creative ways to make money while traveling. So if you also share your dream of traveling the world someday, you should know things to do to sustain yourself and bring income. Also, you can read my post on travel tips that will come in handy on your trip to anywhere in the world.

So, let me share some creative ways to make money while traveling the world, irrespective of the region:

Buying and reselling local crafts

I always buy local art when I travel to a new place. It could be jewelry, artwork, etc. I always love to take these things back home as a reminder of where I have visited. 

Sometimes, I get carried away with excitement and overbuy these crafts. Then, when I get home, people are always interested, and I give some away. Once, I decided to buy and resell these crafts, and I saw that many people were interested in them. Then, it dawned on me that buying and reselling is a creative way to make money. 

For someone traveling the world, you can buy crafts in Ghana, Nigeria Lekki arts and craft market & take them to Turkey and resell them. You are sure to get buyers and make money from this act.

Photography selling

Did you know that people pay a lot for pictures from foreign places? I remember growing up and seeing photos of the Eiffel Tower and other places in my house. No, my parents had never visited some of these places. But they got the pictures because they thought it was beautiful. 

As someone who loves capturing moments, you would always see me with a camera when I travel to a new place. Sometimes, I take pictures of abstract moments, places, people, etc. Some of these pictures get framed, and others remain in the archive. A creative way to make money while traveling the world would be to develop and sell these pictures. 

Travel Consultant

So, you’re traveling around the world and thinking of what to do that can bring in some quick bucks. Why not help small businesses with ideas that can boost sales and visibility? 

You would always see small businesses in all regions, and these businesses need help in one way or the other. Once they see that your idea brings in value, they would pay for such consultation. It could be your favorite pastry store in that region that needs the advice. Instead of leaving it in your head, share it with them and make money from it. 


Blogging/Vlogging are some of the best ways to share your travel experiences with others, and you can make money from them. People would always visit travel blogs and vlogs to get more information about a certain place. So, you can start your blog or vlog and share things like the culture of where you visited, top meals to try in the area, how to relate with people in that region, etc. 

Once your vlog or blog starts gaining traction, some brands may even pay you for advertisement. Of course, vlogging or blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But, you can make money from blogging.

Teaching a foreign language

If you’re bi-lingual, you are on the best path for creatively making money while traveling the world. For example, English is your mother tongue, and you are good at it. Now, you are traveling the world, and you find yourself in the Philippines. You can harness your language skills and teach the locals the English language. 

With this skill, you can be a language tutor physically and virtually. Ideally, you should pick a preference that works best for you. 

The last time I traveled to a Francophone country, some parents paid me to teach their children English during my stay, and it was an exciting experience.  Teaching English is another creative way to make money while traveling. You may wonder how I was able to cope with the language barrier, I used one of the best travel apps like google translate a lot.

Reviewing hotels and restaurants

Let’s say you’re lodged in a hotel whenever you travel to a new place. And in addition, you would also have to visit a restaurant. After all, you cannot do without eating. So, why not review these hotels and restaurants as you travel the world?

It is a creative way to make money while traveling the world, as these hotels and restaurants are willing to pay for foreigners to write reviews on their products and services. Some people presently have careers built on reviews. The world is evolving daily, and these places know that reviews are essential for visibility and patronage. 

Become a movie extra

They often say curiosity kills the cat. But this has not stopped me from asking questions when I visit a new place. 

One time, they were shooting a movie on my street, and I got paid to feature as an extra in the film. It got me thinking; I figured one could make money from this while traveling the world. I then decided that the next time I travel, I would ask the locals if they had ideas on anywhere a movie shoot was happening so I could go request to be a movie extra. 

One thing about making money creatively is that you have to be shameless about it. 


One of the top reasons I love traveling is the new attire and jewelry I can experience. The last time I traveled, I discovered a cute store where they sold handmade clothing. The store owner even requested that I help her model some items for her social media page. As a tourist, you can use modeling while traveling to make money creatively. 

These store owners are willing to pay for your services as they believe it would increase their visibility. What can I say? I made money from it and also enjoyed some discounts on clothing. 

Selling your handy skills

 Do you have handy skills? If yes, these skills will help you make money while traveling the world. 

Some people are excellent at hair braiding. You can explore the hair braiding charges in that region as you tour different places. Then, you can offer your services at a lower price to get more customers. Now, your handy skills will bring in money for you. 

If you are good at jewelry making, you can also make some and sell them to the people around you. All these are ways to utilize your handy skills and make money creatively. 

Become a tour guide

It could be laughable to imagine a foreigner being a tour guide in a new region. But it wouldn’t be a big deal if you had stayed there for some months and used to the terrain. One of the creative ways to get paid while traveling is by opting to get a job as a tour guide.

