Lekki conservation center Lagos: experience the most thrilling canopy walk

Lekki conservation center Lagos is exciting, fun, and loved by the fearless. This is because it is known as the famous longest canopy walk in Africa. My day out at LCC was quite interesting and fun. Lekki Conservation park is located at Lekki epe expressway, Tipa bus stop. I almost missed my way trying to locate LCC on Sallah day. The reason is that one Lout ( Agbero) misled us, so I found myself in Ajah. This conservation center is also a home for wildlife animals like crocodiles, monkeys, etc.

Where is Lekki conservation Center located & Entrance fee?

One of the best things to do in Lekki is to visit the Lekki conservation center. After finding myself in Ajah, I took another bus back to Tippa bus stop. The park is just opposite this bus stop at Lekki. How much does it cost to get into Lekki conservation center? The gate fee is 1000 naira per adult and 200 naira per child. You are to pay an extra 1000 naira if you’re to participate in the canopy walk.

After payment, all tourist are to wait in a hall to led to the nature reserve. This is to allow entry into the conservation center in batches. The waiting hall is so beautiful. In my years on earth, I am enamored by the beauty of a bamboo roof. Such a nice innovation. Also there a small food canteen at LCC. You can get foods, finger foods, drinks, etc. The price of such foods is quite pricey. This may be because LCC is located on the island and food items are sometimes double the price of the mainland.

The tour guide usually pre-inform individuals not to take food along into the forest reserve. So, I lost my small chops to the monkeys in the forest because i didn’t hear the instruction. Any food item attracts the monkeys in the forest and these animals will harass you until it is taken from you.

The walk into the nature reserve at Lekki conservation center was a long one. Also, there is warning signage on the trees informing tourist not to rest on the wooden bridge. This because the wood may snap and the person will fall into the marshy swamp or be eaten by crocodiles. What time does lekki conservation center close? The opening hours is from 8am to 5.30pm daily.

Fun things to do at Lekki Conservation Center Lagos

The highlight of my visit is the Lekki conservation center canopy walk. However, there are more fun activities you can do asides its famous canopy walk. You can also opt to visit only the family park. The gate of 1000 naira gives you access to the family park only. In order to enjoy the canopy walk, you need to pay another 1000 naira. So, the walk on the canopy is optional for tourist.

The family park is more like JJT park or Ndubisi Kalu park. You can have a fun picnic with your family. Also, you can buy food from this park. If you love finger foods, they’ve got your covered. There are facilities that your kids can play with. The grown ups can engage in a game of tennis or play soccer.

I love this park a lot. There are about 2 fish ponds at the family park.

Canopy walk

One of the fun and exciting things to do in Lekki conservation center is the canopy walk. I was terrified while on the canopy walk. If you have phobia for height, I would recommend you don’t look down at all. To access this activity, you are to pay 1000 naira. Children are not allowed to climb this canopy except teenagers.

The canopy is built such as an arc i.e. at a point on the walk, you keep climbing higher before descending. Also, there are intermittent stop points on the canopy. So, you can catch your breath and brace yourself on your journey. We all had to climb the canopy in batches of six or more to avoid so much weight.

You’re free to quit the walk at any point. A lady did because she was terrified.

Family Park

Another fun place to explore at LCC is the family park. The entrance fee of 1000 naira per adult grants you access to this park. A lot families only visit the family park at LCC. While other enjoy the canopy walk while the younger children are led to the park.

There are array of activities to participate in for fun. The park has bouncing castles for children. So, your kids can have as much fun on the castle. LCC family park also have lovely huts where you hold a get together, birth party or family picnic. This huts are of various sizes, you can opt for small hut if you’re just two or max four people.

The family park also have some game boards for fun like Chess , monopoly, draft etc. Although these boards games are no longer in good shape due to poor maintenance. LCC park would have been fun with the board games. You can go along with ball for those who love football.

Finger foods also available at the park like barbecue chicken, drinks, snacks, ice-cream etc. So you can visit the park with cash for your purchase of foods and drinks. Moreover, tourist are not allowed to carry food items through the forest reserve to family park to prevent harassment from the wild animals.

Tree house

LCC also have a tree top house that children/teenagers can engage in at the park. This tree house is about 21m tall. So, your younger children can opt to climb the tree house in place of canopy walk.

Other fun things to do at Lekki conservation center

There are so many hotpsot for hangout in Lekki. Other places you can visit in Lekki includes the Nike art gallery, or farm city Lekki. Click here to watch my vlog on Nike art gallery. This will give an idea of things you’d see at this art center in Lagos. Also, you can click here to subscribe for more travel vlogs at Maggie’s memoir.

FAQ to know about Lekki Conservation Center Lagos

  1. What to wear to Lekki Conservation Center? The best outfit to wear whether for male or female to LCC is very comfortable clothes. You need comfortable clothes tp enjoy this place. I highly recommend hiking shoes like boots or chunky sneakers if you’d be doing the canopy walk. A pair of loose fitting pants or shorts or culottes is perfect for a trip to LCC.
  2. What animals are in LCC? There are variety of birds, snakes which are in mostly aquatic and of course the monkeys which are literally everywhere. The are free to move around.
  3. Do they sell food at Lekki Conservation center Lagos? Of course they do. You can get snacks, local dishes and drinks. However, since this place is on the island, their prices are quite high compared to prices in the mainland of Lagos.
  4. How long is the Canopy walk of LCC? The Canopy walk is the longest walk in Africa spanning about 401meter long.

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