Once you are used to the area and have gained much knowledge, you can decide to help fellow foreigners for a fee. You can take these people to your best recommendations within the city, and they will pay for your services. You would see that they would appreciate you because they feel the service you render is more personalized as you are a fellow foreigner.

Au pair

I was confused the first time I came across the term Au Pair. Upon further research, I saw that the au pair system was an excellent way for a foreigner to integrate into the local setting. By being an au pair, you are providing home services for your assigned family. In addition, they pay you for your services, and you also get to live with the family for the duration of your stay in the country. Doesn’t this sound exciting? 

So, not only are you making money, but you also do not have to worry about accommodation, and you also have a local family that helps you with the dos and don’ts of the region. Could this be the next best thing after sliced bread?

Getting close to a local is one of the best travel tips for anyone in a new place, and the au pair system makes this happen.

Teach yoga

 Every time, you claim to be a yoga expert but only your room gets to enjoy your yoga skills. However, if you plan to travel the world you can put your yoga skills to monetary use by becoming a yoga instructor. 

I often see many fitness enthusiasts encouraging yoga, and people are looking for ways to learn this art. So, you can spread the word that you are a yoga teacher and get people to register for classes. In no time, you will get lots of students and even become a mini-celebrity in the region. It is one of the creative ways to make money while traveling the world. 


Another creative way to make money while traveling the world is by being a volunteer. Typically, there is the ideology and perception that volunteers do not get paid. However, it doesn’t always apply. Some regions have volunteering systems that allow you to pick something you enjoy doing and get paid for doing it. 

Now, you would be happy to contribute to society as you are there and make money from it. 


There is no limit to what you can do if you take on freelancing while traveling the world. With freelancing, you get to work when you desire and still make money from it. Freelancing could be for writers, virtual assistants, designers, developers, etc. What matters is that you’re on a reliable platform that connects freelancers and clients. 

Most freelancers usually use UpWork and Fiverr, and they also classify as some of the best travel apps. So, if you are looking for a creative way to make money as a tourist, you should consider freelancing. Check through these platforms and choose a niche you can deliver. 

Become an entertainer

People often say that you never know what you can do until you give it a try. You may typically never have thought of becoming an entertainer. However, it can come in handy when you want a way of making money while traveling. 

During my last trip, I was casually singing at my hotel reception when someone walked up to me and asked if I was a professional singer. Of course, I said no, and we joked about it. During the conversation, he mentioned that he could pay to listen to me sing all day. Now, imagine if I had monetized my singing. 

You can entertain people with your voice, jokes, dance skills, painting, etc.  


​​It was pleasing to learn that some countries’ recycling culture is active. Everyone already knows the benefits of recycling, and I do not need to restate it. If you’re ever in a country with a recycling system, ensure to contribute one way or the other.

Some of these countries also reward people who bring recyclable items. Therefore, recycling is one of the creative ways to make money while traveling the world.

Deliver stuff

Let’s say you plan on staying in a particular place for some months before moving on to the following location. Ideally, you would be familiar with the environment. Thus, suggesting that you deliver stuff as a creative way of making money while there would not be out of place. 

You can pitch your services to some small businesses and offer to help with delivery services for a fair amount. Then, you can be sure that they will gladly accept your offer.  

Remote work

Let’s say you plan on staying in a particular place for some months before moving on to the following location. Ideally, you would be familiar with the environment. Thus, suggesting that you deliver stuff as a creative way of making money while there would not be out of place. 

You can pitch your services to some small businesses and offer to help with delivery services for a fair amount. Then, you can be sure that they will gladly accept your offer.  

Work for a hostel

I’ve always said that one must not stay in a hotel when traveling to a new place as there are other hotel alternatives. Hotels are typically more expensive, and you can opt to stay in a hostel.

Asides from staying in a hostel, you can also decide to work for the hostel. All you have to do is pitch your services to them. After all, you are looking for means to make money while traveling. The hostel will let you know if they have openings that fit the services you’re offering.

Festival staff

 One of the best ways to unwind as a foreigner is by attending local festivals. Not only do you get to have fun, but you’ll also connect with the locals and know more about the region. In addition, you can go the extra mile by working as festival staff. So, not only are you experiencing the festival, but you’re also making money from it. 

Although I have not tried this before, I look forward to being a festival staff on one of my next trips, and I know I would enjoy the experience!

Magdalene Enimhienomo

I am fashion and lifestyle blogger. My blog is where I share style tips, place to visit on budget and reviews of my fashion haul. I am an introvert and creative writing is where I express myself more. For collaborations:

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